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What i liked about morgan high school is that they had a few programs that helped the students with disabilities and with some mental problems like anxiety.
My high school is very unique. It is 1 of the 2 high schools in Ohio that has their very own career technical program in the school. I had a good high school experience there and had some very intelligent teachers. I myself was in the Electronic Career Tech program and made memories for 2 years. It was something out of my comfort zone to choose such a different class from my personality but I don't regret it. Although I do not plan to have a career in that particular area I enjoyed the classes.
Best school in southeast Ohio. I really appreciated my 4 years at Morgan. Everybody knows everybody so we are a real tight knit school. The teachers are amazing and they definitely prepare you for the workforce and/or college. Our school is the only High School in Ohio that offers technical and college classes in the same building. Time has flown since I started my freshman year and it has been the best 4 years of my life.
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Morgan High School provides diverse classes and also has career tech programs. These include cosmetology, carpentry, FFA, Health Tech, etc. to help give students an understanding of what they may want to do.
Great place for learning and making friends. More organization of academics would be sufficient. More organization of extracurricular activity schedules would also help.
In general, the school is only average to prepare students for college. The administration is not supportive, however most teachers are helpful and caring.
Morgan High School is located in a rural economically depressed area of southeastern Ohio. The facilities are relatively new and provide an excellent learning environment. Due to the rural setting the administration, teachers, parents and students share a close and involved relationship. The academic opportunities are sufficient to prepare a student for college and even provide the opportunity to gain college credits while in high school. Diversity is the main thing lacking here. Due to the rural setting it is the result of the community environment. Overall, Morgan High is a great small town school with all the ingredients to prepare a student for high education.
I had an electronics class that I loved. It was very engaging, and the instructor cared about the students. This is the only class I would go back to.
Only a few teachers actually cared about the grade the students got. Some helped me figure out what I was doing in life. Most, on the other hand, only cared about the grade of the test so they wouldn't lose their job, and little of the students.
The faculty tends to help students being bullied. Also, there is an armed police officer in the school for extra safetly and we have alice drills every so often.
The school has career tech programs at the school for those who want a career in health, cosmo, engineering, etc. Also, the school has college classes you can take online at the school and has post-secondary options that are great and helpful as well. The school is also very dedicated to sports. Team spirit at this school is incredible. There are clubs after school like archery, drama, and ping pong which make things enjoyable and diverse for everyone
My experiences so far at this school have been up and down. When I transferred here, I met some amazing students, parents, and faculty members. They are all very welcoming. I am in concert band, pep band, and marching band, all very enjoyable. The band's performance is surprisingly more important to the students at the school than I expected. Band is where I met my best friend, first really fell in love, and where I was broken down. I lost that person to a car accident that I was almost in. This experience isn't my favorite, but I am able to put what I feel into the music I play. The school is unique in many ways. The faculty members try being closer to the students than us just typically thinking they are mean and demanding, or whatever the students usually may think. They try being there for you and your needs.
Most of the teachers find ways to get the students interested in what they are learning. Some even include their own stories and apply them to what we are learning at the time and make it enjoyable for everyone. The teachers try to get us active and interested. However, some are more about getting the work done, rather than laughing about a few things here and there, which isn't a bad thing. I highly respect each teachers' decisions.
Don't offer the classes I need (Calculus, Physics)
Don't offers the classes I need (Calculus, Physics)
Large variety of clubs. Most meet during activity period (every other Wednesday).
Moderate quality of teachers, teach in a variety of styles (lecture, hands-on, videos, review)
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They have a career tech building built as an addition to the high school, which is really convienent. They also have a great FFA program that I have been involved with all throughout high school. They offer lots of field trips and have college representatives every other week come to our auditorium. The guidance counselors are very helpful with your scheduling and any paperwork you have to fill out for jobs or college.
it's a great school with great teachers that will encourage you to study and work hard but be fair to you
The school itself is good but many and i do mean many students there do drugs and smoke and drink.
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