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I liked that it is a tight-knit community, but I wish my peers were more determined to get better grades along with a better teaching program.
I absolutely love the small town, close knit community feel of going to school there. Of course the down side is everyone knows everyone, but that is what makes it such a great school. At times, the staff could have been better in different areas, besides that I had a wonderful time playing sports, joining clubs, and attending school there.
We ended up having 3 different principles. The principle my freshman and sophomore year was great. He had a lot of things that were done right. Sadly he left in the middle of the year. We had an interim that decided to change things even though he wasn't going to be there permanently. The current principle is nice and I like his focus on academics, however he doesn't have much for activities planned. We missed out on a lot that past seniors were able to have.
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One of the best schools in Cabarrus County! All of the teachers are wonderful at their jobs, making learning enjoyable. The students are all good people who rarely get into trouble. Everyone is incredibly nice and willing to help anyone with any problem they have. With Mount Pleasant being an incredibly small school, it is so much easier to feel welcome and to make a lot of friends. When I went there I would walk down the hallways and I would know everyone I saw. The classes are smaller, so it is easier for people to get help when they are struggling.
I love the school itself but I think there should be more opportunities for clubs to be made and to get kids involved in after school activities that aren't just sports.
Mount Pleasant High School is still a community school. The Cadet Teaching Program is excellent and the teachers are all awesome! If I could change something about Mount Pleasant High School, I would ask that there be more consistency in the administration. While I was there, we had several different principals and with each new principal came lots of changes. Change is good, but consistency would help the changes to be easier.
Mount Pleasant High School has tons of opportunities to put yourself out in the community and help out. There are tons of community volunteer work that Mount Pleasant High School is involved in. We have lots of after school clubs and sports. The teachers are very goal oriented and make sure you get the material they are teaching.
Mount Pleasant is a unique school. We have all kinds of people, despite being out in the country. Staff are generally nice and supportive. My favorite teacher was Ms. Trask, who taught me NC Math 3 Honors. I never liked math, but she always made class fun.
I have always been a part of the community and it has always rallied around anyone who needed help. Once a Tiger, Always a Tiger
It's not terrible but, it's not good either. The administration cares more about scores than their students mental health because better scores mean more funding and bonuses for the administration, not teachers. The athletes are cared about more than other students. Lots of gossip and drama. A good bit of amazing teachers.
Always respectful. Very helpful people. Very focused of students future. Has very good social skills. Encourages student to do things that will help them succeed In life. Makes everyone feel welcomed.
Mount pleasant is a very good school as long as you're not a minority or poor. Might be judged or treated bad by students if so. There are very obvious divisions between students. The kids with learning disabilities are excepted. Those with autism aren't. Most of the teachers are good. Most are very nice and understanding people. There is problems with vaping and dip at school. The new administration care more about demanding respect rather than earning it. Basically no attention to the arts or music.
I don't like the cliches and the drama that goes on at school, but I guess every school is like that. I love that I was able to be dual enrolled in high school and our local community college at the same time. That has helped me enter my first year of college already having college credits.
The students, faculty, and administrators are some of the nicest people you will meet. The downsides to the school, not a great learning experience.
Overall a nice and quiet school. Most of the teachers are great at their jobs and take pride in educating students.
Administration is terrible... new rules for no reason. The teachers are great and very supportive. I’m a graduating senior and overall up until this year school has been fun and great
Overall my experience has been fine at Mount Pleasant. For the most part, teachers are qualified and respectful to students. However, because we are in a small rural town people are not the most accepting to minorities. It would be nice to see administration and the county make an effort to be more inclusive and show students how to be inclusive.
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Mount Pleasant High School is a focused, yet enjoyable environment. It is very positive for the students as well as the teachers, and it helps prepare you for the next step in life, be it more school or the workforce.
The school was very friendly however that was portrayed over a select few teachers. Through the four years of attendance, I had been dealt with unfairness from the faculty as certain students could be clearly seen being favored over others. Certain teachers believed in the students progressing the students further but for the majority, if your last name wasn't known, you won't be either.
This school is a very close nit and everyone here is very friendly. There is nearly no drug or alcohol problems at our school, unlike most other high schools. Both student and staff always seem to want to help someone and I wouldn't rather be anywhere else. If I could change one thing at my school it would be to extend our study hall for a longer period of time.
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