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Montini Catholic High School Reviews

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The academics, faculty, and sports teams are all top-notch. However, Montini is not without its fair share of shortcomings. Unlike many Catholic Schools, Montini lacks the family atmosphere that one would expect. The students are grouped into separate cliques which leads to an overall sense of school spirit that is heavily lacking. Many kids are also prone to act spoiled and mischievous for no apparent reason while at school. Nonetheless, it is a great place to learn in the classroom, compete on the athletic fields, and prepare for college—just don’t expect the student section to rival those of other CCL schools.’
I would give the school a 0 star rating if I could. Honestly is not somewhere parents should send their students. School is completely biased to athletes and care very little about those who are not.
Montini has a true feeling of community. They are truly invested in each student’s success. There are numerous clubs so that everyone can find something they are interested in becoming involved with. The counseling staff and teachers do a great job with helping the seniors through the college application process.
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Great high school in which you can grow in faith and overall studies. Both my religious and general education was taken seriously, and handled with much care by my teachers and counselors. I felt like I was apart of something amazing, and always welcomed.
We are a dying school that promotes athlete culture above academics, and grade inflation is rampant. If the school didn’t cherry pick a few smart kids to juice the test scores, we’d be at the bottom. Look at the averages - the weighting is more like 10% at the 95th percentile and 50% at the 80th percentile. But then again, I did make it into a tier 2 college with my straight A’s from this subpar education.
The school has a very inviting atmosphere and is filled with great people from all walks of life. As a whole, the school does everything in its power to prepare students for education after high school, as well as life as a whole.
No Nonsense High School. Keeps students motivated to go on to college! Teachers work with students to help them succeed. Excellence in Education!
Montini Catholic is a very good school. It offers many different classes and had very good sports. However, there could be more clubs and after school activities.
Montini Catholic has a great community and sense of family. Sports play a huge part in the school which creates for a great experience within the sports programs. They provide the students with the tools they need to be successful and prepare them for the real world.
I liked how it feels like a family environment. The children are nice and it is extremely easy to put yourself out there with the variety of sports and clubs the school has to offer. Once you do this, you are set on a path for success. Being able to socialize and work with other people is obbly the greatest skill that Montini has taught me. The only thing I disliked was how some of the teachers are unkind to students and join in with students to gang up against and bully others during class.
Montini Catholic is a good high school but it's not for everyone. Academic opportunities are limited due to its smaller size so there are less AP and elective classes available.
Montini is an amazing school built for your child’s success. It offers not only great academic outlets and sources to help them succeed but also fantastic sports teams and clubs to further their excellence.
Great school, learned a lot and am totally ready for college work, great sports and a lot of clubs to enjoy and learn at, excellent teachers all 4 years like Mr. Berne, Miss Lotka, Mr. Reed, Mrs. Deeber, Mr. Blanchette, Mr Izzo, Mr Ryan and Mrs. Rake and especially Doctor K!!!!!
Great teachers, great school leaders like Mrs ONeill and Dr K and Mr Beirne, great freinds in all my classes too -- I get up each morning and enjoy going to school!
I like how the teachers at Montini prepare you for college and I like how everyone is friends at Montini.
I had a wonderful experience at Montini. I felt like I was a part of a large family and I was always able to get the academic assistance I needed. The academic, as well as activities as Montini were always exciting and full of passion by staff, Alumni and current student body.
Excellent family-oriented school; great teachers and Mrs O'Neill, Dr K and Mr. Byrne really run the school at a high level. Great, generous, smart and hardworking kids everywhere at MCHS!! GO BRONCOS!!!!!
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My kids have all gotten a great education for the teachers and the curriculum of Montini Catholic HS. They are prepared and very successful in college due to MCHS, for sure.
Its like one big family, the teachers get along with you and help you whenever you need help and we use a lot of technology and ipads in class so it is fun to learn.
Great school in every way -- I love my students and it is like a family here; every class is a lot of fun and the kids work hard and have really learned a tough subject like chemistry. A truly great place to teach and work -- my fellow teachers are exceptional as well!
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