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Mount Sinai Middle School Reviews

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The health and safety here is great.We have a nurse in every school and there are first aid kits in almost every room. The teachers are aware of everything happening and if anyone gets hurt they stop the class and call for a nurse.The nurses take care of students and they are very nice.The safety is ok.There is a school security guard and he patrols the area for anything suspicious.I don't believe he is armed. They close the school gates so no traffic can get by during 10:00-2:00.The doors are locked and you must go through two monitored doors to get in.You then must sign in to take your child.You have to get buzzed in order to get in.Overall, I say a B+
There are many extracurricular activities and clubs after school. I am part of many clubs and I know from experience, that they are very enjoyable and I can speak and say how and what i want to say all of the time. They have teen rec nights and dances after school.They have many fundraisers and ice cream parties. The prices are very reasonable and the proceeds go to charities. The teachers offer support at any time and they have personal 1-1 tutoring and group activities to prepare for tests.The extracurricular activities are superior at this school.
Not only have I bonded with many of the teachers here, I have made so many friends thanks to this school.I have gone on trips and even vacations with them. I would definetely go to this school again. The teachers understand students and they help them 100% of the way. The school is very clean and it has that "good-feeling" feel to it.There are many classes to take and a lot of electives.So yes, I would want to go to this school again-many times.
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All the teachers in my school are very helpful and knowledgable and they out in all their efforts to grade work as soon as possible.
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