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I am currently a senior and have been here since freshman year. I had been in public school for elementary and middle in a district that isn't the greatest. Moses Brown made my transition as smooth as it could be and has helped me tremendously throughout the past four years. The teachers and staff are extremely supportive and care about the student's well-being. I have been a part of the girl's soccer team, indoor track team, wind ensemble, jazz ensemble, and percussion ensemble, and have recently been involved in the school musical. I am also a leader of the Community Outreach Club that raises funds for different organizations throughout the school year. MB allows you to be involved in as many things as you want and encourages you to try new things. I never saw myself being in the pit for a musical, or throwing shot put but this school allowed me to try new things and have fun doing it.
In the beginning, I had a very hard time being a person of color particularly. I felt very disconnected from peers, and struggled deeply to be myself. However, I have had many opportunites because of this school. I have gotten to travel, attend conferences, make great connections, try new sports and activites. And as I have grown up, I have made many friends, felt a sense of community, and used my voice to speak up for students of color like myself.
Inclusive and understanding of different needs of students. Faculty is easy to approach and speak with.
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MB is a world class education - gifted and dedicated teachers + highly motivated and gifted students. If your child is driven and would thrive in a college-like environment, MB is a great option.

I have two children at the school and can speak to the strength of their product offering: A very challenging curriculum, great educators, a gorgeous campus and excellent values. The beauty of the MB experience is that your child can attend school alongside very balanced kids - definitely highly motivated but not in an unhealthy way. The students are very successful and attend all of the same Ivies as other private schools, but they are not sharp-elbowed, nor are they performance puppets for their Tiger-moms. In short, you can get the desired outcome without destroying your child's soul in the process.

The school is doing incredibly well financially.

MB is only getting better. And it is already great.
MB has been on a downward spiral for the past 5-6 years. Poor leadership in upper administration has led to school losing its edge. High Turnover in regards to the faculty as well as a dysfunctional athletic department have proven to be the latest Areas of much needed improvement. The lower school is in shambles and families that have been part of the community are leaving in droves.
Beautiful campus, teachers who care and are deeply dedicated, competitive academics, outstanding facilities, great sports and arts, and a rich history.
My experience at MB has been great. Playing Football and Baseball for 4 years has made for an incredible experience. I feel very well prepared for college.
I loved everything about my MB experience, but the relaxed atmosphere is what stood out most. The teachers truly feel like friends, and peers were collaborative instead of competitive. That fact the MB got me into multiple Ivy League schools didn’t hurt either.
The academics at Moses Brown were above average. But the students and how they were dealt with was below average. The academics were not made a priority and the administration did not seem to know how to deal with its students. The Dean was focused entirely on raising money for the school rather than fixing the existing problems within it. The student population was on average very wealthy, which made it seem as though they had nothing to lose, and therefore had no problem misbehaving. This made it hard for students who were there to learn to be able to enjoy the experience. The school is also heavily focused on Football, and tends to neglect the other sports and especially the theater program.
I truly am grateful for my time at Moses Brown. This school prepared me for college in a way that I didn't think was possible. From the athletics, the academics, and the relationships I formed not only with other students but with teachers, I learned more than I could have ever imagined at Moses Brown.
Moses Brown School is an amazing school. I've been attending almost my entire life and it feels like a second home to me. I have a lot of great friends that I've known forever. The teachers are always willing to work with you, either by setting up meetings or helping understand a topic. The classes are difficult, but many different levels are offered for different students. There is still not a whole lot of diversity at the school, but there are always new and interesting people to talk to.
I was well prepared for college and the education provided by the teachers was amazing. The school culture weirdly tended towards sports, which took priority over other programs, and was at odds with the school's Quaker background.
- classes are okay
- some teachers are amazing
- politics of the school are horrible
- you can see obvious bias
A great school! Challenging curriculum, good support system. The facilities are also nice, and it's especially great if you're into sports.
Moses Brown has helped to make my daughter confident, caring, curious and community-minded. By sharing the same values as we do, they reinforce what we're teaching at home and help her excel academically.
My two sons have flourished at Moses Brown since joining in the lower school. The teachers show care for there success and well being at the school both academically and socially. The administration constantly ask themselves and the school community, "How can we be better?" I could not be happier with our choice for schooling.
Sending our daughter to Moses Brown was one of the best decisions we've ever made. She had come from a good public school but we wanted to give her an academic environment that was more challenging and provided an education outside of the classroom as well. What we have found in the 18 months since she started is a more confident, empathetic and outgoing young woman. The school embraces the notion of the whole child - the faculty are warm and thoughtful and empowering and she's a better person and student because of this environment.
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My experience at Moses Brown has been an up and down experience for four years of my life. All the teachers at Moses Brown are very caring and enthusiastic about their jobs, which makes learning new topics fun. But some of the students that attend the school are very rude and could care less about others and the way they treat them, making school sometimes uncomfortable to attend.
Moses Brown is an excellent school and has been a wonderful choice for my kids. The academic rigor, caring community and amazing teachers, who care deeply for each child, are some of its strongest features. The facilities are wonderful and combined with the wide range of sports and extracurricular offerings every child can really find a place to thrive. There is a new community and performance center, Education & Squash center and Y-lab and they have further lifted the profile of the school.
Top notch academics. Great athletics. Wonderfully inclusive. Multi-cultural. Undeniable integrity. State of the art facilities.
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