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I would like to see a choir happen for high school. I will also like to see girls being in charge of chapel and letting girls be able to sing in front together the boys or being able to talk in front of the boys. I will also like to see a more diverse school.
I have attended this school since the 8th grade. I’ve learned and experienced a lot throughout my years here. Overall this is a GREAT school.
Mount Dora Christian Academy has changed over the eleven years that I have attended. I used to really love it at Mount Dora Christian Academy, but ever since the name change I have seen changes in attitudes and goals from administration. The biggest downfall for me is that I was not allowed to dual-enroll off-campus. We are only allowed to take the dual-enrollment course offered on-campus at MDCA or online classes. It seems to be all about the money. I cannot wait to leave.
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I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to attend Mount Dora Christian Academy for two years, my junior and senior years, the school is located in the small quaint town of Mount Dora which is a beautiful place with a safe environment where parents can feel good knowing that their kids will be safe while also having a great time. Other than the location the staff and adults who work here are all very friendly Christian people and they are not only looking for the best of your education but they look for the best to come out of you. I 100% feel that me coming to this school has changed my life in a positive way making me a better student and person.
It is just like a Hollywood set. If you want to send your child here, be prepared to get a mediocre education. Students scores are inflated. When they eventually go to college, they do not do well. Ask about how many former students actually complete college. How many DROP OUT after the first year of college. Eye opener. A little too late for me. Wasted a TON of money here.
Great sense of community. Small classes and lots of extracurricular activities. Excellent facilities (new football stadium & track, pretty campus)
Don't attend if you want a homecoming dance or prom-not a thing here.
I love it there. I play volleyball, basketball, and did track. The teams were amazing and so were the coaches. The atmosphere is very positive. The teachers are very helpful and seem to be always happy.
It's a great place if you want good character, or you want to be surrounded by christians. Everyone will try to get you involved they will love you, the teachers help one on one. It a small, nice environment everyone knows each other.
What I like about mount Dora Christian academy is that they provide many thing to do to get involved in. There is many clubs to choose from and sports to participate in. I was never into sports until I participated in athletics at this school. The coaches showed me that I am capable of anything. It has instilled in me hard work and dedication. I have had an amazing opportunity to be apart of a leadership group with the school. During the summer we traveled to nabraska to implement a solution to a problem that we see on our campus. During the school year it is cool to see the impact that I have had.
I transferred to Mt. Dora Christian Academy my junior year. From the very first day I could tell that the teachers cared about the students. They really had a heart for the student body. When you walk on campus you are greeted by green grass and brick architecture. The open campus allows you to see friends walking from class to class affording you the opportunity to greet them and exchange a laugh. As you go through your day you will see faculty and teachers talking with students and teaching them about life. I am happy to have had the opportunity to be a part of such a great school. If I were to have one thing I think they could improve upon, I would have to say that they should find a way to better relate the chapel talk to the students lives. I know this can be difficult, however I feel it is a necessary part of a students life.
Even over the summer there is always something to do
I just dont like dress code, you have to be very modest and be clean shaven all the time.
The teachers at my school are not the worst but they do not seem to care if you are struggling. Its never them that may have messed up but always you. They never try a different style of teaching but stick to their old ways and if you fail you fail.
There are many after school activities. However, none are well known or exceptional.
I had a lot of friends, it was a great environment to learn in, and I loved all my teachers/
The teachers all present a general knowledge of their field and invest a good deal into their students.
There are a bunch of different sporting programs. Football has gone up in popularity and we've always been good at basketball. The clubs available look good on paper but really aren't time consuming or productive. Doesn't matter, still looks good on college applications.
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Fun environment but very religious. Not entirely open minded. I'm not gay but I sure wouldn't want to go to this school if I was.
It depends on the teacher, there are good and bad.
I really liked this school because it was a huge difference for me. I grew up in public school my whole life, and going there was a difference, it made me become more open minded, more artistic, more creative. I really enjoyed it.
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