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Mount Markham Senior High School Reviews

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I moved here after my sophomore year and everyone welcomed me in, made the best relationships with teachers that I continue to share to this day, they are my biggest supporters even after graduating. The best 2 years of my life.
I hated this place. However, my favorite part about going here was graduating and going to college far far away.
Mount Markham is a decent school overall. It would be nice for the school to have more clubs and other extra curricular activities so that all students can be involved
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At this school, I was pushed to reach my full potential. Its atmosphere allows everyone to feel welcome. Amazing guidance counselor
The high school is one of the best in that particular area of New York. They offer multiple college courses and many opportunities to succeed academically. The school does an absolutely amazing job at preparing students for college and life beyond school.
I would like to see more teachers willing to do their job. Many just give us homework and expect us to teach ourselves. Others do not do a very well job teaching.
The atmosphere of the school is amazing. Majority of teachers are very helpful and will put in the work to be sure you are learning.
Certain teachers are the best at what they do and some are really just squeaking by.
My brother got stabbed with a pencil at school, which in the handbook is considered to be a weapon. The kid who did the stabbing got 2 days of suspension and my brother had to stay in the same classes with the kid. But if someone punches someone they get a full week of suspension. The school needs to adjust there punishment and quality of safety.
My experience was fine, I stayed to myself and didn't ask for help. Many of the teachers are rude or unfair. There are some really good ones though. I think the principal needs to go at the high school, punishments are unfair and students are not treated fairly. They are also treated as if they have no thoughts on anything.
Most of the teachers have favorites and only help them. Advisement sucks and they need a new system.
we could use a security guard at the main entrance
there is a lot of sports available and various other after school activities
it has a lot of activities that you can attend if you wish to
some are great, some are not good at all
There I'd a lot of sports and a variety of classes
The food at my school is pretty decent. If you don't like what they are serving, they will make you a sub or a wrap. There is something different served every day, but they repeat what is served weekly. The majority of students by lunch and snacks from our snack cart during lunch. I eat lunch at 11:30 everyday, which is a good time. The cafeteria staff is always friendly and they know each student by name.
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The administration staff at Mount Markham is very accommodating to the students. The principal, Mr. Kissinger, is friendly and will talk to every student he sees throughout the day. Mr. Kissinger enforces the rules of the school listed in the student handbook. A dress code could be more enforced at my school. The guidance councilor, Mr. Parow, will answer any questions you have about classes or college. His main goal is to give all the students their options for the future. Bullying has zero tolerance at Mount Markham. If you are late to school without a legal excuse you receive one lunch detention. The policies at my school are enforced.
There is a fitness program offered to all students after school in the fitness center. The program is ran by the football coaches and is a good way for students to stay in shape. The drama club at Mount Markham provides the community with outstanding performances. SADD offers a variety of events throughout the school year, including a post prom party that prevents students from going to parties after prom and making destructive decisions.
There are many options for extracurricular activities. There are a couple of clubs like History Club, Ski Club, and Yearbook Club. There are organizations like SADD and several others. After school activities are very active. There is tutoring, after school homework help, and administration support through guidance counselors. Most involvement is great.
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