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I've been a student at Monticello High school for four years, and I've enjoyed the wide variety of classes that have been offered to me. By taking dual enrollment classes I will be graduating with a full year of college done. I also enjoyed that the classes are smaller so students get to have time to talk and get help from their teachers. The only thing that I think could make to school better would be the diversity in the school, and giving students more time to themselves like a study hall or free time. Overall my time at Monticello had been a great experience and I've had a lot of opportunities to meet long lasting friendship and get ready for my future.
Monticello is a big school that is clean well run. Bullying is not a big problem at this school because administrators shit it down right away.
The school is very nice. Some of the teachers are okay, but most of them are phenomenal and really care about you. Monticello has a great sports program and great music teachers and an amazing drama teacher. The school consists of about 98% white, African American, and Latino, but there is not a large Asian American population.
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I really love Monticello because of its diversity and many opportunities. It really is a place that wants to see you succeed and helps you towards that any way it can. Everyone is very welcoming and the teachers are great!
I have enjoyed my time at Monticello High School very much. I was part of the Health and Medical Sciences Academy, so I was to test out my interests through internships, which I really liked. I made many good friends during my time here. My teachers were very fun and nice, but not always the most organized. We have a good size of about 250 people per grade, so there's good selection for friends but class and halls aren't always full.
Monticello High School, hasn't been that good of an experience for me. I'm a minority at that school, and many time where I voiced my opinion or concerns about something, I felt as if I wasn't heard or listened to. At this school they "try" to embrace the "diversity" that we have. Yet they don't really listen to us minorities, or even embrace our cultures. If MOHS did a better job at embrace the minorities culture, then this place would be a lot better.
I appreciate the variety of course levels offered. There are quite a few AP and honors-level classes to choose from, in addition to regular classes. The teachers I’ve had are very good. Many of them are especially passionate about their subject matter and about teaching, in general. There is a wide range of extracurricular activities offered, as well as a number of competitive sports. The student body is big enough to warrant a number of unique opportunities, but still not too overwhelming.
Monticello High School is a place that surely has its faults, I'm not going to say it doesn't. However, it's a place where many different kinds of people connect everyday. People get along well at MHS and it's cool to see because in this day and age, society is becoming more and more critiquing of how people dress and how they act. None of that really matters because of the positive atmosphere that the school promotes, making anyone who commits any bad act such as bullying seem out of place. I believe that our school has good facilities and meets the basic needs of every student. We also have events such as "Lovefest" which is a celebration in Valentines Day in which various students participate in to make the day lively and hilarious in some instances. I'm a student who doesn't really hang out with a lot of people so I'm describing the school as someone who has been there as well as somebody who maybe might not be too familiar with the building and the atmosphere.
Monticello is a wonderful high school for average students but does little to provide for the intellectually advanced. It is easy to navigate and the staff are nice and helpful for the most part. Fine Arts programs are a bit overlooked in favour of sports, but the fine arts teachers are very good at what they do.
Some teachers really don't know what they're doing and it shows. They are revolving around sports. There are some days where I regret switching districts and coming coming here. There are a few good people to find here but mainly rednecks and wanna be thugs go here and no one tries to give themselves a good future. Its quite pitiful.
What I like about Monticello High School is that there is time to get help with work and get one on one time with your teachers at least 4 days a week. I also like that we were provided with school laptops during our freshman year that we get to keep when we graduate. What I think should be fixed is the quality of food served to it's students. Also the teachers should be lenient when it comes to students who miss class due to injury or sickness.
I developed close relationships with a few of my teachers who gave me such rich and meaningful life lessons. I visit those teachers whenever I am able because of how much their influences developed me into the person I am today. I truly owe them a great debt.

However, on the other side of that, I wish there was a variety in classes, more specialty classes that allowed students to explore future career options instead of the traditional math or science or history courses. Perhaps also having internships options available or guidance for obtaining hand-on experience for people who know what their future job is.
It's a great school to go to and it's full of amazing opportunities for students. The students seem happy everyday when they walk through the doors. Every morning, we are greeted with a huge smile when coming in to the school. Also, all the staff wants you to have a great future ahead of you and really help you prepare for college or work after you graduate.
Monticello High School got me ready for College and the teachers cared for me and wanted to help me do my best.
Students and teachers at Monticello are great! There's really not much drama, people are very welcoming, and supportive. However, I just wish our bell schedules weren't so disorganized
From the very first day I walked into the school as a freshman, I felt welcomed. There was never a time when I felt alone, or lost. There are so many sports and clubs to join, there is really something for everyone. I've never been to a school with as much spirit as this one. At every game the student section would be packed with kids ready to cheer on their team.
The best 4 years of my life. teachers are outstanding the community is just overall so accepting. everyone knows eachother since it’s a small school. we are all a family
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I really love this school. I moved from a different school this past year and I don't regret it. I really like the freedom the students are given. As in the dress code isn't so strict, they aren't super mean about phones, and I love how we're treated.
I loved going to Monticello, the teachers were great. I always felt safe and supported. I learned a lot educationally and socially. Go Mustangs!
Monticello High School was very diverse which allowed for a unique and varied experience. It was a great school with great staff all around.
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