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Mount Miguel was a very welcoming school. Most teachers there saw so much potential in every student to do big things.
This school helped me not only grow as a student but as a person. As much as it has flaws I still have pride in my school.
My experience with Mount Miguel High School was average. Most of the teachers who worked there did not care about the students' education. Some teachers were not very efficient of teaching their own curriculum. Students did not have much school spirit. The food from the cafeteria was not very appetizing.
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I enjoy my time at Mount Miguel high school very much. The school has good programs that help students. MEC is a program that helps us apply for dual enrollment and take college classes. Something I don't like is that I live in a community with minorities so my school doesn't get as much funding so it's difficult to have many AP and honors. I also don't like the education system because I don't think it's fair. I like that some of my classes teach more than just simple math and basic English. In my classes, I learn about things that I can relate to real life and they prepare me for college.
This school is just amazing, the community is everything. I love the staff there, they are so nice and they care a lot about the students.
This is a great school. A lot of great teachers that challenge the students to be the best students they can be.
Most teachers really do care about the students and want to see them become successful. I think it would’ve been a better overall experience of the students had more school spirit, but that’s not really the schools fault.
heard great things about this school and it looks really nice. Some of my friends are going there next year, but I don't know exactly how the school is.
I was a student at Mt. Miguel High School for all four years of my high school experience. Mt. Miguel allowed me to flourish with my Science and Mathematics abilities, from excellent teachers to challenging assignments. I made lasting friendships and was prepared to take the next steps in life. My time at Mt. Miguel is something I will always remember and always treasure.
What I love about Mount Miguel is that every student comes in with different backgrounds but they still get treated equally. They have very good sports programs that every student gets a chance to enter. What I really like is the Theatre program, I plan on taking it for all the years I am enrolled in this school. We have many programs such as matador early collage, Matador business academy, our health program and many more. My school prepares students for not only college but for their future careers as well. We have many clubs that are fit for any culture, i.e Philipino and Franch club. Some things that my school can work on is meeting with students more, to help them with their grades and mental health.
My experience at Mount Miguel High School was definitely interesting. By the fact that throughout the years, I've learned to mature and become the young adult I am today. Mount Miguel High School was a school were the faculty and staff truly wanted to see students to succeed. The endless support by the faculty and staff should not go unnoticed. As students who come from low income families, Mount Miguel shows that they really care by providing resources and advocating for students to continue their academics and go to college. With that being said, despite some of the ups and downs I personally had, Mount Miguel was a school that cared about their students education and took pride in making a change in the community.
One thing I like about Mount Miguel is that there are lots of programs available for students that want them. One thing I don't like and wish I could change is that there are a lot of students that make it not fun or enjoyable to go to school there.
It is not what other people perceive it to be. We get great opportunities such as with the different programs there are. My teachers have taught me well and have been preparing me for a new start to college.
At first I was a little iffy about the school because I had no friends but I became more involved with the school causing me to be well known by the teachers.
My experience at Mount Miguel High School has been good. Our academics are good and our sports are good as well. Overall I love how we have diversity at our school.
Somethings I like about Mount Miguel high school is help is always provided for anyone so no one is ever lost whether it's about getting to where they need to be for there future or just lost trying to find your way to class. Somethings I would like to see change would be fewer fights, and more people getting along and thinking about there future.
I am a current Mount Miguel High School student and it is a good school. Stereotypes are false. ..
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Mount Miguel has been a great school! They are using funds to better the school even more, administration is very attentive to the needs of students.
I like most of my teachers, but holy molly this school is dirt poor or something. There's only one Physics teacher and she's horrible at her job. This school could use another teacher for physics. Also, we hardly ever touch the text books because they're "outdated" or something. I wish this school could be better. It needs to learn from how Point Loma High does its schooling. There's a lack of discipline and a lack of school dress code. I wish I could have it better. Also, the lunch here really sucks. It's the same frickin' thing everyday.
Mount Miguel is a great so every one say it bad but it's not I take classes that are called MEC classes which stand for Matador Early Collage it helps out so much.
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