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Poor teachers and suckish admin. They are too worried about sports and not enough on academics. The school has some good things but in my opinion the bad will always out weigh the good. Moscow cannot get their stuff together enough to make sure students have what they need to succeed in life and that is a sad thing to say about a school where they are supposed to be able to learn.
This school is so great because since we don't have very many people, there is more time for teachers to work with you individually. They make sure they help you get the help that you are needing. If I had to chose what school to go to out of the ones around me, I would for sure choose Moscow High School. We have amazing coaches that are willling to work with any student wanting to try a new sport. Our lunch is super amazing!
Moscow is great because everyone gets individualized attention that is needed in public schools. Most of the people are friendly and the teachers all help in and out of the classroom. There is always something to improve upon, but Moscow is working all the time to make a better school for the community.
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Great homestyle cafeteria food, awesome group of talented kids not only in sports but academics as well. Tons of opportunities to take college courses, graduate early, AP, etc. Staff are excellent and so is the administration.
Ive had a great 4 years playing sports in Moscow.
We have a few different things to do. Like all school play in the fall, football, cheerleading, cross country, volleyball as things for the fall. Basketball. cheerleading for winter sports, and few others to name a few!
This school is a country school. That being said we all have to try to get along and not fight. Most of the girls and guys at this school are pretty accepting to people. We love new people and will get to know people for who they are. But of course we have our quriks!
School buses could use some new ones. It's a country school. Most kids ride the buses if they don't have a car
It's alright. We have girls and boys sports. Fall and winter and some spring. School spirit could use some help.
Everyone loves the food! We have had other students come to one of our lunches, it wasn't one of our best, and they loved it!
I really enjoy my school. I have been going to the same school since I was in pre k. This is the kind of school that everyone knows each other. Its in a small town but i love it!
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