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Mount View Middle School Reviews

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Mount View MS challenges me academically and has extremely supportive and engaged teachers as well as administrators . The school also provides a safe environment.
Mount View was a great School and such a thriving learning environment . The school promoted student achievement by having their successes hung all over the school. From young author short story awards to students creative artwork, the school was a comfortable environment to be in. My last year there the entire school participated in making a mural that would be in the foyer of the entrance to the building, allowing all of the schools visitors to see what a wonderful environment the school is.
Mount View was a great time for me. I had multiple teachers who were my best friends! But they weren’t as focused teaching well- more just being a good support system for students which I found was better for middle school students. I participated in like eight clubs because there were so many extracurriculars available to its students. Food isn’t great, but what do you expect from a public middle school... overall I was happy at this school.
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Mount View Middle School is a great school for children to both learn in a safe environment and become ready for high school. The only concern I have for Mount View is the school food.
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