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It is an excellent school with fantastic teacher and grt test scores. The no bullying policy is tremendous, as everyone is exceptonally kind. Due to COVID-19, Mntour is on an alternating day schedule for physical school. While this can be a bit of a bummer, they are handling it wonderfully. The only thing our school could use more of is clubs.
Montour High School provided me with the opportunities to set a foundation for my collegiate career. By utilizing these opportunities to the fullest, I was able to build personal and professional skills such as leadership, critical thinking, and community outreach.
At Montour there is a hug focus of the STEM program. We have an engineering and biomed track for students who plan on taking that path. We offer about 10 AP courses and there are about 20 CHS courses through universities like Pitt. It is a very sports pride heavy school that has huge student sections for football, hockey, and basketball games. Overall, the teachers are very helpful and the staff is very friendly.
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My experience at Montour was an overall great experience. The teachers, for the most part, have been really great. A few were not bad people, just not the greatest teachers. My biggest complaint is the lack of understanding of technology. This is not anyone's fault other than the fact that having computers as part of a lesson plan is still something relatively new. However, we did have school Chromebooks my freshman year that were serviceable and did what they needed to. Unfortunately, the following year they were deemed outdated and were upgraded in the eyes of the school. All students believe these were downgrades. At the beginning of my senior year, all teachers got new smart boards but they were not working properly in some classes and no one, not even tech, knew how to fix them. Ultimately, the experience has been great just the lack of understanding of technology prevents me from having an excellent experience
Good teachers. Every teacher I've had has been nice, informative. Science and math teachers are well educated and very nice people. Lots of extra circular activities and clubs are offered. Can be inclusive, however, a majority of students are very conservative and known to rip LGBT inclusive posters off the wall.
Montour High School always has its hands on the latest technology before any other district on the area. Whether it be every students' personalized Chromebooks or the two 3D printers stationed around the campus, there is always a new piece of machinery ready to better our education. However, it's not just the physical atmosphere that is ahead of its time. Montour's administrative board had very open minds when their very own Gay Straight Alliance club requested updated bathroom policies and training for their staff in regards to transgender rights. The faculty at this school go above and beyond to obtain what their students need to feel comfortable and well-equipped to learn something new everyday.
The school is run very well. Kids from many different backgrounds can all come together to work towards their own personal goals. Teachers are caring and will do their best to make sure you get to where you need to be. They prepare you for testing and college but most importantly for life.
I am a senior here and at first when I was a freshman I was timid. However now after all these years I look back to see what got me through. By far I would have to say its the fun teachers such as Mr. Held, Mr. Langman, and Mrs. Olshenske that kept the day interesting and made me look forward to tomorrow.
There are many clubs and athletics to participate in.
Most teachers are very active in the learning process of the students.
Both my children have had great experiences at this school; both with academics and athletics. They promote leadership and positive values in their students.
We have physics clubs that participate against other schools, and also put teams together that participate on the High IQ level academics team on CBS.
Overall, I have had a positive experience at this school.

For my Senior year, I am playing on the Montour Varsity Hockey team.

I would choose this school again because it has allowed me to find my concentrated area, Engineering.
Most of the teachers at the school require student participation, I think this helps to prepare students for

college and the work atmosphere.
There are a large variety of different clubs you can participate in at Montour, I don't personally participate because I have a busy schedule as it is, so I don't have the time. They seem to have administration support by different teachers who help run the club. I don't know of many after-school activities besides student council. I don't know if there are many, but I know some people have after-school activities.
If I could do it all over again, I would not choose to go to this school at all. I came to this school as a freshman from a small, catholic school, so it was a very drastic change. It was very hard coming into a new, public school already, but I don't think people there made me feel very comfortable. I have had a pretty bad high school experience so far, and I would not choose to go to this school again because I never got comfortable even after being here for three years.
My school has a variety of teachers that ranges from ones that do not care for their students, to ones that deeply care and respect the students, which in return gets them respect. There is only a few teachers at my school who go above and beyond what they have to do to help their students. Most of the teachers just do the bare minimum, and don't truly care about how their students are doing, they just do the exact same thing each year. The grading is very inconsistent with specific teachers. Favoritism is very obvious at my school, which obviously only benefits those who are the favorites. Teachers grade differently depending on who the student is, which is very unfair. Overall, the majority of teachers at my school are beneficial to favorites, and very unbeneficial to those who are not favorited in their class.
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At Montour, I have had a mix of both positive and negative experiences.
At my high school, the type of teaching truly depends on the teacher. All of the teachers are different in their own way. They do share one common goal: to ensure that their students succeed. Most of the teachers get along with their students very well, as they share common interests. Some of the teachers don't get along with their students, as some are intolerable to nonsense. Either way, the type of teaching and attitude toward the students depends on the teacher.
Theres a lot to choose from when it comes to extracurricular activities. Usually the programs are stable and fun to be a part of.
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