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Moultonborough Academy High School Reviews

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I love everything about this school; the students, teachers, learning opportunities, clubs and extracurriculars, and location.
Moultonborough Academy is a small school in a close knit community. The small class sizes allowed me to get to focus and help I needed from teachers to receive a solid education. The teachers are always willing to put in extra time in order to help you succeed. The kindness and friendliness of the student body is amazing. The students are hard working, dedicated, involved, and friendly.
Moultonborough Academy has some of the best teachers in state and amazing resources and technology. SInce we have phenomenal technology available I believe a huge improvement to the school would be to offer a wider variety of tech classes (such as coding and programing classes).
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This is a great school and I have been very blessed to be able to go here. There are a multitude of resources and teachers are available and very willing to help. I have learned a lot and been introduced to a lot here. It is a small school and therefore everyone practically knows everyone. It offers a few clubs and lots of sports opportunities and the art and music program is very good. Overall I am glad that I go to this school and thankful for the experiences I have had here.
Most of the teachers are amazing, and make sure the student understands. Some other teachers just have really taught us at all. All the teachers have a different way of teaching and that's what great students learn in different ways. Over all the teachers are great!
The food at Moultonborough Academy is amazing. We have a company that comes in and caters lunch and break. They are called Fresh Picks. Their staff is always friendly and receptive to students ideas. Everyday there is a main meal, salad, mini subway station, burgers, and pizza. The salads are hand made and there are usually many different types. The prices are reasonable. There is also a program available for students who cannot afford lunches.
There are no schools die policies that affect parents or students negatively. All the schools policies are reasonable. The administratours do not just sit in their offices all day. They are always walking through the halls communicating with students and teachers. They are very approachable. There is almost no bullying at MA. The small amount that does happen is very quickly stopped my the students before it even gets to the administration. We all stand up for each other. Almost nobody has any problems with the dress code. It is very reasonable.
Moultonborough Academy is always looking for ways to make their athletic department better. We are always adding new sports, and always have a activity for everybody. Fitness at Moultonborough goes past athletics. We also have many clubs that frequently go on hikes, bike rides, ect. Overall we have a great sports and fitness program.
Your school experience is what you make of it. You can't just sit back and let the things around around go by. At this school, you have to get involved and let your character show in order to create opportunities for yourself.
Workload is average and the topics are usually able to be taken to worldly view. As in "how am I able to use this outside of school" and "why are we learning this?" are questions that are usually asked and answered.
Everything is up to date and resources are ready to use as long as you ask.
There's always club meetings to go to and as of this year, there has been many new club being organized as well.
There are many options to choose from our cafe and snacks are relatively cheap.
The teaching style here is wonderful because it's challenging and the teachers here really know how to push students to think for themselves. Teachers are very nice and will usually do a lot to help students to succeed. Grading is consistent and usually fair.
Teens will be teens. You will totally meet someone who gets drunk or does drugs. It's unavoidable. But you're safe at this school and its rare for someone to come to school under the influence or with possession of such things. It's immediately dealt with if they're caught. Searches happen every so often. I think this school is perfectly safe.
Due to the school being very small as well as the town, there isn't too much diversity. Most people are of a white background. And there are about four or five cliques in total. Almost everyone accepts people for their sexual orientation and ethnic diversity. You just hardly see it around this area. Peer pressure isn't seen much at all. We all know where we stand and its accepted. Almost everyone gets along here and its super rare for a fight to happen.
The atmosphere here is high and you will see students dressing to impress. Only a small hand full of people will you see dress in sweat pants. It makes the students look good to dress nicely as well as the school. The guidance cousellor is good. He/She does everything they can to help you. The principle knows everyone by name and is friendly. The office staff too are good with names and are very friendly.
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As a freshmen it is required to take PE. After that you have the choice of taking PE 2, which is very similar to freshman PE. Its easy to join sports and participate. School spirit is low. There isn't someone who dresses up in the panther suit anymore. No one does crowd cheers. But people do support the individual players. The facilities are top notch. Always kept clean and nice. The members of each team get very close during the season and they support each on and off the field and/or court.
There are some really amazing teachers at this school that will influence me for the rest of my life. But there are also teachers that have wasted my time, silenced my voice, and encouraged the kind of conformity that gets you nowhere in life. And for some reason the school is more willing to protect the latter. One of the best teachers at the school was fired because she wanted a year off to teach at an international school in Italy, for example. The school also doesn't listen very well to complaints about teachers, just assuming that the student is angry about a grade or something, when typically the complaints are legitimate. There are many examples of teachers there that should've been fired some time ago that the school is protecting for some reason despite the lackluster results in students.
Diversity is nonexistent at this school and if you are even the slightest hint of different it is constantly made fun of or pointed out.
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