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It's pretty sick! I've gone there all my life, and I've never wanted to go to any of the other nearby schools.
Montpelier High School is an incredible place to live. The students and staff accept you with open arms. They have many extra-curricular opportunities, as well as amazing community building events throughout the years.
It's a good school even though almost everyone is white. You can tell people are trying to be inclusive and nice and everything despite the lack of diversity. The overall environment is relaxed
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The best word I can find to describe Montpelier High School is mediocre. This will be my fourth year at the school, and while it could be a lot better than it is, it could also be a lot worse. There are some truly wonderful teachers and engaging classes, but the overall school culture is close-minded, unwelcoming, and at times downright oppressive.
The overall dynamic of this school is great, the food could be better, but what lacks in flavor is made up by the charisma of our students. I am currently a senior, but trust me I started out as a shy freshman. Since then, I have truly grown as a person thanks to some close friends. At Montpelier high School, you really get to know people for who they really are, not just this fake person their trying to be. Growing up I was never the coolest or smartest, but they just overall helped my ego not to be so big all the time. Ego's can blind you from the great friends and things you can do as a young person, while worrying about what other people think of you. Shout out to Mrs. Squier for helping me think about social justice, shout out to Mr. Shumer for being so kind in the halls and for always saying "hi", shout out to Mr. Allen for being a great TA and always bringing us Donuts!
I am currently a Sophomore at MHS and the teaching staff is great with a few poor teachers but you can expect that at any school. The athletics are on the uprise as both boys and girls basketball and soccer had amazing seasons and have even better players coming up. Baseball also had a great season and is expecting to make some playoff runs in the next couple of years. The downfalls of this school are that diversity is close to non-existent, as a white male, I often think how hard it must be to be of African descent at MHS. It probably makes you feel isolated as you are a small minority. Although, I have never once felt that there is any form of racism in the school which is great and impressive. The food services are also poor, I find that the lunches don't taste good and don't fill me up which leads to me eating again when I get home. All in all, I'm proud to be attending MHS
Disappointed in the lack of accountability for hostile student behavior on behalf of the teachers and faculty.
There are enough clubs to fit anyone's needs
New satiety polices for students
Relationship with teachers and fellow classmates.
Not a lot of money for funding clubs and sports
Everything goes well behind the scenes.
minimal teams due to low school numbers
we go to a nice school
Not many options. Yet clubs such as Theatre are pretty popular
Workload is completely manageable for all subjects.
Lots of teachers and staff members are involved with the students with their learning and often help them out in life
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Not great, but not too bad either

Has very good teachers who are really into what they do and are willing to help students in and out of the classroom.
Not too bad for the food. Yet nothing special
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