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I enjoy Mount Carmel Academy every day, the teachers and students take care each other like family. I will never forget the best moments of homecoming, sports and club activities. They are all my family
I like the fact students can find lifelong friends who allow them to be their true selves and I like the way we are taught the criteria they teach us in easy ways and make sure every student is understanding the work. However, one thing I would change is the diversity of the student body and how they interact with eachother.
I love how everyone turned a blind eye to the pedophillic gym teacher that worked there some 14 or so years ago that got a 14 year old girl to strip and clean his office in exchange for getting out of class. And let's not forget the softball coach about 10 or so years ago that had affairs with 2 different students. Lovely pre employment screening.
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The facilities are a joke. No athletic facilities, no nurse, no library, no security. The Academics are also a joke. The only reason the graduation rate is high quality s that there are no special education services and people who can't pass STAAR just leave and go to private school or a regular public school where they can get special education services.
What I like from Mount Carmel is that all the teacher offer you to help with anything even if they don't teach that subject at all. There one thing that i would love to change, that would be there dress code. Yes I know that sound a bit stupid but i don;t want to change it all. like the sock have to be solid color for example ( white, black, grey, gold). For me that is really hard because i wear size 2 in shoes. for that every time i go to the store i only see colorful socks and only one pair of one white or black in there. all most all the time i have o buy three or four pair and that really waste of my money
Mount Carmel Academy is a wonderful school with amazing teachers, administrators, staff, and students who welcome with open arms and give each student a chance to be successful.
It was great here. The school was pretty small but the teachers and students made the experience amazing. I played volleyball and the team was competitive sand supportive.
Mount Carmel Academy is very small school that is very underestimated. It's all about the quality of education and not the size of the class. The main advantages is more one on one time with the teachers. You can establish a connection with the teachers and they are always available to provide the help you need when you need it.
I really like this school because it resembles that of a private school education. I attended a private school for 8 years before going to Mount Carmel, and it really felt like I never left it.
As a student who loves small schools, I really like the environment here. It is open non-toxic and chill. The teachers will do anything for their students if they ask for it, and they are very understanding.
Mount Carmel Academy is a great charter school. The staff there are always willing to help students. Every teacher offers tutorials after and before school for those who are struggling with a subject. The staff in there always try to support the students and tries to prepare each one of us for college. The students are respectful to one another and they are always willing to help each other. MCA has been having 100% graduates for the past few years. All students have gotten accepted to at least one college. The consular is always trying to help students to get a scholarship and is always trying to motivate us. Each students is required to have at least 25 service hours per year that they have attend to Mount Carmel, this is a just one of many examples of how the school tries to teach each student to be a part of the community. This school requires each student to wear the school uniform which is extremely helpful, that way students don't have to worry of what to wear each day.
Mount Carmel academy is a great school everyone is very nice and proactive. Something i would change would be the uniform we should have more freedom to express our selves using the clothing we wear.
My experience in Mount Carmel Academy has been great. Some changes I would like to see is that off campus lunch should be available for juniors also just not seniors.The environment in this school is great everybody is nice, everybody knows each other , and the teachers care for the students.
Mount Carmel Academy is not the ordinary school and being at this school for approximately four years has made me understand the path of life through education and its seriousness to become a better school. At the beginning of my school year, I wasn't a person that focused on school. Everything was fun and games for me but that soon changed. As time went on, I went into my sophomore year without any interest in school. That soon changed when I start to listen to the teachers and staff at my school. There were times in my freshman year where the creative writing teacher would fuss at me for every little thing, and her excuse was that she was trying to prepare me for college and now that I look back, I understand what she meant. Their idea is clear at Mount Carmel Academy. They want to see you believe, achieve, and most importantly succeed. I am a senior at MCA this year, and all I can say is thank you to everyone that has helped me and thank you Mount Carmel Academy.
Overall the school is not that bad. The school is too strict i didn't want to stay here but its my last year in high school so i might as well stay in the school.
My experience at Mount Carmel Academy has definitely advanced my knowledge about the world. I’ve learned many new things, I feel that this school has provided me with a positive mindset to become successful in life with an excellent career. I certainly feel that my experience at this high school so far has opened my eyes because of the excellent teachers and staff.
The teachers are truly interested in the success of the children. My child has increased in her grades and is excited about school.
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The school’s administration and faculty really work together with the students to achieve their higher marks. The students are well focused and motivated to pursue higher education.
i really enjoy being at Mount Carmel Academy, it is a great school. Mostly because students and teachers are very sweet and caring.
What i would like to see change at this school is definitely the school food but what i like at the school is the teachers. We have very good teachers who care about our education and do everything they can to help us pass
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