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Counselors typically are not always available like they say they are. Teachers do not respond to emails very often. Teachers take a long to time to grade assignments which in turn makes it seems like you never turned in your assignment.
Moses Lake High School is a small town education in one of the largest high schools in the state. The staff there genuinely want to see students succeed and offers a wide range of AP, CTE, and dual enrollment options. The school ends up with and average rating in my book because in an effort to reach the struggling students, the bar for success is relatively low with "honor roll" being considered anyone who consistently shows up to class and isn't failing any classes. There is huge problems with skipping classes and other very inappropriate behaviors on campus. I ended up doing dual enrollment at my local community college for my junior year, and will continue to do so my senior year for free college credit and for more a more challenging education experience.
Overall the school has good vibes. There are many groups, just like any other high school. The sports are great, and the school spirit is awesome. Most of the teachers here are good and have good relationships with their students. There are some teachers that don't really know how to connect with students, and sometimes make our lives harder. Some of the really good teachers I've had are Mrs. Lybbert, Mr. Mclain, Ms. Harper, and Ms. Williams. Especially Mrs. Lybbert she remodeled her classroom so it would be just for us, and she always has a great way to tie in the lesson with what happens in our daily life. My experience at the High School has been ok. Some teachers just aren't the best at teaching certain subjects, some of the students can sometimes tend to be rude, and disrespectful. The security at the high school is also alright, even though we have police officers and security guards a lot happens, like fights, and vaping.
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Moses Lake High School is an overall average high school. I do feel we are very overcrowded, especially for the amount of space we have in our facility, that we are building more and more portables around our facility. One thing that our school has that is absolutely amazing is Gear up. Gear up offers tutoring, college information, scholarship opportunities, college field trips, and parent information to make sure parents know and understand their purpose and what their children are doing. Gear up has helped me find new colleges and what they provide and helped me understand how college life will be. Moses Lake High School does not have the best vide though. Some of our staff don't listen and can be rude to students who have not done anything wrong as well.
During the 19-20 school year I am only a sophomore. This year and last were rough, but with little to no support from the school district and administration other than the state standards, the teachers are honestly trying their best, and they deserve much better. The athletics are decent, but the sports that aren't football, baseball and basketball, sports like bowling and track don't get much recognition. The ASB leaders only focus on the big things, and clubs like GSA are put on the back burner because the board doesn't think they matter. Security is crap, we have 3 people full time, and most incidents don't get taken care of unless its a fight. We're overcrowded, and the school board doesn't care. We the students of Moses Lake High School, current and future need a better place to learn, and not temporary fixes. The teachers need more support than they get, and deserve better than they are treated. We need a new high school, and not just a part time school. We need real changes.
The school experience was great. The teachers are all nice and care about what their students are learning.

Only downside to this school is that it is very crowded and it is very small for the growing population in Moses Lake.
For me high school is not stressful. All the teachers at my school, for the most part, do their job very well. There are some classes I learn a lot in, and some classes I just receive "busy work". Our sports are pretty average. The drill team is pretty much the only sport that has constant wins. I am in Honors Society, and we do a lot of community service, which I enjoy. I feel like overall our school can talk more about college. A lot of the time we only talk about it in the beginning or end of the year. We used to have a lot of fights, but then we bettered our security. Overall students get a long, from what I can tell.
I like the sport dynamic of the school. Sports is a big thing there and there always fun. I liked my high -school I made good and bad memories but I'm glad I graduated from there.
Most staff are Kind and helpful. The disciplinary actions are not very helpful. I feel it’s very biased. A good student can get harsher punishment for lesser actions when a known person who does a worse action will get little reaction. Other then that the school is very welcoming and I really enjoy the courses offered.
I like all of the different classes they offer, but many of the teachers are not very good at helping students. They don't realize some people need more help than others and they're not willing to take time to help them.
I liked the teachers, I didn't like the counselors or student enviornment. I feel like my experience at this school wasn't the best. The counselors aren't nice or helpful I feel like they're just here to get their pay. The food is terriable and the enviornment there would be students having physical fights.
The school has some very passionate and talented teachers, but those are the exception, not the rule, and they have to work in a terrible environment. The school is overcrowded, underfunded, and poorly run. Overall, it's a subpar experience that only added to my stress and did nothing to help me get an academic leg up.
Overpopulation is the biggest problem here it's operating at 161% last time I checked. This brings problems in the cafeteria like long lines, multiple lunches, no seats, and I kinda feel bad for the lunch ladies and security guards. The bathrooms are rarely clean or empty but I'm pretty sure the janitors do what the can. The teachers are really good as far as I'm concerned but some of them don't get a classroom. Counselors do what they can but it's extremely hard to juggle so many kids and so many lunches. There's seems to always be funding issues but that's outside my knowledge.
I love going to Moses Lake High School. I have made a lot of new friends following my transfer from a small, private school. The teachers are amazing and do a great job of teaching the students what they need to know. Overall, I'm proud to be a Moses Lake Chief!!
Moses Lake High School can be a tough environment for unmotivated students. We are very overcrowded and have only one high school in our district (built in 1959 with a renovation in the 90s). However, we have a pretty good staff of teachers who seem to care about our futures. Also, students have a good bank of AP classes to choose from, especially within the sciences and history departments. Our school also has Running Start, a dual credit program that allows upperclassmen to earn their associate’s degree at the same time as fulfilling their high school graduation requirements by taking classes at our local community college. I believe this freedom to choose the route best for us is a great foray into adulthood. I believe our school is average overall. Our school is underfunded and stressful, but upperclassmen have the chance to seek reprieve and pursue an associate’s degree. There are teachers who care about their students and a decent variety of advanced classes to choose from.
Moses Lake high school has been very helpful with my education and has offered me a lot of opportunities to be a part of my community in some way.
I have gone to Moses Lake High School my whole 4 years and its been great. Every public high school will have their problems. I think Moses Lake needs to improve on their parent involvement. There is plenty of times my mom has no clue when parent meetings are or even what we're doing in the classroom.
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It is very overcrowded. My high school experience has been hindered due to the faculties lack of making connections with their students. Teachers at MLHS struggle to get to know their students on a personal level, and lack passion.
I believe Moses Lake High School has a wonderful, intelligent, compassionate staff and faculty. Their resilience in the face of challenge and ability to influence and grow students to reach their potential is astonishing.
However the High School is extremely over-populated, this creates a difficult learning environment for young adults and it hinders the factually from reaching every student.
Also the parking lot poses a dangerous and frustrating challenge to both students and parents. By creating an additional exit/ entrance to the parking lot will foster a safer environment and allow ease with entering and exiting the High School.
This is my second year in Moses Lake High School. I enjoy going to this school. The teachers and the classes are excellent. There is GEAR UP in the library which helps students with their classes. Also there is TRIO UB, which I am a part of. I would like to see the food to be changed, so that it becomes better. Overall, Moses Lake High School is a great school.
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