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This school is supposed to operate on the Paideia/Socratic method and be progressive. However, in recent years, under poor leadership, it is just another poorly administered public school.
I attended Moreno Valley High School from freshman to junior year and it was by far some of the best academics I had in my High School Career. Student to teacher ratio is great which allowed for more one on one assistance. Well structured courses and great outdoor activities for physical Education. Daughter will attend when she is in high school as well.
I have been at Moreno Valley for three and a half years. It is an excellent school that has taught me a lot. We focus on Paidea and conversation-based learning through Socratic seminars. It is a great way to learn.
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Great college prep school, great teachers and interesting PE program. Overall, good quality school and would highly recommend.
The Teachers are the best. They really care about each individual student, and give very individualized learning experiences. Because this is a paideia charter school, and we work to try and have a very open communication it makes the environment of the school a great place to learn.
I have attended this school since my Freshmen year, and I have always thought the academics were great. There is a fair amount of diversity, but the main eye-catcher of this school is the size. The maximum capacity of students is 120 , however there has never been more than 90. It is extremely useful to have such small classes, because you can get better, more concentrated help on the specific subjects in which it is needed. The biggest class size one will see is fifteen students. A student can learn so much more this way. This school also offers AP courses and other advanced classes, so a student always ja the option to challenge themselves if they want to. However, I would recommend this school to another most of all because of how nice everybody is at the school. I have never been in a place that has so many nice people in one place.
Moreno Valley High School offers many AP courses. This is both good and bad. The AP courses allow students to challenge themselves and attain college credits. However, the courses can be fairly challenging for the teachers as well as the students. The teachers often become stressed out and, especially the new AP teachers, they fall behind. My favorite aspect of the school is how different it is from others. Being a charter school we are able to do so much that a normal school would not. Bullying is also not a problem, and students find it easier to learn because their are so few students. Teachers are able to help students one to one very easily.
They are very good at getting kids through with their core classes. The kids work very hard, and are ready for college. They're really aren't a lot of scheduling options, and kids end up in the only class available. Sometimes the work load is feel is very heavy and stressful. I believe in family time, part time jobs, and these things are challenging. Hopefully being a small school in a small town, this will improve as the school grows.
There really aren't a lot of extra curricular activities.
For the most part, the teachers are quality educators. They seem to really care that the students do well and achieve success. Consistency in grading is there in each class, but they seem different than each other for the most part. Teachers come and go a lot, which is not great for consistency.
Everyone is pretty good to each other. There have been very few fights over the past couple of years at school. Most of the older kids look out for the younger kids. There is no school nurse, health programs or resources to my knowledge. Recently police were able to walk in and take a couple of students out to harass them for an un school related event. That was the most unsafe thing I've seen at the school. There needs to be better protection in place.
Many of the kids are from outside of Angel Fire, so there's a good amount of diversity.
The classes offered at this school are fairly diverse; latin is not offered anymore, which is unfortunate, but the Spanish program is excellent.
I have rarely felt unsafe at this school. There is no nurse or counselor, which is troublesome.
There are not many opportunities for students to join clubs, but the ones that are available are excellent.
This is a highly academic small school with excellent academics and the small environment allows for personalized attention. The paideia learning they practice is unique and allows kids to learn to really think and analyze. There is a brand new building being built presently, which is going to be great for the kids!
We are like a family and we get a lot of work done to help students prep for college. If you want to be college ready, Moreno Valley will help you reach your goals and your dreams.
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There were many talks and discussions on suicide prevention, drug and alcohol prevention, domestic abuse signs, and bullying prevention making it prevalent that there was zero tolerance for any type of abuse. Still, it was hard not having a school nurse, there was no one to help students during times of illness. We did have a defibrillator, first-aid, and teachers trained in First-Aid and CPR, so I always felt safe.
Since the size of my school was quite small, the facilities did not require more than one side of a trailer building. This room was used as a weight room, yoga area, and physical education seminar setting. My school was near a community sports complex with two soccer fields and two baseball fields, so many activities were done here. A unique quality of my school was that they owned their own climbing boulder on campus, provided with rock climbing shoes and chalk. This was open to all students at any time while under supervision. Other wise, there were countless hikes relatively close that were accessible to the PE classes.
This school's main focus was teaching students what they need in order to succeed, not only in college, but in everyday atmospheres. My school created leaders, visionary, and idealists, people who not only understood their potential but wanted to use it. Any one who graduated from this school left with a greater sense of purpose and the tools to make their goals possible and dreams a reality.
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