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During the COVID-19 pandemic, Mosinee High School is one of the few schools in the Wausau area which has stayed open for the 2020-2021 school year. Personally, I think that was a well intentioned, if poorly executed decision. Perhaps this would have worked out better if most of the student body weren't egotistical hicks who don't believe in science, but I digress. The staff does well to be responsible for their own safety, but there isn't really any system to enforce the social distancing orders on the many, many students who don't comply. I don't know how much of that the school itself can control, but it still makes me -and many people I know- feel unsafe. I hope to continue the school year as a virtual student, which is a shame. Most of the faculty here are quite good teachers, and should probably be teaching somewhere with a decent student body. I'm afraid their potential is being wasted and with the current pandemic their safety might be compromised.

Written 9/24/20
I like how much Mosinee feels like home. It is not too big of a school that I don't know everyone, but it is not so small that I feel like I am trapped. Even though we have many foreign students visit for a semester, I would like to hear more about Mosinee students travelling as well.
I like most of the teachers and the education here is great. I have learned a lot of stuff in the past 3 years. Our sports program is good and our clubs are amazing. The staff and our principals are very nice and love to talk too you. Our safety at our school is very well protected as we have a school officer, all of our doors are locked during the day, and our front door has a buzzer to get in. The food here is cooked everyday fresh and the lunch ladies are super nice. Our school offers a lot of AP and dual credit classes for college.
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I like Mosinee High school for being able to hang out with my friends and learn more about areas of STEM.
Mosinee is a great school with an excellent staff. I have learned many things at this school that are going to help benefit me in the future.
Mosinee High School has very good staff in every grade level and in each building. They will take time out of their busy lives to stay after school, during their free periods, or whenever it works best for the student. Every staff member including the principle share one goal and that is for the students to succeed. The school always takes extra safety measures to mask us feel protected. Lastly something that stands out the most is that there is regularly assemblies for good cause and to give students awareness.
Mosinee High School has impacted me throughout my four years. Coming in as a freshman, faculty push you to do your best, and support you through your academic career. Also, there are many opportunities to get a jump start on college through dual credit, AP classes, Youth Apprenticeship, and Internship. Students are presented with opportunities, and they don't have to search for them. If students have questions, they can stop by student services anytime. I have been in there many times asking questions, and they are always willing to work with me even if they don't know the answer. Clubs are a priority at MHS. Teachers even consider extracurriculars when assigning due dates. I thought this was great because not many other schools do that. Mosinee is also a very safe campus. We have an on-campus officer available to talk to and tiplines that students have access to. Overall, my years at the MHS have benefitted me in so many ways and have helped me grow as a student and young adult.
Senate makes dumb decisions. And the school board doesnt punish kids. They have terrible punishment for kids that do anything bad they juat get told No. So people are constantly misbehaving. Bullying isnt bad as long as you stay away from the clear A-holes. Overall its just a average small town school
My only complaint is the decorum. The elementary and middle schools have both been updated and only this year was the school approved to update the heating/cooling systems and build a new science wing. The other schools are constantly approved for updated looks, but the high school appears to be in the 70's still. The girls bathrooms are covered in pink tile and I avoid going to the bathroom because the color burns my eyes.
Other than that, the staff is always there to help no matter the situation and the classrooms offer a variety of college classes, AP and dual-credit, and the teachers are there wanting students to succeed. They don't want anyone to fail and it's reassuring.
During my experience at Mosinee High School, I have enjoyed the AP and Dual Credit courses they have added to make my courses a bit more challenging and give us college credit during our high school years. At Mosinee High school, a few things should be changed. For Instance, being benched at a sport unless you’re popular. Even if you are good you will still be benched. Being favorited by a teacher just because of your last name. Better teachers, ones that actually want to work with us to make us more successful and do well in the class, and providing help when needed. Sitting down with students to help us pick the right classes for our future plans.
Great teachers and counselors. A lot of opportunities for clubs and sports. Small town high school.
Mosinee High School is a small town high school, the support from the teachers and counselors is absolutely wonderful. The help and programs to assist you with your future are one of the best assets to this school. Very proud of my High School.
I loved the classes that were offered through this school, the wide variety gave me choices on what I wanted to pursue. However, their no bullying tolerance, and fight tolerance needs to change. So far just in this year, there have been ten fights, and I personally have been attacked verbally.
Mosinee High School has a good student to teacher ratio, however, the facilities are out of date and renovations are needed.
Mosinee High school has been my home ever sense I can remember. It has helped me become the person I am today. I owe everything to the incredible teachers that pushed me to do things I never thought I could accomplish. I highly recommend Mosinee High School, everyone is friendly and you will get to know your teachers on a personal level!
I really liked attending the Mosinee School District. We have teachers with many years of experience and for a small school we he have the best technology. I also like the young administration that came in with new ideas and the connections that they could make with so many students. The administration is out in the hallways greeting students and they really cared about the students of the Mosinee High School.
Being a senior this year, college prep is extremely important to both myself and fellow classmates. The teachers and counselors here at Mosinee, go above and beyond to get us prepared for this next big transition. For some teachers, it is simply staying on our case about making sure things are turned in on time. For other teachers, we are held to college level standards, every day, and not coddled in any way; if it's not in, the assignment receives a zero. Our counselors are the best though. from day one of freshman year, they start to prepare us for the step toward college, they are the driving force, and main source of encouragement for many students, to prepare themselves, and that is why I give Mosinee a 4 star review in my overall experience in the district.
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I think Mosinee High School is a great place to attend. In my four years there I have learned a lot and made many friends. All the staff is very nice, they will help you whenever you need it.
Throughout my years at Mosinee High School, I enjoyed the overall atmosphere of the place. I was blessed to go to a high school that had a lot of school spirit, so that enhanced all of the school functions. Overall we have excellent staff and curriculums. One thing that I would change would be the way the school is revolved around sports and doesn't give much praise to those involved in clubs and academics.
Mosinee is a good high school overall. Many of the teachers truly care about you and want to see you succeed. They are working on adding more opportunities to earn college credit and prepare you better for college. The students are not always the most respectful but overall the student body is not the worst.
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