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The community at Morse High School is what can only be described as a mixed bag. A majority of the teachers are talented in their occupation, and by the end of your high school experience they feel just as much like friends as they do advisors. That being said, a few lack expertise in their subject and the skills to properly engage the student body. Said student body includes some of the most wholesome and intelligent students you could ever meet, to a populace of rude, crude, and unmotivated individuals. Morse High School is all what you make it, a student willing to excel in the classrooms here will, but a student who isn't willing to pick up a pencil will find it much harder to receive a quality education.
There is great community support for the students at Morse High School. We are excited for the new building.
New school incoming in the fall will fix a few of the issues with the facility. currently, the school is falling apart, but that should be fixed next year.
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Small town school with a great vibe. I received a lot of support over the past 4 years. Special thanks to my Soccer Coach for all the encouragement and dedication. I feel the small class size contributed to my success.
Our School was built over 100 years ago, which has led to a new school being built. Sadly this means that the old school is falling apart beyond repair. I have been given a lot of resources for getting into college. I was also given a lot of opportunities to explore all areas of my interests from Science to Art.
My biggest problem with Morse is the guidance department. One teacher has broken many laws with child services and it has created so many issues. There are wonderful teachers that care about students, but the guidance department is not the best.
The community at Morse is amazing, not only are the teachers great but they really care about you and what they're teaching. They want you to do well after high school and many of them do whatever they can to get you on that path. Not only that but most people who have gone / go to Morse High School know that we take great pride in our school. I have never had such a great experience with the schools I've gone to in the past and they really bring the light out of you and help you find things you really love.
Overall, it's a pretty average high school. Good vocational programs. Does not offer a wide range of AP classes.
The teachers were wonderful and helpful throughout my whole High School career. If anyone ever needed any help the teachers were always so welcoming. They give you so many chances and opportunities to succeed
Morse High school consistently encouraged students to be the best version of themselves and to strive for greatness. Although it was a public school the teachers were always happy to help and give their students a high-quality education. The facilities were kept as nice as they could with the age of the building but a better building will be provided in a few years which will help with academic enthusiasm.
Fantastic school. Great opportunities and a very STEM based school. Many clubs and organizations to be involved in. Caring teachers and staff who all want to see their students thrive. My life would not be the same without the care and support I received throughout my high school career at Morse High School
All teachers love their job and care for their students, there is also a lot of school pride and a sense of community among students.
The school has a certain nostalgic feel to it that you won't get anywhere else. It's an old school and if you take a tour of it you can definitely see what I mean by that but, there's a spark of care that goes into everything here. It may be dirty and ratty and it's falling apart but the teachers and faculty have been here for a long time. Most of them graduated from this same school. Most people want to go as far as they can from their high school but something pulls them back in. It has the most active and effective alumni in the country and the amount of spirit it contains would be overwhelming to the average student.
Morse High School is a relatively small school (~ 600 students total) in Bath, Maine. Because of its size and location, it's not surprising that it doesn't have as many resources as other high schools, but it easily makes up for this in other areas. Morse High School has many decades-long traditions, including: MOHIBA, spirit week, the nations longest surviving alumni association, and many others. The school also has some fantastic teachers who really care about helping students.
The spirit and attitude of the faculty and staff at Morse High School made me feel as though Morse was my home. There are diverse classes offered, including many advanced placement courses, thus giving students the opportunity to challenge themselves academically and receive college credit. Teachers go above and beyond to offer support outside of class in order to make sure their students are successful. The culture of Morse makes everyone proud to be a Shipbuilder and attributes to MHS having one of the largest alumni base in the country. This alumni support allows hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarships to be given to the graduating class every year. Morse truly goes above and beyond to make sure their students can achieve their dreams, during and beyond high school.
The school is like none other. It has amazing people in it, and teachers who really care about their students. I won't lie, high school for me wasn't a cake walk, and I really struggled with myself. But this school made it a lot easier to be me, and be okay with being me.
I love the spirit the comes with being a Morse shipbuilder. The teachers are wonderful and genuinely want the students to succeed. The building is ancient to say the least, but they are going to build a new one. Too bad I will have already graduated!
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Don’t offer much. People don’t care to socialize with others beyond their 10 year long friend groups. Absolutely no diversity. I’ve notice this leaving students with hardly any skills in the real world when it comes to dealing with others with different ethnic backgrounds and getting there way around cities/ and or places that unfamiliar to them. The maturity level of the students is significantly lower than most I’ve seen from any school. Rules are hardly enforced when it comes to dress code and likewise. The teachers do not challenge students enough and/or make it clear they do not appreciate their job. Administration wants you to do what they know first hand, wether personal experience or of another student. They don’t want to see you step out of the norm or trends the school tends to get its cycles in (for example, everyone must attend UMO, UNE, or SMCC or else your just off to the side even though there are hundreds of better schools out there). Only upside, no fights.
The feeling of being at Morse is way different then any other school. I loved every single moment in that school. Having the largest group of Alumni in the country tells you something about good old Morse High.
The school spirit everyone had was amazing. Most of the teachers are very helpful and friendly. The only problem were other students
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