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Moorpark High has a great inclusive environment. Its a small town feel with a big school vibe. Small and inclusive where most students have known each other since grade school or have played sports with and a big school feel because Moorpark only has one high school and this generates major school spirit.
Moorpark High School was very welcoming with open arms and I had a very good time there. The teachers were very nice, they cared about you, and wanted to see you succeed. I made a lot of friends at Moorpark and it truly was a blessing to attend that school.
As a 2020 graduate my principal did the best she could by providing a memorable graduation for the class of 2020. My coaches and teachers provided me with the skills to get into college in the Fall. I'm very thankful for all the support they've given me throughout my four years. Having to transition to remote learning was difficult for everyone, but we did it! I loved swimming on the swim team all four years. My coach was awesome. He was very supportive and encouraging. I made many friends while at Moorpark High school. I know I'll remain friends with them for the long term. I was in the art pathway at Moorpark and the teacher was amazing especially during the remote learning. I know it must have been hard to come up with meaningful art assignments during this time, but she did it. One of my favorite teachers was my math teacher. It's because of her that I was accepted to California Lutheran University. I really enjoyed my time at Moorpark High School. Thank you for the opportunity.
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MHS has some amazing teachers and they truly care about their students and helping them succeed in their goals.
Moorpark High School is a great school! It is very inclusive, and all the students and teachers are fantastic.
Really great athletic programs, wide range of economic backgrounds from students, teachers are a hit or miss but you'll find that with most schools.
Offered interesting classes, and some exceptional teachers. There was a note-able lack of trade related course work, which could have added a different dynamic to the educational experience.
a school full of Brocks and chads. all trying too hard to be cool when they're not.
if you're looking to work "something" out in the back of your car this is the school for you.
My overall experience at Moorpark High School has been very good. Most of the teachers are very caring and supportive. They care about your well being and if you are understanding what they are teaching. The sports at the high school are great! I wouldn't change anything about Moorpark High School.
I have had an overall good experience at Moorpark High. The faculty is always so kind and you build a bond with them. The teachers very reliable and are always there for extra help. They do everything they can to help. I do wish we had more school spirit. I wish we had more activities to do. Overall the educational experience at Moorpark is great!
Moorpark High School and the Moorpark Unified School District has provided all students and the entire community with amazing enrichment opportunities. Growing up in the district and having younger siblings go through it too has provided my family with assistance in resources, amazing after school enrichment activities, sports, and fundraisers that bring us closer to our community. With well-trained teachers and a wide selection of classes, I come to school each day excited and eager to learn.
At Moorpark, I met so many people that have greatly impacted my life. From the staff to the students, I have been able to make connections and become closer than I ever thought I could be to people. I came from another district and was shy at first, but the environment pulled me out of my shell and shaped me into who I am today.
I love how all the teachers and counselors want the best for you and want to see you succeed. I feel really safe in that school, they have really amazing staff. They give us so many opportunities to do well. All the school events are something I'll never forget. Not going to lie but they need to work on better food choices.
I would like more classes and class periods catered toward advanced placement students. Though I deeply respect and admire the wide range of second-chance opportunities for those who find balancing schoolwork difficult, I believe that adjusting scheduling to fit the needs of a variety of students would allow for more overall satisfaction at school.
Moopark High School has some classes and teachers that are very good, but I think the selection of classes is a bit too limited. I know many students, including myself, who had scheduling conflicts several times all four years. I also think the school/district spends too much on sports rather than academics or arts programs.
The number one thing I like about Moorpark High School would have to be athletics. The coaches are fantastic and will push you to your limits. the campus itself is pretty and and it’s a decent size campus. I have enjoyed most of the teachers I have had the pleasure of being enrolled in. The classrooms are nice and clean and the teachers are all very willing to help you when you have any questions. The office staff there is also great. They do their jobs quickly and efficiently and always make sure student safety is their number one priority.
I loved it. I joined the health science academy and it made my experience much better. I would definitely recommend going to Moorpark high school and joining a club. This will ensure you make lots of friends and connections. My favorite part about MHS was the relationships that you are able to make with the teachers and the interactions between teacher and student. Everyone is very kind and happy.
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Moorpark High school is a fairly nice school. Seems average compared to other high schools. Nothing super exciting about it.
Representing as a student from Moorpark High School provides me the pleasure to express that my high school is very welcoming and it is a school filled with opportunities. There are a ton of active clubs to choose from, as well as being a school filled with diversity. Being a senior at my high school allows me the advantage to note all the teachers are outstanding. I was the type of reserved person who didn't have the motivation to seek for help. My teachers helped me and motivated me. They are committed to helping during lunch or after school and offering their most appropriate advice to their students. The college and career center at my school constantly tries promoting colleges, universities, army and the navy to its students. There is a representative from a university or army that approaches and explains any questions that a student might be curious about. My school has taught me how to grow and i'm admired by it. I am proud to say I am a student at Moorpark High School.
In my experience at Moorpark High school, the big focus for all of the faculty members was to push students to pass high school. However, there should be more emphasis towards college and college readiness.
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