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Mount Vernon is a very unique school that allows students to delve into the subjects they are interested in. The teachers are great and really passionate about their jobs and are very approachable. Many of them emphasize on the concept that relationships are the foundation to learning and really make an effort to know their students. The new module schedule allows more flexibility for students and free time. Mount Vernon does a very good job at making their students think outside the box and have a broadened perspectives. However , if I do believe Mount Vernon lacks consistency and structure with all of the new changes occurring. The changes that have been made (new high school building, interdisciplinary classes, module schedule) have all been for the best, but I think it it will take a few years for things to get settled and adjusted fully.
I've been at Mount Vernon since I was 4 years old and can wholeheartedly say as a graduating senior that I wouldn't trade my experience there for anything in the world. I've watched Mount Vernon grow and change into the forward-thinking, hands-on school that it has become and is continuing to become. The teachers are always there to lend a helping hand and are always rooting for your success, the academics are rigorous and centered around preparing students for not only college but also life outside of the classroom.
Mount Vernon Presbyterian School is a school of innovation that wants to make an impact for the future. Mount Vernon gives you opportunities to be apart of something much bigger than high school. The faculty and staff are always there to help you achieve what has yet to be done.
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I love MV. The people are all just so awesome. I am so happy here and I always feel like everyone else is too.
When we began our school search, we focused on finding a school that felt like an extended family of our own. One that was inclusive and provided parents an opportunity to get involved. This is exactly what we found at Mount Vernon. From weekly chapel where parents are welcome to join, family share days, to mystery readers, parents are always welcome. Most importantly the teachers do an incredible job communicating with parents and bringing them along on their child’s journey. This includes communication on a daily basis through emails, pictures and suggestions to keep the learning going at home. We also wanted to find a school that focused on developing our child into a well-rounded individual that learned empathy and strive to help others. The classes are constantly working on community projects, learning how they can give back, exploring each student’s differences and celebrating them. We could not be happier with Mount Vernon.
This is my daughters 4th year at MVPS and she loves it. Mount Vernon has amazing teachers that truly care about their students. We have had a wonderful experience and we love this school. I can’t say enough good things about Mount Vernon.
Most of the teachers were great but very young or very old so students were told two very differing opinions. Almost no students got into UGA. After the college counseling program lost one of the two college counselors, the seniors were neglected and had no help with their decision making process. The middle school is in a trailer. Would not recommend sending your child there. Always asking for a donation, even at graduation. Sports are average but school spirit is low compared to other similar sized schools. Interim is very exciting for students but it is only a week. I do not feel my child is fully prepared for collage.
I love this school so much. The teachers are amazing. Our teachers don't feel like harsh authorities but like understanding parents. They want to teach you and want to know who you are as an individual.
Teacher retention rate in an issue. Every year at least one or more teachers are fired or asked to leave because of under qualification. The cycle continues.These teachers have good resumes but in action, show incompetency. The word "innovation" has become a buzzword because of overuse and the students majority are not involved with innovation programs. The school is marketed as an top 10 "innovation" school with no supporting data.

The administration is severely political with motives. There have been multiple cases of students being caught for drugs and other miscellaneous. Students who were caught were given different treatment based on parents wealth and donations.

One thing I will say is that college counseling has been wonderful and easy on students. This review is not meant to say that the school is completely awful but it does have issues that need to be resolved. I'd say go visit the school for yourself, have a healthy cynicism. Not everything is what it seems.
Mount Vernon has a great community, however, it is not diverse. Yes, you will see African Americans students, but you can guarantee they are athletes. That is the part I did not like. African Americans have other talents and interests as well.
Great school! m m m

Great Learning opportunities.
Mt. Vernon is the school I wish I had when I was young. The kids are encouraged to question everything and explore the world for answers. My son is both given the attention and freedom he needs to become an engaged global citizen who is empathetic, solution-oriented and well-informed. This isn't necessarily the school you're looking for if prestige is what's important to you. If you're looking for a school with a welcoming community, challenging curriculum and teachers who are always questioning the norm to help your child become a happy, well-informed, productive member of society... this is it.
I have been here since kindergarten and loved my experience in the lower school, but as I've grown up, my impression of the school has changed. While there are some good things about the school, there are some teachers who just don't know how to teach. The school has a pretty bad reputation because of these teachers and also some of the students who make poor decisions.
Teachers care about each and everyone of their students. With innovation being the prime focus, students are provided with countless opportunities to explore of what interests them.
We have had a wonderful experience. The teachers go out of there way to support students and inform parents of progress along the way. MVPS encourages students to be empathetic and ethical humans while working to become critical thinkers-which is refreshing. We are very happy this exists as an option in Atlanta.
It's a good school, teachers are incredibly friendly, and make sure to help you understand what they are teaching. You can always get help from any of the math teachers, which was definitely a huge plus for me. They put a big emphasis on college readiness, which helps during application season. Administration sometimes makes some questionable decisions but mostly they are pretty good as well. The sports teams are usually okay, with basketball, baseball, and volleyball being standout sports that always do well. Finally, it is a diverse school, but everyone is friends with everyone. There is pretty much no bullying, and all of the friend groups are tied together one way or another.
Mount Vernon is a great school that provides college readiness, for many students. The school gives students a chance to use their talents and exemplify excellence. Mount Vernon is a safe great place to display your creative sense and have everlasting impressions with many people. The school really goes out of there way to try to make the school like a community. Many teachers are caring and engaged in the lives of the people that they teach. Many students here love attending this school, because of the many bonds they are able to obtain here. The school enables parents to get involved with the school too. They have events where the parents learn about topics around educational development.
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Mount Vernon has always been a place for open learning and gives students a chance to use their talents and individuality to achieve success in the classroom. Through iProject and Interim week, students are able to find what they are passionate about and seek solutions to problems that interest them. Mount Vernon is a safe space for being unique and creating lasting relationships that impact each and every student’s school experience.
they give you a lot of freedom to do what you want to do. you can do about everything you could possibly think of which is amazing. The downfall is that teachers teach in a way that is more student lead which caused some students’ grades to drop.
Everyone at MVPS shares the vision described by the school’s administrators. It’s impressive how everyone has a solid grasp of what it means to be an innovative school of learning and how consistently everyone is on the same page. Everyone is caring and engaging.
The teachers and administrators challenge themselves as well as the students which creates a great learning environment. Our kids learn and enjoy school.
We had some apprehension about our kids adjusting to a new school where they knew few students. It couldn’t have gone better for them. Everyone was exceptionally welcoming. Our kids like their teachers, made new friends, got involved in extracurricular activities (theater and sports) and are successfully challenged academically.
There’s high parent engagement and we have benefited from the “Parent University” events which provide opportunities to connect and learn about topics around our children’s development in and out of school.
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