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Mother McAuley has taught me numerous life skills from interpersonal relationships to academics to finding clubs I enjoy. It has given me self confidence.
I enjoyed my high school experience at Mother McAuley. They had an extracurricular activity/class that suited many different interests. One class that I had that I really enjoyed was my athletic training class my senior year. In that class we learned about the different injuries that can affect the body, it was pretty much like a mini anatomy/physical therapy/nursing course. That class solidified my interest in healthcare and I am glad that i went to Mcauley. McAuley really prepared me academically and socially for college. If i had went to a different school i do not think I would have been prepared for the academic rigor of college.
Mother McAuley is an all girl school on the south side of Chicago. Truly loved being a mighty mac here
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McAuley has a place for everyone. Academics are very competitive and useful. Several resources available with a welcoming community.
Mother a McAuley is a diverse school with smart empowering women. Everyday I am inspired to reach for the stars and be a powerful woman. I have teachers who are very helpful and care about their students and simply want them to be the best versions of themselves and succeed.
As my years at Mother McAuley come to an end, I am grateful to have grown as a student, athlete, and individual at McAuley. The camaraderie at MMC is uncomparable to any other high school. You will always see Mac Nation supporting one another, if that is at a school play or a volleyball game. This all girl catholic high school shapes young girls into confident women ready to take on college.
McAuley is the most loving and supportive environment. McAuley taught me how to love myself, my community, and the world. My best 4 years.
I would not change my high school experience at all. Going to an all-girls school allowed me to grow into the confident young woman I am today. The curriculum prepared me for all of my college classes and I never had any trouble transitioning to my university studies.
I love McAuley! I would not have the confidence and personality I do today without the support of all my friends and teachers through my education here.
I absolutely loved Mother McAuley. I loved the community and the all girls atmosphere. My classes and teachers were great. I made amazing friends and memories that will last a lifetime.
An amazing experience to truly get a catholic school education. The teachers are beyond helpful. The students, as well as teachers all, come together as one big family!
Mother McAuley is an all-girls catholic school that empowers young girls to access their full potential. The classes were challenging, and as a college student right now, I felt prepared upon starting my first semester.
I have loved my experience at McAuley! Being a senior, I’ve really gotten to take advantage of all the resources that McAuley has to offer. Teachers are here for you and want you to succeed. My classes have truly prepared me for college and I am confident that I have learned everything I need to succeed, plus some time management skills. We have the best fan section around and always get dressed up in some sort of theme for the sporting events. If you aren’t interested in sports, we have tons of clubs that you can participate in. There is truly a spot for anyone at McAuley!
As a current senior of Mother McAuley High School, my experience has been subpar. Although, there are some advantages that I would not have received from other high schools there are also many disadvantages such as inexperienced teachers who lack reason and passion for their job, lack of diversity, and lack of care for other sports and curricular besides volleyball. There are some teachers who go beyond the role of a simple teacher for their students yet some have 0 teaching style and effort into their work.
I liked going to an all girls school because it helped me boost my confidence inside and outside the classroom.
Attending Mother McAuley was the best decision I made in high school. I thrived in this environment because the school community strengthens young women’s intelligence, confidence, and kindness. Go Mighty Macs!
I loved Mother McAuley and really feel that I grew out of my shell there. I used to be such a quiet kid in grammar school. Now I have become the type of person who ran for student government and is a leader in various different activities such as student ambassadors and varsity club. I could go on and on but over Mother McAuley has led me down a path I never thought I could go down. I feel McAuley has not only prepared me for college but for life.
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I really benefit a lot from the curriculum there. The education is great and I have access to a wide variety of courses that pertain to many different career paths. In general, the environment is very positive and the teachers are amazing. They are always willing to help.
The culture at Mother McAuley is very girl empowerment. The girls are told they can do anything and believe it. They are taught to think for themselves but always consider the other persons point of view. It is a very welcoming school both faculty and students alike.
Students receive EXCELLENT college-prepatory educations through Mother McAuley’s rigorous curriculum. However, constant stress sometimes precipitated mental health issues.
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