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Mount Michael Benedictine High School Reviews

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Best school in Nebraska. The academics are awesome and the new school building takes care of lots of former problems. Lunch has also improved. Would recommend for any Nebraskan wanting a top tier education.
Awesome experience for four years where I formed a solid brotherhood with 40 other men. I would 100% recommend this school to others. I plan on sending my sons there.
Absolutely love the small student population. Really got to know all of my fellow students super well and the boarding aspect only helped in that. Amazing teachers who love their job, and I truly enjoyed going to school everyday!
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Amazing experience transferring everyone was welcoming and dorm life is super fun. Teachers really do care about all the students.
Admission process is a joke. They pick whoever will be donating the most money. They call and call and encourage you to apply then once you do the process is discriminatory. When considering high schools beware the process here at Mount Michael will not be fair!!
Facilities are very outdated, food is bad, not many activities for boarder over the weekend. Academic wise, traditional classroom teaching approach, does not really inspire the learners.
I am a freshmen and Iet me tell you the truth, the Dean is totally ridiculous. They do nothing but sit in their room watching tv or surfing net. If anything happens, all they will do is to yell at us and give demerits. They won’t do anything to help you!
Best high school(academically and as far as responsibility) in the Omaha area as a whole. The mount was a challenge and even though I may have not thought that highly on the school while I was there, I do now. It sets the student up for any type of college study provided you are a determined pupil. I look back and realized the fraternal aspect and how much I grew.
Mount Michael excels in preparing their students for college and engages students into tough college ideas. Mount Michael is also excellent in helping students receive the best financial aid they can for college
Mount Michael is a small, college predatory high school. With the small community, the friendships that are built here are surreal. Mount Michael is known for its rigorous education, small community and college preparation courses.
The community of brothers at Mount Michael is like nothing that can be found anywhere else. After being afraid to come here at first I can honestly say that I have never made a better decision in my life. The atmosphere of academic excellence is fantastic, with teachers that know what they are doing and a curriculum that prepares students for future success as well as any other school. But the most important thing about Mount Michael is the relationships made along the way. The community here thrives on great people and great base values, and students find friendships here that will last forever. I owe more to the institution of Mount Michael than I can possibly say for the position going to school here has put me in and the amazing people that I have the undeserved honor to call friends.
I loved my experience in Mount Michael I am a freshman in University and I feel Mount Michael prepared me so well.
Mount Michael and the fact it is a boarding school has truly changed my life. No matter what anyone says I have formed bonds with my brothers that will last a life time while being academically challenged to my limits. Without Mount Michael I know I wouldn't be in the same situation I am right now to succeed and I have my parents to thank for sending me here.
I have really enjoyed the experience of attending school here. The academics are rigorous but I feel very prepared for college.
Mount Michael has a fantastic community and atmosphere that allows for all of us to become brothers. It is in this way that Mount Michael sets itself apart from the average high school and high school experience. All of the students at Mount Michael end up with friends from different grades, ages, and interests. Even in freshman year I had friends in every grade and I continued have friends who had different interests than my own. With students coming from different parts of Nebraska, of the United States, and of different countries the Mount Michael student body is diverse and provides plenty of opportunity to learn from both the faculty and the student body.
Lol best in NE by far. Like no one compares ya know? And can actually learn to accept people from other cultures because we get actual students from actual foreign countries
Without Mount Michael, I would not be where I am today. The faculty truly care about each student and are willing to work to make sure you do well. The community of the school is the best thing I’ve ever experienced. Would not trade it for anything.
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Best experience ever!!! I am a student at Mount Michael and my class had a college assistance rate of 100%... we also achieved an average of 29 in the act
Best 4 years of my life! Love the boarding experience as is provides students with experiences unique to any other school in Nebraska. The academics are also unparalleled to any other institution. The students all are there to help each other out and great pride is taken in the overall success of the school. The steps the administration and monks are taking to improve the school are very exciting as the new School building is being built and many improvements are being added.
Mount Michael is a great school. They are a boarding school in elkhorn Be close to Omaha. They are a private, catholic, and a bit expensive school. They have a day student program, a 5 day boarder program, and a 7 day program. For the big price, they are definitely worth it. They give the highest education you could ever receive and are number one overall in Nebraska and usually place in the top 5 of many national competitions. Overall, Mount Michael is a great school and community with 400 acres of beautiful land and a upcoming new building. You will definitely enjoy Mount Michael. For more information, go to where you can also receive phone numbers and email adresses
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