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Without a doubt, sending my daughters to Montrose is the best decision I have ever made for them. From our first visit, we fell in love with the ideals, academics, and traditions. Montrose is one big family, and my daughters absolutely love it there. The classes are challenging, but the teachers are on the girls' side, and bend over backwards to help them succeed. The faculty and staff are truly one-of-a-kind, and encourage parent involvement, which was a huge draw for me. The daily activities foster an environment of inclusivity, and there are so many extracurricular activities and clubs for the girls to participate it, boredom is never an issue. Best of all, the Montrose experience is faith-based, so the girls have a constant anchor of stability through the teachings of the church. However, if a student isn't Catholic, she can have the same excellent experience. If I could give more than five stars, I would! Montrose will change your family's life in ways you could never imagine.
As another parent mentioned, if we could rate this school 6+ stars, we would. With four children in three different private schools (and myself working in the public school system) we can say without a doubt that Montrose sets the gold standard among them all. The focus on mind, heart and character has transformed our daughter into a self-confident, respectful and determined young woman. With such a low student/teacher ratio and by offering a mentoring program, students know the teachers genuinely care about the whole person, and not simply academics. Our family has been enriched by this school in so many ways.
We love Montrose School for our middle school girls for so many wonderful reasons. The positive school environment, the support provided to the students and the excellent faculty who care deeply for girls. Due to the low student - teacher ratio - teachers get to know the students very well and encourage excelling students to expand and go deeper or provide extra help for students who need it. The combination of excellent instruction with self study & self reviewing of their homework has worked well for our girls to reinforce their learnings. Of special note is the mandatory class for all middle-schoolers called "Habits of Mind", which teaches students how to form healthy learning habits, manage stress, importance of sleep, etc. Excellent learning for young and old alike! This was our first year at Montrose and making the switch has definitely been worth the time and effort. Healthy learning is priceless!
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Through working in higher education, I've observed how the culture of a secondary school influences who a person becomes. With that in mind, we couldn't be happier with how Montrose has helped form our daughter into a reflective, kind, self-motivated, values-oriented teenager who we deeply respect. When visiting the school, the smiles on the girls faces speak volumes about how cared for they feel by both their peers and their teachers. Through my job, I have also witnessed the transition of many Montrosians to higher education. Each one of them has praised the study skills and academic foundation that Montrose gave them to succeed in college. Montrose is a gem of a school for those who seek the challenge of becoming the best version of themselves academically and personally.
We learned about this school from a sign on the road three years ago and glad we made the decision to apply. The education our daughter is receiving there challenges her on so many different levels. It's also great to see the students in all grades interacting on a daily basis. We enjoy being there to interact with our daughter, the staff, and other parents during activities, games and big events. The staff are always working on how to improve the educational and personal experience being offered, including distant learning and continued community contact. Give Montrose a look, you will be happy you did!
I wish I could rate Montrose 6 stars for college readiness. My daughter graduated from the school in May 2019 and is now a freshmen in college. She is way above her peers not only in terms of academic readiness but also in self confidence and independent living. She was challenged at Montrose to think about the big questions of life such as who am I, why am I here and where am I going. She was guided to think beyond herself so that the focus for her was not on "where are you going to college" but rather, what talents do you have, and how can you make the world a better place? Add in the atmosphere or true joy and its family feel, Montrose is one of kind. Check it out for yourself!
Montrose is a small, tight-knit community that has allowed me to flourish in the classroom and on the field. Teachers are always reader to help you with any of your problems and go above and beyond to find ways to teach you in ways that are most beneficial. While class sizes are small, it allows for an intimate environment that fosters stepping out of your comfort zone and asking questions. You get the perfect amount of 1 on 1 that allows you to succeed, but are also pushed to try out new ways of learning that can later help you as well. Montrose's athletics are like no other. Every single team has an incredible bond, and they push each other on and off the field. Sports and clubs allow for friendships to be created across all grades. I have been at Montrose for 7 years, and I feel extremely prepared to pursue a successful college career academically and socially.
I thank the school for showing me what I don’t want to be later in life and giving me lasting friendships (of girls who equally disagreed with the schools morals)

Also to explain my ratings:
Academics were average, it really depends on the teachers you had and if they wanted to be there
Diversity was no existent and if you see anyone diverse on our flyers that would be the only person
Teachers were a hit or miss. I love some of them but others were not really helpful and very judgmental if you were not very catholic, even if you were good academically.
College readiness was average. I was overall somewhat prepared.
Clubs were small and had no funding.
Safety was poor because we have no security camera and one front desk lady with doors very rarely locked.
