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Montini Catholic offers small class sizes with big school experiences and opportunities. My student was able to find her niche and pursue her passions in preparation for college. I couldn't be happier with the outcome!
Montini has excellent academics, competitive athletics, a diverse student body, a wide selection of clubs / activities, and fabulous teachers. The school environment is very family-oriented with small class sizes offering students individual attention geared towards helping them reach their potential. They have invested a significant amount in their facilities, campus, and technology; making it a leader in the private-school sector for a top notch education and championship sports teams. I give Montini an A+ and highly recommend this school.
It is not a high school for everyone. This is a very small, tight-knit Catholic high school. It has a strong sense of community and family-like atmosphere. Teachers are average. Academics are okay. There is severe bullying here. Football, wrestling and girls basketball programs are huge draws to this high school. Some teachers are good and much better than others. The academic atmosphere is not very stimulating and the tuition for what you are receiving is not worth it in my opinion. Lack of extra-curricular opportunities besides sports. Overall, I would not send your child here unless he is looking to play football in college!! The student life atmosphere in this small school is difficult to "fit in" and revolves around sports. The drug use is horrible, there is a lot of bullying, and there is obviously emphasis on sports over academics and other extra-curricular activities here in my opinion. I do not like the student life or academic atmosphere at all.
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Montini is a wonderful school that gets you ready for college. The teachers are friendly and only want the absolute best for you. The students are welcoming and are ready to learn.
Great for both academics and sports. Prepares you for college. Teaches the student where they are and helps them excell.
I overall really enjoyed my experience at MCHS. The academics were strong, and the teachers were very good. My only issue was that it felt like the extracurriculars were not as equal as they could have been. I was in choir and theatre during my entire time there and we were definitely overlooked in terms of finances compared to the sports.
I like that Montini makes you feel like a family and the involvement with each student. I also like the courses they allow you to take and the clubs/activities fit for every person.
I am currently a Junior attending Montini Catholic. Everyone always told me that you will never get the same experience that a public school has if you go to a private school. This is not true, I have had laughs and sad moments just like any other high school student. However, Montini is a small school which helps you grow individually and also helps to know your teachers very well. Overall Montini might have its ups and downs but it is a school you will never forget even if you are an athlete or even just a person who focuses on academics.
Montini Catholic High School is a great college prep school for students who would like to get ahead in their academics. Students will be challenged at their level so they can be prepared for their future and succeed in many ways.
I loved Montini Catholic High School! The entire community is like a family. Academics and extra-curricular activities are extremely beneficial in creating a well balanced atmosphere.
Montini Catholic High School provided me a great foundation for the rest of my future. However, there are definitely improvements that could be made, and they are striving to make some changes.
I liked the community, teachers, and education at Montini. Teachers were outgoing and helped me when I needed help. The education at Montini is good and I’m glad I came to Montini for my education. I wouldn’t have anything changed, it’s a good school and I didn’t have many issues with it.
I had a really great experience throughout my four years at Montini and know that I will look back on my time with a very positive attitude towards the school. I have learned so much. The teachers are very helpful. The iPads enhance my learning. Everyone is so welcoming. Montini was a great choice for me.
I love it. It is a great school and I have met so many people, it has helped me get prepared for college and has allowed me to p,ay a lot of sports
Montini has been amazing for my kids. There are less than 700 kids in the entire school and the personal attention is second to none. Athletics are the best in the state. They prepared my children to handle the rigors of college very well. The principal knows and greets everyone by name.
The culture is great and it’s hard to not get noticed in a class room. It’s also hard to fail at montini because all the teachers know how you are doing in the class.
Strict, but well disciplined. Almost all of the teachers are extremely effective, but all are very kind and good people, willing to help you with any questions you may have.
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My experience at Montini has truly been terrific. You will fit in here no matter what. It’s a safe and loving community that has welcomed me and many other students. Not only do our academics thrive, but our sports teams do as well. If I were to change something about Montini it would be to upgrade many things around the school. Our wrestling room and lockers need renovating. But other than that Montini is a great learning environment.
Montini has been great for me in terms of academics. I feel that the classes offered balanced, in that they were both difficult and easy. For the most part, teachers are easy to approach and have no problem in helping you, which is vital for learning. Big football school.
The academics, faculty, and sports teams are all top-notch. However, Montini is not without its fair share of shortcomings. Unlike many Catholic Schools, Montini lacks the family atmosphere that one would expect. The students are grouped into separate cliques which leads to an overall sense of school spirit that is heavily lacking. Many kids are also prone to act spoiled and mischievous for no apparent reason while at school. Nonetheless, it is a great place to learn in the classroom, compete on the athletic fields, and prepare for college—just don’t expect the student section to rival those of other CCL schools.’
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