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This school tries to prepare students with A.P. Classes. However, some classes do not challenge students.Great Guidance Counselors that know what they are doing and give lifelong advice. They also take time to get to know their students and make sure they are on track to graduating.
Dedicated to creating a school community by having clubs and events.
Some clubs include the poetry club and the newly founded anime and calligraphy clubs. And events such as game day, dinner with the principal, going to sports games and talent shows. Mott hall also has a social worker to help solve any academic, behavioral or economic disadvantages students have. She created the bully box in order to solve any bullying issues.
This school has good school security and is next to the 32nd precinct. This school also shares a building with Eagle Academy which is an all boys school.
Mott hall has a different sports like basketball(boys and girls), baseball, volleyball(boys and girls), cheerleading and golf.
A good school, with aspiring professes who want the best for students who want to have a future, however, there are those students who are not fond of this
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Mott Hall Highschool is not a bad school but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. The U.S history, Algebra 2, Global History, and English teacher are really good at their jobs.I learned alot from them and the Algebra 2 teacher everyday would stay after school for more than an hour and during regents week helping student even if it's only one student.The staff are friendly as well as the principle and guidance counselors. I joined the National Honors Society and that really helped with getting extracurricular activities outside of school. However, the school is unorganized and doesnt offer many things. Ive been in clubs with only the same three people and nobody else. The students are a problems in this school, they take advantage of the teachers and are rude. They think being chaotic in class makes them look cool and helps them fit in with the bad cliques. They dont take their education seriously. I had to step up my game so I dont fall back in my education because I value it.
It’s a good school with a strong English department, you can get distracted really easily if you don’t put your mind into school. Like ever high school theres a lot of groups and you will try to fit in and become someone your not. The school doesn’t really offer any services when it comes to caring about your education.
The staff at Mott Hall are very dedicated and they do their best to make sure each student is on the track to success. Through Mott Hall I was also exposed to extra-curricular programs such as College Now and SEO Scholars which have led me to even more beneficial opportunities.
My experience at Mott Hall wasn't too bad nor too good, met a lot of great people, that includes friends and staff members.
In Mott Hall you see change since your Freshman year. I'm now in my junior year and I have seen a lot of change. The school has more things to keep students more engaged in school like teams and clubs. I like that the teachers are willing to help you also long as you ask respectfully and they know you're going to use their help. However I wish this school offered AP classes since I've noticed the grades in this school are getting better therefore I wish there was way to challenge the students who feel like they're up for it. Also I wish we had more teachers that were assigned to the school instead of substitutes since those aren't permanent teachers and tend to leave mid-year and then students don't really get to learn having teachers change so much.
Pretty awesome high school. Never got bullied, made some amazing friends and I really enjoyed it there.
My overall experience at Mott Hall is a 6/10. I felt like the school didn't offer as much as they claimed to have. The school needed to focus their students more on college readiness than just graduating.
I have been in Mott Hall high school for about three in a half years now. The environment in that school is not as friendly, every year there is at least two or more physical fights occurring, sometimes I don't feel safe. Most of the teachers in Mott hall do not know how to teach, there is only a few that are really good at their job. Every year at least three teachers or more leave the school, I am not really sure why they leave, but that does say something about the school. This year all of the counselors left and were replaced with new ones. However, there are some perks in attending this school like they have small celebrations in holidays, organize community service events and have tutors help students pass their regents. This school is not that bad compared to other school but it could be better.
not all teachers are the same obviously. but I wish there was more than one foreign language class. I'm a junior and I still haven't taken a foreign class; which is only Spanish. all the good math teachers left so I'm stuck with a math teacher that I can't understand that much plus he has horrible grammar I don't know how he got a masters in teaching. my freshman year I didn't have a English teacher due to the fact that the teacher moved to Italy so from December-June we've only had substitutes and we didn't learn anything. all that was given were worksheets. my sophomore and junior English teacher are really good. science teachers are also taught well but my former living environment teacher is pretty old so students take advantage of that so they don't do homework, class work, projects, etc. my old global teacher barely gave notes but I've managed to pass the classes. my current history teacher is great. my past elective teachers weren't bad but they could've done better.
there's been many times where students would bring weapons like pocket knives, pepper spray, or tasers for when they fight another student by the school (or in). there's been times where students have gotten jumped in the staircase
there was no extracurricular activities in my school until I started in 2013. stuff like music, drama, dance, art you cannot join freely because it's only counted as an elective class which isn't fair because I wanted to be apart of drama and I can't even join next year due to the fact the former drama teacher retired and there's no one else to do it. I've tried out for cheerleading but didn't make the team. there's a boys & girls basketball team but not many people signed up. there's also a volleyball team for girls and not many people signed up also. other clubs like knitting and a chess club nobody really joined. I feel as if the school should make more clubs that would actually attract students because obviously not everyone is athletic, into knitting, or chess.
what bothers me the most about Mott Hall High School is the students. everyone is really loud, fights all the time (mostly the sophomores), there's been times people have been caught doing sexual activities in the staircase which is disgusting, some girls don't clean up after themselves in the bathroom, everyone is immature, half the students swear they're cool just because they argue or curse out a teacher. one time a student slapped a substitute teacher. about 82% of the students in my school would skip one or more classes per day in the gym.
Not all my current or past teachers are bad. but I feel as if most of them don't exactly know how to control the classroom since students are always talking during the lesson, they're messy, some students would curse out the teacher, most don't coorperate, students fall asleep and teachers don't really do anything about it but when they do its just to call the dean. most teachers don't know how to break down the lesson until they get what they're learning (specifically math). but there are a few teachers I've taken that actually do want to help the students and know how to keep their class the way a class should be. also there's some teachers who don't exactly give us as much notes as needed, in my opinion I'd rather learn by writing down what we're learning then reading from a textbook (we don't keep them by the way) or only writing down like 4-5 sentences of what the specific topic is about.
Mott hall high school it may have is flaws but is students that make it a bad environment. if one has good standard one would be successful here.
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This school, Mott Hall High School located at 6 Edgecombe High School in Harlem; isn't very prepared of the students actions. This school needs to prepare students more thoroughly about what will happen after they graduate. More clubs and SAT prep with also Regents Prep could be great. The teachers though are really great but can be very offended easily when students offend them. They have to keep their composure and keep teaching.
The school did show me a lot of outside programs and i did join. the clubs after school are helpful not only benefiting the school but the community.
The school can be a little more challenging by offering more AP classes. We need more supplies as in textbooks. However, most of the school's teachers/faculty care for the students' education.
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