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I wish there was a more personal relationship with counselors and teachers. Overall, I had a pretty good experience. I just wish more of the teachers cared about their students.
Overall good experience. There are great teachers and student counselors that help with classes and schedules. The music, shop, and agriculture programs are excellent. Great support system for students.
Moriarty High School is probably the best high school in the Moriarty-Edgewood area. There are opportunities for students to get involved however, there are a lot of clubs and activities that the student body would benefit from if they were offered. Most of the teachers are good. Some subject areas are lacking in good teachers. The school community is pretty positive and supportive however, school spirit could be improved upon.
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I enjoyed the student life and help from staff and teachers. High school was easier because of it. When I needed something I was almost always able to get it by asking. They prep you pretty well for college and present a lot of opportunities.
In Moriarty it is a school that is what you make of it. The school can give one the best experience if one puts in the effort to gain that experience. On the flip side for those who need that extra push or someone to reach out the school falls short. It is a school that produces all stars but also can bring some others down. Just because there is not much pride and support from the community. That is what I would like to see change. I would like to see support because that would turn this high school from average to Amazing.
Like the community. Wish there were stronger academics and that they could recruit and keep good teachers!
I love all of the music activities at the school. I wish they had an orchestra program. The guitar program at the school is by far the best in the entire state. The piano lab at the school is the biggest in the state. The choir program at the school is amazing in every way. The academics are a little rough, but if you apply yourself, it all pays off.
Moriarty High School is an average high school. The difference with this school is that the students are from a small town and all the facality pushes their students more. Moriarty High School is not just a school in a small town, but full of students full of potential
What I liked most about school were those great teachers who were actually passionate about their classroom and students. They are one in a dozen and fortunately, I had been lucky enough to be part of their classrooms. I learned a lot more from the environment than in the classroom.
The school environment is pretty good, however, the facilities could use some work. It is a pretty average school, the sports activities are very good. Many of the teachers are also coaches. Many teachers care for the students well being. The counselors will help you with anything, they are very good with college preparation, and dual credit availabilities.
My experience at Moriarty High School has been the best 4 years of my life. I have made so many new friends that I have never known existed. I like the extra curricular sports activities that go on. Sometimes we have buy-outs for volleyball, basketball, theatre classes, and much more. The pep assemblies are also crazy. There are several games that get played that are always fun to watch and participate. There really is not much to be changed about the school.
My experience at this high school has been amazing. It is in a small town so everyone knows each other. Going to football games, expressing myself, and helping the community are some of the things that Moriarty High School has brought into my life here as a student. No school is perfect, but this one strives to be it's best.
At Moriarty High School I found that they have one of the best fine arts programs in the state. They provide a nice handful of classes that can help you get a jump-start after school. If anything that could make the school better would have to be better funding. Our education is just turning into computer work because we cannot afford textbooks.
Nothing great but nothing to terrible. Teachers care about students but students don’t care about teachers.
What I like about Moriarty High School is that it is a place where you can be yourself. We may be in a small town and others might not look up to us in something’s because of our size. But in sports and our academics we really show what we are made of. We try our hardest and give our all in everything that we do. The teachers are amazing and care about your high school life as well as your further and want to help you in every way possible. I enjoy being in all the extracurricular activities that I am invloved in. They have helped me to become a leader in my school and develop who I am and want to be in the further. Moriarty has helped me to push my limits and work as hard as I can to earn what I want.
Morarty high school is an average high school that has a pretty good community life. Morarty high is different in that everyone knows each other pretty well because of the small community. Over my last 4 years I have had a good experience with students and teachers alike. I am handicap and the school has provided with accesaccessible areas, although some teachers don't provide adequate space until I explain it to them. Most of the teachers are helpful and the education provided is pretty knowledgeable. Overall Moriarty is a normal high school that has many programs with few problems except, I believe the food provided could be better and would be helpful if there were more electric doors that work .
As a four year student of Moriarty High School, I can attest to the excellence of the teachers and staff of the school. The staff are always ready to help, and the teachers are caring and professional.
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As a small school there are some benifits and some that are a take back. You could feel a sense of community and praticaly have your friends in multiple classes. I would say that most of the teachers are really good people that care. But, since it is small, there tends to be a slight lack of diversity.
I like that FFA program and how you have some choices when it comes to classes. I would like to see more counselors.
The education is lacking in some areas because of the budget. The area is highly focused on sports and take away from the arts. But at least a few teachers really care about their students.
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