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Morrilton Senior High School Reviews

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Morrilton Senior High School has helped me become satisfied and proud of myself in helping persist my goals in the days to come. There is a proud spirit at Morrilton Senior High School that creates an environment where education , growth and memories are created. The fairness of Morrilton Senior High associating with the students and their treatment individually is seen equal. Going to Morrilton Senior High has helped me grow. Programs such as JAG have helped me become a better person in the work force along with the determination to receive a job. The counselors have provided a substantial amount of help in the process of lining up for college. This survey is a piece of gratitude and a hope in a scholarship to pursue my goals in becoming a Physical Therapist and achieving what hard work can become.
Morrilton High School has treated me with respect as an adult and a study. The teachers are great and very willing to help you if needed. I moved from a different high school , Nemo Vista to Morrilton because of the "teacher gossip" i felt as if i was out of place at my old school and as if i was constantly being judged and talked about by not just the students but the teachers as well. When i moved to morrilton everyone welcomed me with a smile. The education is great , the sports are full of spirit and overall everything is fair. Everyone is treated the same. This is exactly what i've been looking for.
Morrilton High School is overall a pretty decent school. Sometimes I think the administration is a little too strict on some things. I just think they need to let the kids have a little more fun.
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More rules started to develop during my senior year, so I will never experience the full four years of the new no-phone rule, homework support, freshman mentoring, or the puppies to dogs. That's okay though because I probably would not have made it the full four years without my phone on me
My experience at South Conway County Senior High School has been one of the best experiences I've had in my high school career. South Conway County High School offers many resources to help get the education you need. It has many academic and sports related activities to help bring students and teachers together to complete the full high school experience.
The teachers are really nice. They do not like change. They could work on equality when it comes to sports and fine arts.
It's pretty good. There are definitely better schools out there. Choir and band and theater are the best aspects about this school if you aren't interested in sports. Even so, it is appropriately appreciated. Conway high school would be so much better. Or even Russellville.
It is the best school experience I have had, I have gone to plenty of schools and this is my favorite. The school is a very great school to attend and I wouldn’t change anything about it. Classes help prepare me for college and I am getting a great education.
I love attending Morrilton High School. I enjoy being part of my school. The teachers are cool and made many great friends. I wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for my school here in Morrilton.
Morrilton High School has been a great experience.It has shown me how life is going to be after high school.
Morrilton Sr. High School has been one for the books. The experience has been amazing. The community of the school is very touching.
I like that all of the are very willing to help their students. The diversity is great, we have friend groups with a hand full of different people, as in their our freshmen that are friends with seniors. I wish the discipline system was a little better.
I think Morrilton High School is a great school to be at. I have made plenty of friendships with students as well as teachers. Our administration has made our school, as well as our district, one of the most secure places around.
Everyone in the school are very nice and caring. Morrilton is a small community, which is one of th reasons why I believe everyone can get so connected with one another. When I attended (2014-2018), I experienced nothing but love from the faculty, students, etc. the teacher really care about their students and want nothing but the best for them and their futures, I would do anything to go back and experience that feeling again.
Coming from a private school to a public school, this school is way lacking in academics. The students are very apathetic, and when it comes to standardized testing, a good 60% of students will just click through instead of actually trying, which is why our ACT scores are very low. I have found that the more I stay at this high school, the less smart I become. The teachers are very good, but the other students make it difficult to learn. Our principal and teachers care a lot about the students and always encourage us, but they can't fix the apathy that a lot of students have. The lunch isn't that great either.
I enjoyed the experience and having so many friends, playing sports and also getting a job while in high school. What I would like to see is more diversity in our schools. For everyone to be treated the same regardless of income, social status or ethnicity, race or gender. Our schools are not preparing us for life outside of school. The counselors are helping prepare students for college. The help just a few not all students. Given a chance I believe any student can be successful in life if they are given the encouragement and shown they can do it.
My experience at Morrilton High School was very good. There are many opportunities for all kinds of students.
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School is school, it does not matter where you go you will always have to do work. But what made this school so great was because it really did care about its students. The school and the teachers in it had a passion to see kids learn that inspired that students to achieve more.
Morrilton Sr. High School is where I was able to expand my academic skills, express my artistic ability, and make life changing decisions with the highest support. I will forever be appreciative of the faculty and staff at Morrilton Sr. High School and the opportunities given to me.
I like atmosphere the people, city, town, the way everyone helped one another. the classroom ratio was small it was more one on one with the teacher and student. the counselors were always available to answer any questions we had.
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