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I am in the IB program and I have really enjoyed the experience. The teachers are really great overall and I am definitely happy that I chose to go here. I also do cross country and track, both of which have been fun and organized programs.
So far it's okay. As of now, I don't contribute a lot of my college readiness to Mount, but that may just be due to COVID. Most of the teachers are decent. In my case school incidents were never handled well. Overall an okay school.
Mount is overall a good school. Of course, you have to make it your own experience by playing a sport or joining a club. Most of the teachers are willing to help you if you ask and are polite in class. I would like to see less favoritism for the IB program, however. I would also I like for the school to take more action when it comes to bullying and other bad behavior. As long as you choose a good group of friends to hang out with and do a extracurricular, your experience should be pretty good.
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Mount pleasant was a overall decent experience and I do have some good memories but in all honesty the student body was a mess and not many teachers or administrative staff helped me handle situations in a way where history didn’t repeat itself.
My time at mount pleasant was amazing, I’ve shared lots of good memories with the kids and teaching staff, I played unified football, baseball, and basketball and it didn’t matter what sport we always had fans cheering us on. At mount everyone likes everyone at this school we rarely have any fights and I would definitely send my kids their in the future.
Mount Pleasant High School is a great school the staff really cares about the students and try to make the best out of the worst. The teachers are wonderful and most if not all of them are helpful whenever you need it even if you don't attend their class anymore. The diversity in the school is amazing you don't feel left out or as if you don't belong.
There is an international program allowing us to learn differently and get GPA boosts and get ready for college. They have good sports.
Quality of education and the condition of the school. Seems as if the school is under a small amount of control and there are students who neglect the responsibilities that are expected of them while in school. Yet, I feel as if the IB program is what really allows Mount Pleasant to stand out above all other schools as it shows how some students can really apply themselves to extended learning courses.
It is a decent school, it has the IB Programme, which is a good thing if you are interested in that, but if you aren't in IB, you don't get nearly as many things as IB students do. I'm an IB student, so I have a completely different perspective from someone who wasn't in the program, partially because they practically segregate the school between IB and non-IB. Because of this, I have spent the past 4 years surrounded by the same 50-ish people, which is crazy when you consider that the senior class currently at Mount is around 200. On top of that, it seems as though the school district relies on IB kids to bring up test scores on standardized tests, which is ridiculous to me, at least.
I really enjoy the environment at Mount Pleasant. I feel a real, genuine, connection with all my teachers and the administration. When walking into school every morning, I'm greeted by my guidance counselors and principal. They always cheer me up and put a smile on my face. The students there are also very friendly. We all care for each other like family. Mount Pleasant is a great place to attend.
At mount pleasant high school, I was involved in the Ib program and heavily involved in after school programs such as NHS and student council .through these programs, I was often involved in the organization of many events, however, one thing I would say was not a very positive experience was interacting with administration. We often were not able to host events and such due to "school policy" that was often unfair, in turn, this resulted in a lack of school spirit.
Good student atmosphere, but not enough activities/school spirit. Some staff members, mostly the student counselors don’t care for most students.
My experience at Mount Pleasant high school has been great so far. When I moved here I made friends easily, my grades went up, and I felt I was in a safer environment. I was making honor roll every marking period which really helped me when I would apply to colleges. The friends I had made and the teachers that always cheered me on also made me a over-all happier person. The only thing I would change about the school would be that they would financially support the arts programs more. We need newer art materials in order to effectively create our pieces. Thankfully the art teachers put in a lot of time, money, and effort to make the experience better for us students. Over-all though, I enjoy Mount Pleasant and am proud to be a green knight!
What I liked: I liked the food. Teachers were instructive and helpful.

What I want changed: Wider doorways. Better lunch line organization.
Overall, I have had a great high school experience at Mount Pleasant High School. I wouldn't change a thing. If I HAD to change one thing, perhaps it would be that I wish we had more room in our schedule to take more music and Art classes. I already take Chorale and Art but I wanted to take Guitar or Piano and there was no room in my schedule this year for that.
It’s a very good school although communication between students and administration is lacking. The extracurricular activities are plentiful and many students find a way to get involved. I also think that students in IB in segregated from the school population and it’s not diverse in that way.
I think Mount Pleasant High School is a very good school with challenge rigor and activities that engages the students. One thing that interested me this year was how they implemented an African American Studies class to help educate people of color and others about black history. One thing I don’t like about this school is the population, there are more students than ever this year.
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I really like my school. The staff and teachers are very friendly and always so helpful. My fellow classmates and I all get along very well and our teachers are always available for guidance on a personal and professional level. We are more like a family. The students take great pride also in sports, it does not matter if we win or lose, we continue to have school spirit. I would recommend this school to others.
Mount was a great school to attend and I’m glad that me and my friends were able to graduate from there i will cherish Akkad my memories from that school forever mostly all the teachers are great there and get along with the student very well, the sports are worth it to get to know your school and meet new people for newcomers and when you graduate those four years will feel like days.
At Mount Pleasant High School, I appreciate the unity of the students, faculty, and staff in the school community. Through events and school-related activities, Mount Pleasant sustains positive interaction with the community outside of the school. The administration, over the course of the past years, has been superb--and continues to strengthen and build on top of the pre-built foundation. I thoroughly enjoyed my four years as a Green Knight!
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