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Morrill High School Reviews

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Morrill High School different from other schools. They have house like harry potter with other names. Teachers is very nice and they make classroom fun and excited to learn new things. They help out with college application and scholarships. They teach us what we will need in the future.
Everything meets or exceeds most small school expectations. The only things that I have to complain about is that they don't get good ingredients to make school lunches and that the high school students do not have their own cafeteria and have to walk to the elementary to eat even if they brought their own lunch which is unfair to them.
Morrill is a very bad school and i do not like it at all. I wish i could switch schools. Some are the teachers are nice and the food is terrible there is no beefy nachos and we cant keep a music teacher to save our lives soooo terrible!!!
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The teachers here are all very nice and work well with the students. A lot of importance is placed on sports. Homework load is not unbearable normally. There are some clubs you can participate in. There is a good FFA program.
I was harassed to the point of being pulled out of school, and the staff did nothing to help. I am much happier no longer being in their school system.
Morrill High School needs better teachers and resources. They are trying to improve the athletics department but not enough is done for the academics part of the school.
I've gone here my entire life and it is a great environment. The teachers will always help you.
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