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The community at Mounds Park is something I was lucky to experience. The amount that teachers and faculty care about your success, with of course a few exceptions, is astonishing. Most teachers attend athletics events in support of students, carry on conversations outside of the classroom, and happy to devote extra time to help students learn and succeed.
MPA is an environment that highlights the importance of collaboration and critical thinking alongside the necessity for independent thought. I have been able to thrive and make deep connections with my teachers and peers. MPA's rigorous curriculum and environment drive all of its students to perform to the highest standards. I can honestly say MPA has prepared me not only for college but for whatever is in store for my life after college. MPA taught me I am ready to learn, and I will always be able to learn more.
MPA teachers 100% have your back. Becasue my teachers know who I am both in and out of the classroom, they work to support me as a whole person. I can't count the number of times teachers have stopped me to ask how my sporting event went the previous night or how college applications are going. The college counselor even has a Keurig machine so you can grab coffee and just talk to her about life! Teachers will bend over backwards to make sure you have time to receive help from them and will work over lunch hours and after school to get you extra help. One upper school SS teacher has arranged tens of speakers to come in and talk to us so we can think about where our love of helping make the world a better place can take us occupationally.

I am nearing the end of my k-12 run at MPA, and I really cannot express enough how grateful I am. Becasue of the teachers, I am a happy, successful student who knows I can go out into the real world and make a difference.
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MPA gets it. My child is in Middle School and we are so happy that we are part of this school community. The teachers are incredible - dedicated, engaging, caring. We chose the school for it emphasis not only on academics but also on the arts and athletics. There is a great balance of three and that is what is giving my child a well-rounded education.
Amazing diversity: 20+ int’l students among a compact upper school student body of approx.400 students.
Teachers are amazing. I do not regret a thing about choosing MPA.
Mounds Park Academy is not perfect. You can’t say that about any school. What makes mpa so different is the community, the heated discussions among peers of different backgrounds, or the fantastic teachers! Not to mention the amazing opportunities students have. This school can be as great as the student makes it, by taking the opportunity to start a club or play on a basketball team starting at any age. Give this school a chance, I think it will be worth it.
I love the small class sizes, nurturing environment, rigorous academics, and overall just how each child is valued and supported by the school community.
I graduated from MPA in the mid-90’s and still remember my years there like it was yesterday. Some of the best years of my life - friendships I still have to this day, classes and teachers I still remember vividly and a truly unforgettable experience. My time at MPA was transformative and without a doubt influenced the person I am today. I’m so glad to see MPA is as strong as ever!
Really exceptional teachers, especially in the history, english, and foreign language departments. The administration is not ideal for me—they try to make the school environment better in many ways but often are misguided in their strategies. Interactions and discourse between students and faculty is usually respectful if not entirely productive.
Every teacher my daughter has had in her three years (9th-11th grade) have been fantastic - challenging her to grow and explore in deep and meaningful ways. Administration have been incredibly responsive and supportive. We have been so happy with her experience and education.
I have learned and grown so much working at MPA. It's my happy place! I love working with people in an organization that cares so deeply for its mission.
Our son has been at Mounds Park Academy since kindergarten and he is now in seventh grade. We explored every option in the east metro with visits, flip charts, and spreadsheets. We took the decision very seriously and could not be happier with the one we made. There are so many things we love about the school including the tight-knit community, the emphasis on character and communication, teachers who go above and beyond to understand him and the opportunities for extracurricular activities. Truly, this is a school that nurtures every aspect of his little being and seems to know exactly what to focus on as he grows older. MPA has played a tremendous role in the person he is becoming and will continue to through the end of middle school and the start of high school. I can't imagine him being anywhere else and I am so grateful to call MPA home. Everyday I am reminded that the investment is worth it.
MPA provides individual attention to students to help them reach their full potential. They provide a well rounded education with an emphasis on creative problem solving and technology. They have a new maker space this year that all students utilize in class. It really should be ranked #1! It is such a tight knit community that is truly accepting of all types of students.
Great teachers. Great families. Great curriculum. Fosters independent thinking, well-rounded students. My children have attended the school for 11 years and they still love going to school. I wish I could have attended this school!
I confidently can say the MPA has made me into the person I am today. The teachers are second to none, and the environment produces young and outgoing students. Over the years I have met a ton of kids from different schools and they always comment on how MPA kids are not what they thought they would be. An MPA student is socially aware and tries hard in school, but is still to have a good time with friends. I think the biggest difference between MPA and other schools is that MPA students will always care about school because the environemnt they are brought up in puts an emphasis on hard work.
Mounds Park Academy is a wonderful place to be! There are so many different learning opportunities, both in and out of the classroom.
Our son has been at MPA since kindergarten and he is now in sixth grade. We have been continually impressed by the school's close-knit community, rigorous (yet creative) academics, and focus on character development. Everyone treats each other with respect and each child is known. The expectations are high, but so is the support. When we looked at our local public school and realized that there would be 35+ kindergarten students for every teacher, we knew that wasn't for us. We've made sacrifices to send him to MPA, but each one has been worth it.
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One of the best parts of MPA is that we are a family. Parents, teachers and students all work together to support each other be their best selves. This is our 11th year and all of our three kids have thrived - each in very different ways. The sense of community is strong and inviting. We are so glad we made this investment of our time, talents and resources in our kids and MPA.
Mounds Park Academy has prepared me to be an innovative and independent thinker. The academics, taught by excellent teachers, couple rigor with fairness. Because the school is small, I have been able to develop relationships with teachers, which only makes the educational experience more interesting, fun, and preparatory. What stands out most about Mounds Park Academy, however, is that it has given me the opportunity to pursue my interests due to its many clubs, student-organizations, internship opportunities, guest speakers, and much more. My interests are in business, and the faculty have guided me in the process of founding my own club, the Entrepreneurial Club.
My son began school here in the 9th grade and I actually can't imagine our lives without it. The personal attention he has received and deep relationships he has forged here with staff and teachers have been life-changing. The community formed at MPA - by students, staff, teachers, administration and its families - is truly one of a kind.