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I had an excellent experience at Moss High School. All of the teachers were willing to help with anything I needed.
I was at Moss High School for 4 years. I got to experience many adventures with the FFA. Our school also was very involved in sports and such activities. Moss is a small school, and I believe it made the student body more of a family because we were all so close.
I have been at Moss Public Schools since the second grade and I love it so much. They support me with me having epilepsy and the teachers are amazing. I wouldn't go to another school if I had the chance. The people who go there are very excepting of each other, and we make friends like no other! The academics here are amazing. Our academic team has made it to state two years in a row. The sports are also very good too. We don't have the best basketball team, but when it comes to baseball season... we're the best. Moss' baseball team has made it to state the past three years and our girls softball team has only made it once but it doesn't really matter if you win. They went to state! We joke around a lot here. Just like any other teenagers do. Overall, I would say Moss is the best all around and I will be sad to leave next year.
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We need better coaches for the girls sports.
The parents could be more involved.
The school used to be much better then it is know.
Safety and bullying are not serious problems.
More options for Arts and Book clubs.
This school is much better than my previous one.
Teachers usually do the best with what they have.
The teachers are great and they have prepared me for college.
The punishment could be better.
The teachers are amazing and very helpful.
This school has many extracurricular activities that I was interested in, but not many for certain kids.
My high school has helped me with school work and how to be ready for college.
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