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Mt. Pleasant High School is a great place for character development and academic success. Through Mt. Pleasant I was offered many opportunities such as attending the Columbia Scholastic Press Association Conference with fellow students. I was able to flourish in English and improved my writing skills drastically thanks to the wonderful, helpful, and caring English department. Although we are known for not having the best classes, we are definitely all determined to get to our goals in life and make our parents proud.
Mount Pleasant High School is a school where everybody is somebody. The school’s course catalog is loaded with several different elective courses that can fit anybody’s preferences. They also have career plans in several realms of the school such as Medical, Electrical, Cosmetology, and more! MPHS also teams up with the local community college to provide students the opportunity to become certified in career plans such as Medical and Cosmetology.
My best memories while attending Mount Pleasant High School remain in the two years that I was a member of the Colorguard team. As a freshman, I didn't know the ropes of high school life, nor was I prepared to talk to strangers that I had to depend on to get by. This group of high schoolers helped me feel welcomed into a place I felt I wasn't going to belong and for this, I will be grateful towards my high school for creating a magical place that saved me from seclusion.
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I liked the fact that Mount Pleasant High school is very helpful to start off your career and finding your field of interest. I can become a college student while I am attending high school and be a step ahead to going into my career. Our academics at our school is very important! We always have a career choice to join in our CTE building. Maintaining good grade and a great GPA for college and high school. Having a career academic and preparations class to apply to even more scholarships in is very helpful! Making it easier and affordable to take ACT, SAT, and TSI testing. Also sometimes having free waivers to take the tests! Even having community service hours that are available from the counselor too! With the diversity at our school you can make new friends in any extracurricular activities that you are attending in. Our school serves the most healthiest food and making sure that every kid eats a fruit a day! MPHS is the best school in our district!
Great school! Great Teachers! There are many ways to be involved. If you are not sporty, there is something for you. If you are sporty, there is something for you. If you want to learn, there are classes available with great teachers to encourage you in your studies. My kids have been in MP for 18 years. There has always been people willing to help the kid succeed.
I like the diversity presented at Mount Pleasant High School because it always me to interact with other students from different backgrounds and gain insight into various cultures. I would like to see the campus more modernized to benefit the education of future students.
Really cool! Nice school sometimes people get a little to prideful there. But overall it is a lovely school.
My experience at Mount Pleasant high school has been sufficient. As a student I feel like we should have a lot more fun and eventful activities to participate in, as a senior I feel as though I am not very close with my classmates and we have not been able to enjoy our time here as much as we would like. Allowing the seniors to experience more than we get to would allow us to have one more final moment together before we all disperse and follow our individual paths in life.
Mount pleasant high school has a lot of career opportunities for everyone which you can build on for your future, they also have hands on experience for your career
It was a great experience, enjoy the four years you have. They will go by so fast before you know it.
I loved how the teachers and principle push students to succeed for the future and how safe the environment is.
Mount Pleasant is a great school with most of the teachers being willing to help students reach their highest potential at school, but some of the staff are not great at fulfilling their roles. It has several career tracks that can fit everyone's needs such as health science, culinary, and agricultural sciences, etc. It has many extracurriculars and clubs like band, drill team, hosa, fbla, and many more. MP offers many college readiness courses to prepare students for their future.
I like the memories that I had with the people their. I really respect my English teacher he helped me realize the importance of it.
High school was a great school but it had some down falls. The school had good teachers but I am sure it could have been a bit better. The school is very old at least when I attended 5 years ago.
I like everything about Mount Pleasant High School. However, I believe that there are some things that could be improved. For example, there are no mirrors on the restrooms and most of the locks on restroom doors don't even work. Additionally, the food could use some improvement. We should get a new menu because the one we currently have is tiring. Besides that, Mount Pleasant High School is a great school but it has its flaws.
my experience with mount pleasant high as a student was not quiet what I thought it would be. The teachers act like children along with the kids, the ceiling is falling apart yet alone some of the bathrooms on the first floor are constantly out of order or they'll place a trash can on top of the toilet. To many students fight and the AP have favorites and let's these favorites break the school dress code. Poor lunch, some of the food doesn't look cooked all the way. I really haven't enjoyed my school year at mount pleasant because they are unorganized, few teachers are VERY rude and sarcastic, which doesn't help me as a student here at all. All in all, I'm ready to graduate and leave mount pleasant high school.
Mount Pleasant has provided me with an excellent four years, that I will never forget. I feel very prepared for whatever the real world has to offer me because of the high school I attended. The only thing I would like to see change is maybe a broader variety of class options to take.
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Some teachers help prepare you and others just do their job to get paid which result in poor teachings.
Mount Pleasant is a very good school which prioritizes academics and the safety of everyone. There are a lot of great students as well as staff.
MPHS is a great campus. Its has many opportunities for young students who are interested in many things. There is so much to be involved in. Students can sign up for any class the would like to be in, and even challenge themselves by taking it into the Pre-AP and AP classes. Teachers are also very involved in the campus life. Its is a 10/10 recommend!
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