Lied about Opus Dei influence, which is now actually removed from the website... As a student here, I felt like I was deceived in the application process as to how religious the school truly was. There are strong academics in some classes and I was able to make friends who felt the same as me.
DO NOT SEND YOUR CHILD HERE. I cannot stress this enough. She will not learn any of the valuable skills necessary for life. She will be subject to a small oppressive environment that will lead her to her regressed social skills.
Montrose is an incredible place with incredible people, and my wish for the world is that every girl gets the chance to go here.
When you are looking for a school for your daughter, do NOT send your child here. The school is way overpriced because they consider themselves an independent girls school and they get zero funding from the Archdiocese of Boston and only rely on the tuition from parents, and fundraising money. They say they teach every student to be a strong women, when all they wish to do is create them into a religious child of God. Most of the students there come from a background where parents are very religious and when other students talk about normal high school activities, other students become angry and tell on those students. The academics are fair, yet the favor the students in the english and history department and others get put into a CP level and their work is much slower and do not learn as much as the others. Their math and science department is very weak and most of the teachers have an english background and do not know much about math and science.
Although Montrose is an independent school based on Catholic teachings, the staff works hard to include non-Catholic students. I have never felt a bias or judgment being Protestant there. Additionally, although there are not a lot of academic courses offered due to the size, the courses offered are intriguing and push students to be their best.
Was a good high school experience, however would not send my daughter here because of the lackluster academics and lazy attitude from the general student body.
As an educator, I've known Montrose School for 30 years now and have seen three decades of graduates that have benefitted from the educational experience they received there. Having worked with a variety of educational institutions around the US and earning three post secondary degrees (Furman U, Harvard, and U of IL) I see clearly that Montrose prepares students very well for life and provides a rich and valuable school experience in which young women can thrive.
Our experience at Montrose has been fabulous. Our daughter is in her 5th year, and we are thrilled with the teachers, the curriculum, and the fantastic new and improved facilities. Most importantly, we love the highly welcoming and inclusive community, which includes Catholics but also people from many faiths or none at all. After reading some of the other comments about the role that Opus Dei plays in school life, I question whether the commenter is talking about the same school my daughter attends, and assume they have some other ax to grind. Our son went to a nearby Catholic boys school, and Montrose is only slightly more conservative, which we think is perfect for our daughter. I feel a duty to add a resoundingly positive review, and suggest you take the negative reviews with a grain of salt. If you want a loving, safe, and challenging environment that allows your daughter to flourish, you would be hard pressed to find a better place than Montrose School.
best decision i have ever made. the teachers are so genuine and caring. so much diverstiy and care among everyone there. i love it and will miss it. seding your daughter there will be the best thing you ever do. but dont take my word for it- see it yourself! the money is worth it. all the girls have character and i love the school dearly. thank God for Montrose.
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I attended Montrose for 7 years, and throughout those 7 years I was being challenged academically. I currently am at college and the work ethic I developed in middle and high school has helped me excel in all of my demanding course work. But Montrose has done much more for me than just academics. Montrose has helped me form my identity as a woman, as a leader and as a daughter of God. The unique character leadership discussions we had weekly have been so formative to developing my sense of self. In today's world so many do not have a strong sense of who they are and how they fit in the world. I am confident in who I am and not shy of finding tools to help me become who I want to be. Finally, the community at Montrose is one of the most beautiful aspects of this school. I have made life long friendships with those in my class, with younger and older students, and with faculty. Choosing Montrose is a decision I would make again and again.
Going to Montrose was honestly the best decision I've ever made. Here, I've gained an overwhelming amount of confidence in everything I do. I've gained so many skills that I otherwise would not have been able to possess. I've made friends that I know I'll have for a lifetime. My teachers care about me as more than just a student. I have formed amazing relationships with them that I know I will keep when I graduate. The advising program is very unique and special. The school spirit is really tremendous. I love going to school everyday because of Montrose. I've really learned how to become a better person throughout my years here, and I know that I am ready for college when I graduate from here. I can't imagine my life without Montrose and all it has done for me.
Montrose School is a wonderful and formative place, instrumental in making me the person I am today, with the amazing friends I have today. Students are challenged not only academically, but to see beyond the academics to develop themselves as people ready to embrace society. I had wonderful teachers who taught me way more than just the class material. Through their classes and friendship I was able to confront some of life's big questions and begin to chip away at forming an answer. I was also given incredible freedom and responsibility as a student. As a student leader I got to put ideas into action alongside several talented, amazing girls. The trust and gentle guidance on the part of teachers and administrators fostered the innate sense of confidence I had that allowed me to confront many more difficult challenges in college and beyond since I was prepared to speak up, share ideas, and advocate for myself.
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