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The teachers really care about the students. I know in my personal experience that they are very accommodating when students are going through a rough time in any area of their life.
MHS is a very inclusive environment. It has been a pretty okay 4 years. The teachers are supportive and care about us.
Overall it is a pretty good high school. However, the school is a bit dated and communication is not ideal between staff and students.
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Nobody cares how anyone dresses even though they like to say that theres a punishment. But I like most of the teachers and staff are friendly and helpful.
The teachers are great. Very willing to work with you and make sure you are understanding what you are learning. Administration is also very lovely, everyone genuinely cares about you.
Moscow High School has been a great experience. With a load of diverse clubs, organizations, and activities to be involved in, it provides for students the chance to get out into the community and be involved. The teachers are caring, supportive, and amiable while the school provides classes that appeal to all students. Although the food and facilities could require some updating, Moscow High School provides a well-rounded education that prepares students for college life and the world beyond.
Moscow High School is a great place to go to high school. Almost everyone is nice and accepting of who you are. The teachers work hard for their classes. Moscow is an amazing place to live. I will always cherich my memories here.
Moscow High school is almost everything you could wish for. My peers are from places around the world, and many have very different life views, yet we stand together in the things that matter. Everyone at MHS can feel safe to express who they are, and I think that's beautiful. We only get one chance to be a teenager, and the Moscow area provides an engaging environment with chances to become truly great even in these turbulent years of our lives. Our teachers are excellent and our school district is consistently rated as one of the top in the state. The only thing holding my rating back from 5 stars is the lack of state funding, which explains why we are still educated in a building built as part of the New Deal.
Fairly small high school with close community. Teachers are interested in student success, and if you put in the work you get a very good education.
Tests, essays, gossip, drama; the essence of high school! Moscow High School is a special one, to say the least. While the staff is decent, our facilities and organizations are subpar. We do not have air conditioning. BUT, we do have iPads for the Physical Education classes. That is obviously a necessity.
Our school recently condoned participating in a nationwide walkout against gun violence in schools. Wonderful, I know!
There is a parking lot in which many students go before, during, and after school to smoke substances such as, but not limited to, cigarettes and marijuana. It is widely known as "The Pot Lot". We have a week called Arts Fest; it's a week-long talent show. Everyone is incredibly supportive of those performing. We also have Lipdub. It unites us all as a whole. If you'd like something to do next time you're stuck in traffic, look up "MHS Lip Dub 2016". I think you will be pleased. I hope this was helpful! MHS could be better but could be loads worse.
Moscow High school was my third high school, and i think that the school tries very very hard to be inviting and welcoming but it fails because it refuses to let go of the small school and town atmosphere. The culture is very inclusive and I found it very hard to gain my footing and finish my last year of high school strong because i had no social support. THe school has a serious alcohol problem I got sucked into as well. The faculty is very aware of it but has done nothing to help fight the problem. THe academics and teachers are wonderful and with the u of i right there there are plenty of resources to learn. the school takes it way too easy on very capable students though. the honors program is way too small.
Moscow High School is a very accepting school with very good faculty and reasonable administrators. Although its facilities could use some updating, it is well adapted to them and few problems are caused from this. It has enough people to have a variety of circles of friends, while still small enough that you know a lot of the people. Somewhat lacking in school spirit.
Moscow High School is great for all students. Everyone is welcoming and the school staff is very polite. The main goal at Moscow High School is to ensure success for everyone and giving students a good head start for after graduation.
My high school experience has turned out very well. Most of the time, the people have been respectful to the other people. Also, safety is highly focused on inside of the school. The clubs and activities create a good experience when there is enough people that are dedicated to them. There are things I would change which is the facilities and parent involvement because the auditorium lighting is becoming less quality and the clubs sometimes do not let parents help.
Honestly, considering the amount of state funding that goes into education, Moscow High School is a pretty good institution. Additionally, many of the students are children of professors at the University of Idaho, which makes for a student body of intelligent and driven students.
Most of the teachers are great, and are usually very easy to hold an intelligent conversation with. With a relatively small number of students, they get to know everyone fairly well and treat students as peers rather than subjects. Teachers at MHS are often willing to go out of their way to help interest students. Classes are generally good, but can be excessively juvenile and un-challenging at times.

Don't trust the admins. They are totally useless and will disregard student well being.

Club/extra-curricular activity is lacking, but mostly because we have too few students spread too thin. Clubs are there, just not active.
I feel safe and comfortable and excepted, I like my teachers and get along with my peers. I love that I don’t see bullies around.
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Many excellent teachers, however, many also just do not seem to want to work. The building needs renovation at the least and relocation would be nice. To many students and too little room. The heating and air conditioning is either nonexistent or continually broken.
Moscow High School is a great place to prepare for college and explore your interests. The school is full of spirit and all the teachers and administrators are willing to help all students. It is a relatively small high school but that makes it even easier to receive specialized help.
MHS is a very relaxed school with more of a focus on arts and academics than on sports. It also has plenty of opportunities to become engaged with the community and University of Idaho.
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