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At Morenci, you're able to know everybody so well they're almost like family, hence the town's motto "One Team, One Town, One Family". I wish that the Arts (Music, Theatre Club, and Art) at Morenci were better funded for the kids that don't do sports.
Moronic High School is a small school. You'll probably come to know everybody there. The level of education is not the best. Although the staff does try their best to teach. Most of the people at this school are generally rural country folk. If you are not a country folk it can seem hard to fit in at times. You will find a select few other outsiders and you guys will make the best of it.
Morenci is generally thought to offer a poor education by people in surrounding communities, but by no means is it the worst. Though it may not be the best in the county, I would still choose it over many other options in the county. We have some really good teachers and most of the students are friendly and care about each other.
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Very happy with this school, & all it has to offer to our children! The teachers are always willing to help so your child gets a lot of one on one time unlike big schools.
Morenci is a great small town school. The teachers have been great. They also offer daily tutoring if needed before & or after school as well as during lunch so there always there to help there students. Communication is key to any good school, & MORENCI by far exceeds in that.
I have been attending Morenci High school since day one of my Senior year, and so far the school seems pretty welcoming. The teachers are nice and the students act as if they are just an extended family among each other. This school may be smaller, but it makes up for it in character.
I like the small school setting. The teachers are friendly and helpful. I enjoyed my high school experience.
The sports teams are typically decent, however it is quite difficult to gain support from the students.
We are offered many different options for extracurricular activities and the teachers who run and support these organizations are passionate and well organized.The only problem is that few students take advantage of all that the school has to offer , so there isn't a lot of funding.
The kitchen staff is the best, the food just needs a little work. But the biscuits and gravy is amazing!!!
Not the best, but everyone is very accepting, just not may have come to morenci
They are great. Some just have to much favoritism towards some students
There is a little to much favoritism from some teachers. So some kids get out of trouble a little to easily
I'd say there are lots of clubs to choose from. Students just need to get a bit more involved with that
The school has really stepped up with safety this year. All new camera's and locks on the doors. So I'd say I feel very safe
Athletics at Morenci really picked up this year. Students were at most games supporting their teams. Boys basketball had a great season. And the baseball team actually has good coaches this year and seem to be picking up. I can honestly say, I am proud to be from Morenci
The building is not the greatest, but it is better than some.
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Most teachers care about the students and the subject they teach. There are not many AP courses offered, but several 5 point classes or upper level classes.
Student involvement in athletics is probably about half. We have decent teams in some sports and a good number of pretty good athletes.
Most teachers care about the students. There are some times when I feel that teachers are slacking, but not that often. Classes are relatively challenging, but not too bad.
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