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Mount Zion Christian Academy Reviews

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Mount Zion Christian Academy is a great school academically, athletically, and socially. This school is built upon the basis of the Word of God, and ever since I have been at this school everybody has been so kindhearted and nice and it feels as if I am apart of a huge family. The teachers here have a genuine heart, and you can assess that they want to see each and every student here succeed in everything that they do. I would definitely recommend this school to any person looking for a good school to send their child(ren) to. The only thing I would change about this school is the student activities and the athletics, there would be a better selection of both so that each and every student can be involved in a variety of activities and sports.
My overall experience at Mount Zion Christian Academy was pretty good overall, a lot of the teachers took time out of the day to work with individuals who needed help and did a lot of hands-on training. Mount Zion is a growing accredited institution that is increasing their academic levels year-by-year.
Mt. Zion Christian Academy is an exceptional school. This taught me the word if God, and how to live by faith. Being at this school really changed my life around and I really thank all the teachers my counselors for helping become a better man and a better man of God.
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My kids so enjoyed being a part of MZCA . You make good things happen and we appreciate you so much.
I have been going to Mount Zion Christian Academy since I was a baby. I am currently a high school senior at Mount Zion Christian Academy. In all my years at Mount Zion Christian Academy, I have met great people, some of which are still with me at the academy. The teachers are always there to help you when you have questions. Mount Zion Christian Academy has a great atmosphere. At Mount Zion Christian Academy, you will meet people who could potentially become your best friend. Mount Zion Christian Academy provides, quality Christian education, using the King James Version Bible.
I think this school is unique because it provides a lot of opportunities to learn about the Bible. I think it is a school that is on the rise and it can only get better from here.
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