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I like that most of the teachers throughout my 8 years at the school were heavily invested in making sure we succeeded even going so far as to help us when we were no longer their students.
The school is good, great is for the students
Most teachers are good. They have taught me things that I will never forget.
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Teachers at school make learning easy and relatable.
We take a lot of pride in our Extracurriculars.
Everything is very basic and nothing out of the extraordinary to be honest.
If your new , it takes alot to find your place but for thopse who have been here their whole lives, fitting in is easy.
I'm a straight A student.
I don't play sports, so the althletic facilites are raely used by me.
I dont eat the school's lunch, I eat in the hallway with the rest of my friends.
Everyone is like a big family which is a good and a bad thing at times.
Sports are offered grades 7th through 12th, Modified, JV, and Varsity. Sports include: Coss Country, Soccer, Basketball, Cheerleading, Track and Field, Baseball, Softball, and Golf. Clubs and organizations are offered to grades 8th through 12th. Clubs include: Spanish Club, Drama Club, Nationa Honor Society, National Junior Honor Society, Running Club, Shakespeare Club, Jazz Band, Band, Choir, Student Council, Yearbook, and Prom Commitee.
The building is in good shape and we are given great technology resources to use. The guidance counselors are kind and welcoming and will do whatever they can to help a student in need. Our college prep resources are not very vast and it would be beneficial if the school helped prepare students know what to expect when applying for colleges their senior year.
There are many extracurricular activities at our school. Sports are definitely the most popular, but we also have Band and Chorus, Jazz Band, Book Club, Spanish Club, and recently, Drama Club. But at Morris, Sports are always the most popular activities to do. Soccer, Basketball, Cheer-leading, Softball, Baseball, Golf, and Track are the choices we are given for sports. I would really like if we had a volleyball or lacrosse team but because we are such a small school, our choices are sometimes limited.
The academics offered at this school include general classes as well as AP college classes. Students are given many options as to which classes they would like to take, but it is often very difficult to have all the classes you want because of scheduling. Most of the classes are easy to get good grades, as long as you do your work, but the college classes are much more difficult and require a lot of time and effort.
The fields could always use some maintenance, but in what school don't they? There is no track field, but a lot of land for it if the school ever gets the money up. Our track and field, softball/baseball and soccer programs are excellent and students have been known to take back almost every win in the area. Though everything is optional, I'd participate again and again if I could
The teachers at Morris are very interactive and easy going. Classes are always fun and never boring. There is plenty of time for lunch and a 3 minute break between each class. Your lockers are always right near your fellow classmates. If I had the chance to go back, I would. The classes and clubs are an experience I would always return to.
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I think the teachers are overworked with the new standards. Most of them try their best. We have some GREAT teachers.

There are some who should retire. There are a few some who have favorites and if you are not on that list you are a non person.

No one likes to complain because they take it out on the kids.
Our school is pretty safe. You have to sign in to come into the building. When it comes to bullying they say it is addressed but the people doing the bullying rarely get into trouble.
I do not think the health programs are really effective. They give us a lot of information but we do not have SADD in our school anymore because we do not have a teacher that will volunteer to be the head of it. and when we did have it the kids who drink and smoke pot and needed it the most never joined.
The school nurse is good.
Overall I think the school is pretty safe.
There are no AP classes or honors classes which would be a big plus for college..
There are a lot of college classes and it is possible to come out with many credits that most colleges will accept.
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