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Mount Carmel is an all boy, catholic private school in Chicago. It is a long distance away but it is worth it. I came from a small suburb and attended the local middle school and wasn't used to the changes I had to face. The school required a strict uniform and everyone had to be well shaved and groomed. The classes were a lot more different than traditional schools and required more intellectual thinking and active engagement. Mount Carmel is known for its athletics and that was one of my fears about attending here is that they would cater to the athletes more than other students. However they care equally about academics and holding a high expectation for all students. They check all students grades and actively search for students with failing grades and provide them with the assistance they need to improve. The students are competitive but that only further pushes the success of students wanting to top each other in academics and athletics.
My overall experience was the greatest choice that I made for my education path. It gave me the place where I could meet so many different students from over a hundred different zipcodes to attend class with. These students were on my sports teams that soon become my brothers, that even to this day I call upon them even in college.
The culture at Mount Carmel is something different. By the end of four years, it is truly a brotherhood.
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Sometimes the tradition of the school holds you back on being an individual. But the brotherhood you feel trumps everything
I loved everything about Mount Carmel, it’s just a great place to be apart. From meeting the alumni and making new friends Mount Carmel is a very welcoming environment.
Mount Carmel is an all boy school environment that allows you to eliminate distractions and learn at your own pace. Mount Carmel was a great experience for me and even though you might struggle a little bit you will leave as a young man.
Mount Carmel is a school for athletes who want to attend a school known for athletic prowess. Each teacher is a sports coach and on a number of occasions (for example, parent/teacher night when 1/2 the teachers were absent due to sports commitments), it appears that the focus is on sports, not on academics.

Mt. Carmel's culture focuses on discipline through escalating punishments, detentions, fines, weekend detention. There is a Marine like approach to infractions, as opposed to teaching boys how to manage their emotions and interpersonal conflicts collaboratively.

A kid who is not aggressive, athletic and oriented towards old fashioned Catholicism will not thrive at Mt. Carmel.
I love that I've found lifelong friends at Mount Carmel. I transferred out of my previous high school after only one year there, and I was welcomed into the new school with open arms. I like how everyone had a place to connect and grow with all kinds of people. Students come from over 100 zip codes to attend Mount Carmel, so the network of peers I've come to know across Chicagoland has been extensive, and the connections run deep. I hope to find another place like my high school so that I might encounter the same level of community, friendship, education, and love.
At first, I didn’t know what to expect coming into an all male catholic school. However, throughout the course of three years, I started to learn more about myself, my fellow classmates, and my teachers. Our saying “You came to mount Carmel as a boy, but if you care to struggle and work at it, you will leave as a man”, has made me the person I am today.
Mt. Carmel teachers and staff are supportive and always pushing us to do our best. I have learned and grown so much in my four years here, and I feel ready for college and beyond.
Great school for boys to focus on getting a good education and preparing to get into a good college. Teachers help the kids to achieve better for themselves. Great parent involvement
Mount Carmel offers you a different experience. It teaches you to be productive and respectful members of the community. It builds a brotherhood that will last many years after high school. I believe the best experience I have had is the overnight ceremony.
Mount Carmel High School was a very good experience and they truly do a great job at preparing you for college. They athletics and clubs were also very good and even though people look badly upon it since it is a all boys school it was a very great experience.
Mount Carmel High School is an excellent school for certain kids who enjoy the Catholic, all male environment where schools atmosphere is like no other. The diversity throughout the entire school is tremendous and the integrity and characteristics the school teaches the students is what makes them great. After former dean, Padre, was fired the strictness has deceased and that might make things at Carmel change. The new President needs to be reevaluated as well to see if he is what is best for that institution.
Mount Carmel has done tremendous things for me. Mount Carmel has surrounded me with people that do not look like me, come from different backgrounds, have had different experiences than me, but all strive to be successful in everything they do. Through my four years at Mount Carmel, I have been pushed to the limit academically. Here at Mount Carmel, we do not settle for the average standard, because the average standard is not what successful people settle for. Successful people want to be great, and that is what we preach and what we strive for. Mount Carmel exploits your weaknesses but emphasizes your strengths to help you turn your weaknesses into strengths. I came into Carmel with a lack of understanding of how much work I have to put into the classroom, but with trial and error, along with perseverance, have learned how to prepare and be successful. As the saying goes...

"You come to Carmel as a boy, if you care to struggle, and to work at it, you will leave as a man".
My experience at Mount Carmel has been life changing from maturity level, to the academic. Everything at mount Carmel I second to none no matter what just a great environment to be apart of.
Great school, with great people. Never a bad time with the people at the school. Great family like atmosphere and strong alumni support.
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I really liked Mount Carmel High School due to the fact that it challenged me while still giving me a nurtured environment. All of the teachers where willing to meet with me to explain things and help me whenever I needed it. They pushed me to the limit at a steady pace that just made it an overall great experience
I very much like the school it helped me better my self as a person and my intellect. with the strong curriculum and a good support from the facility and staff this school has helped me further my dreams.
Fantastic school! Loved my four years here and I would go back to do it all over again in a heartbeat. So many significant life lessons were learned here...Mount Carmel is more than your typical high school.
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