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I think the homework load for k-2 is very high as they bring home several sheets of assignments nightly, whereas in other grades they rarely bring home homework once a week. Then again this may be a communication problem between parents, students and teachers as the parents have to depend solely on their child to tell them what homework they have been assigned.
This school is average and they keep up with maintenance issues and keep the school clean.
Attendance is required unless it is an excused absence. The staff is approachable though sometimes hard to get ahold of. As far as bullying I think it is a problem and does not just happen at the school but is a big issue on the buses. I have had instances with my children coming home with torn clothes, backpacks being destroyed by being pulled on, scratches and bruises, and just overall intimidation and self esteem issues with my kids due to swear words being used towards them by other children. These problems have been brought up but have never actually been addressed.
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It depends on the teachers and what grade they are teaching. They do use activities to engage the kids, and incorporate things going on in the world to help teach the children. They do make activities fun so the kids want to learn and they do work with those who struggle with certain things.
Our biggest supported sport by the community is basketball and everyone, students, teachers, staff, and parents all get involved.
The school has a few after school activities that I am aware of such as sports, tutoring, band, MESA, and CASSM.
The school does have a security guard upon entering the school grounds during school hours. The school does require all persons to sign in at the main office and can only be allowed entry by the main office into the actual school. As far as bullying this is a problem that needs to be addressed and when it does happen at school and a child is injured even if it is just a scratch the parents should be notified even if it is just a note in the child's planner. I have had my children come home scratched and bruised and they tell me the nurse was not available at the school because she was not their and they have had to have the teacher or the secretary bandage them. I am okay with the teacher or secretary bandaging my child in the absence of the nurse but I would like to be notified of what happened and to know that the child that hurt my child has been reprimanded. The school overall is safe and they do care about the children and their well being, however they need better notification policies in place for when a child is hurt while in their care.
Everyone is very accepting of each other and the different ethnicities. Teachers motivate the children to get involved in many activities throughout the year and during the summer.
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