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Mossyrock Middle/High School Reviews

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Mossyrock High school is a very loving and caring school. The community is awesome as well. The staff are very nice and love all the students. Its a small community, but good. There is good one on one work and a fair amount of group work as well. Everyone is accepted and we try to make everyone feel welcome. New kids usually end up fitting in and getting along with all the kids in the school. Sometimes it can be nerve-wrecking, but we do our best to welcome everybody with an open mind.
Attending Mossyrock High School has its ups and downs. I think the worst parts of the Mossyrock High School are the small food portions in their lunches, the lack of clubs and elective classes, and the lack of AP classes. The biggest strength the school has is the tight-knit community. Since the school is small, everybody knows everybody and almost everybody gets along well, which normally wouldn't be the case at a larger school.
Mossyrock has an amazing staff and coaches. All the teachers are willing to help when you are struggling and provide an amazing learning environment.
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I love my school and I love how everyone is helpful and everyone is friends and there for each other
if i was to choose to do it again i would not go to mossyrock ever again
mossyrock high school has bad reputation for their students to get away awith bad things.
We have 1 nurse for 3 schools. The security cameras are never checked. No one wears ID. We have had students from other schools sneak past our office.
We have very few after school options for students in the high school besides sports. We have a drama club which is fun, but that's about it. Student council is not very active with the student body. Like I have said our principle is great, but many teachers are not willing to put in extra time with students.
The teachers at Mossyrock High School are decent. Some teachers grading syles are not consistent, and some if the teachers favor students for different reasons. We have an amazing principle who has talked with the teachers about their inconsistencies with me. The teachers disrespect her, and she can't do anything about it because they have been at the school longer then she has. I really appreciate my principle. Some classes can be fun, but the teachers don't help with that. One of my teachers doesn't even know what she was teaching about, and would constantly mess up. I thint I could get a better education somewhere besides Mossyrock. Many teachers don't care about their students or their fwelings. At the beginning of the year a teacher told me he likes to watch us scramble and suffer at the beginning of the at because it's funny to watch us fail. Teachers are definitely not top notch here in Mossyrock. They are not happy with their jobs, then they take it out on the atudents.
we don't have a lot of choices for clubs. the most common ones are drama club and FFA and not a lot of students actually sign up for clubs. there is always room for more people because they are never full
i think the academics offered are easy, the work load is small, the classes are never to hard and they are all easy to pass. but we don't have enough of a variety, i think we need more classes with more than one teacher to chose from
My school isn't very known to be great at sports, but we do have an amazing fan support. even if we go and play against another school everyone knows we'll lose to, all of our fans still come to dress up in out colors and support us.
my overall experience at mossyrock has been ok; if i knew then what i know now, and got a chance to go back i wouldn't i would have chosen a different high school, any where would have been better. although i hated high school, i love there drama program! i loved drama it saved my life in high school, it was the only thing i looked forward to when going to school. It was fun, exciting, and just plane amazing.
Although I hated high school, it did teach me to be on time, get my work in, and work hard to be the best so you could get out of there as soon as possible. i have chosen to go to college to 2 years then get into the nursing program and start my training to become a ER nurse. I am a running start student so i started college early i have be attending Centralia College since fall of 2013 i love college! and even though I'm still technically a high school student, i don's feel like one. i don't think my high school got me ready for the real world or college at all. college is completely different than high school and i think those going to start college next year are going to have a hard time with the change. i graduate this june and i can't wait! it's going to be the best day of my life!
The teachers of Mossyrock Middle & High School, are very hard workers when it comes to teaching the students. most of the students also work very hard to maintain good grades in each class, since our school is very small. My fellow teachers try their best to find a way to teach every single one of their students in order for us to graduate high school.
It all depends on what were having for lunch! our school doesn't have enough financial help for the food service in the school. Most of us students don't necessarily eat at school. We, most of us, only eat at school when they have something real good for us to eat. I'm starting to not like the food served at our school because they don't taste, well, good. I suppose.
The school buildings need paint jobs! The lockers in our hallways, need a new coat of paint on them! the air conditioners in the building also need to be fixed as well. The school needs more teachers too. We don't have AP classes here at my school. The stage for our drama class needs new curtains and a building especially for that!
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We've had no issues with guns, knives, or bombs at our school. It is very safe.
This school is very open minded when it comes to racial diversity but not quite so open to the sexual orientation of people.
This school has a great new gym and plenty of new workout equipment to use. The baseball field is the best ball field in the entire 2B league.
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