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Solid school overall. I’m involved in many clubs and sports teams, and I believe Tech has prepared me well for college.
This is a very good school for those who know what they would like to pursue in further education. It gives them 4 years of a head-start in the knowledge of their field, which is very useful when applying to colleges. It has a great atmosphere, campus, and people.
Excellent, passionate staff who care about the students. I am a sophomore and I love this school. I am in the Learning & Education academy and I miss attending onsite classes.
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You can expect students from all over New Jersey and with diverse backgrounds. Most are hard-working and dedicated to the school environment.
I am rating this school a 4 out of 5 stars because my overall experience was great and I would not change it for the world, but there are still some things that could be improved on. I made tons of good memories there and it is almost too many to fully describe. I was a student in the academy for animal science and this will be biased but that teacher was by far my favorite. The other teachers were also nice but sometimes there were issues with tests and projects overlapping and the workload being a bit overwhelming. But besides that, the atmosphere of the school in general was extremely welcoming. If there was ever an issue with discrimination (in the sense of homophobia, sexism, or racism), it was usually specific students and the administration dealt with it if it was brought to their attention. Personally I believe that this school is the best option in the area if you are able to get in. If you do get in and are having doubts about your acceptance, my advice is to accept it.
The teachers were very helpful and smart. I wish all the opportunities that existed were made aware to the students.
Overall, I liked my experiance at the Morris County School of Technology. I felt really prepared for college, most of the teachers were pretty good and the culture was stimulating.
It is very welcoming. While it is called the school of technology, ask upperclassmen about where the best WIFI and service locations are. The teachers are great, helpful, and friendly. Everyone admitted chooses to go for their passion and future vocation. You walk out and graduate well-prepared and advanced.
Deciding to go to Morris County School of Technology is the best decision I have ever made. I have had so many opportunities that will set me up for a great future & have made unforgettable memories with my closest friends these past 4 years. I was able to receive college credit for some of my class from my freshman-junior year & am able to be dually enrolled at my local county college my senior year. Having these credits under my belt will certainly be beneficial when I join my 4-year university. I was also able to take classes tailored to my interest in the field of healthcare. Having taken these classes, I will be ahead of my fellow peers in university & will have time to pursue other interests. Also, the most amazing part of my school is how supportive all my teachers & other guidance counselors & other advisors were; they truly wanted to see me succeed. Everyone was so supportive & kind to me. Given the opportunity, I would not trade the past 4 years for any other experience.
Great school with incredible opportunities! Very small campus and a close knit community. Teachers genuinely care about the students and their grades.
I feel very connected with the environment and everybody there, including staff, is very welcoming and I never feel like I do not fit in.
My four years at Morris Tech have been years that I won't ever forget. the school creates a positive environment for growing, learning, and discovering who you are. I have grown so much since my first day of freshmen year till now and I have Morris Tech to thank for that. I can still remember how excited I was when I found out that I got in to the school! At Morris Tech you are able to express yourself however you please. I was in the culinary arts academy there and I spent my four years creating wonderful and delicious recipes with other people who shared a similar passion. The staff at Morris tech are wonderful and extremely understanding and genuinely care about each and every student. They want to see their students succeed and become something in life. I tell everyone I know how awesome of a school Morris Tech truly is.
So far, my experience at Morris Tech has been absolutely amazing. The teachers genuinely have a passion for teaching and helping students learn. They all want to see their students succeed and do the best that they can. Furthermore, the environment at Tech is awesome. There is definitely a level of competitiveness that exists between students, but this only pushes you to do better. All of the students get along well, are welcoming, and very kind. Going to Morris Tech was the best decision I have ever made.
MCST honestly has a really good school environment and it's a pretty tight knit community because of how small the school is.
My favorite part about MCST was the culture. Everyone, from students to faculty, was so welcoming and kind. There was almost no bullying. I felt like the staff was able to help connect students with real connections that helped them with not only high school or college but also beyond.
I am currently in the Computer and Information Sciences Academy. MCST is amazing. We as students have access to so many resources and creative outlets.
I am currently a senior at the Morris County School of Technology and I can honestly say that I have loved all my four years at MCST. The students and teachers are some of the best anywhere and you always come to school knowing that everyone has your back.
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The academies are a huge part of the school. You get hands-on experience with the field the academy is part of.
I like the sense of community and general professionalism and respectfulness that is common all throughout the MCST community. However, there is not a great amount of focus on extracurricular activities or sports.
I had a good time at the school. They provided a lot of resources to grow. One down side is the lack of clubs and sports they offer, but their academics are great.
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