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I absolutely love being a Mustang! Our Health and Medical Sciences Academy is unmatched, and there are so many opportunities that come with it. Our Tony Award-winning drama program is amazing and I love being part of that as well. It's a great place, and most students have great relationships with their teachers (most of whom really do care).
I love the health and medical science academy or HMSA and many of the teachers are amazing but a few of them are not the greatest, the same goes with the students.
overall pretty average high school. the experience really varies depending on whether or not you’re college bound. the teachers and academic services are much better for those taking higher-level classes. if you’re not, you pretty much get forgotten about by the staff.
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Good programs in math + science, with a good body of smart students, however, the poor teachers tend to offset the good ones.
Coming from a first generation student, Monticello gave me so many opportunities. With the many programs ranging from fine arts, athletics, debate, and many more; there was a spot for everyone at Monticello. However, when I was a junior, I felt a little behind than my peers in the college search experience. So some help with that would have been nice. However, my senior year, my counselor was right there beside through out all my applications and made sure I was on top of it. Monticello was an amazing school, and I wish I could have finished my senior year there.
Poor school environment and lots of drug involvement. Academics are alright but not particularly challenging or engaging. Some teachers are wonderful, and others are very very poor. The school environment is mildly toxic, though it is a place where most can find someone else to click with. All kinds of sports and activities to participate in all with family well supported programs. Lots of diversity of all different types of people. Kids are not tightly regulated, and I haven't seen much action taken to protect the students. Overall decent school with decent environment and beautiful facility.
My experience at Monticello High School was one that I will remember for a long time as an alumni. Being engaged and involved with the school allowed me to make more meaningful connections with my peers and teachers. Monticello offers many programs for students that require commitment and individuality such as sports, clubs, and the arts. Monticello is looking to be a more inclusive school by adding Esports and Monticello Champions sports for students in the special education program. The one thing that I think Monticello needs to improve on is the resources and support it provides its students concerning mental health. This topic was not openly expressed during my time at Monticello, however, as the conversation has picked up nationwide I hope the school looks to offer students a more supportive and well-round experience relating to their mental health.
Monticello High School is filled with good teachers and counselors. The selection of academics provide students who are challenged as well as those who are academically inclined with great opportunities for their future plans in life.
I think that Monticello is overall a good school. It offers many different classes, and has good teachers. Monticello is also home to HMSA, or the Health and Medical Sciences Academy. This means that it has really excellent science teachers in the school. I believe that it offers especially good AP classes, such as AP European history, AP psychology, and many others. I also feel that Monticello is a very safe school, and it has a welcoming environment. My years at Monticello will prepare me well for college and other aspects of life. Monticello has numerous different clubs and activities which make school more interesting and fun.
Monticello has a great drama department and a lot of teachers who really care about the students and their subject, but a terrible administration. We are not permitted to exist without a pass.
I enjoyed my years at Monticello because it allowed me to discover what I am truly passionate about while also giving me access to hard, college like classes, to ouch my academic side further. I founded my own clubs, participated in school walkouts and political events, starred in the plays and musicals we did each year, and made plenty of friends along the way. I think this is all because of the amazing atmosphere that the faculty and staff provide at that school.
I like Monticello High school because it is very diverse and a very good school socially. There are a lot of ways to get involved in the school. There are many different classes, clubs, and activities in and outside the school. Academical I would say the school is average compared to other public high schools. I have had my shared of very good teachers and not so good teachers at the school. I would not say I feel too ready to go to college. I think the school as a whole could do better at having enough resources for each student to be ready for college before graduating. Overall I really enjoy Monticello High school and think it is a good school.
My experience with this school has been pretty good compared to other schools I went to, there is understanding teachers, good people, and the occasional pep rally. But sometimes the stress gets to you, just like any other high schooler will tell you.
I liked how Monticello High School had a range of different classes I could take. Although, the teachers were not always the best at providing help or furthering their explanations on certain topics in their classes. Overall, I felt as though I was prepared for college due to my own doing and not because of the education I was provided at the high school.
I've been a student at Monticello High school for four years, and I've enjoyed the wide variety of classes that have been offered to me. By taking dual enrollment classes I will be graduating with a full year of college done. I also enjoyed that the classes are smaller so students get to have time to talk and get help from their teachers. The only thing that I think could make to school better would be the diversity in the school, and giving students more time to themselves like a study hall or free time. Overall my time at Monticello had been a great experience and I've had a lot of opportunities to meet long lasting friendship and get ready for my future.
Monticello is a big school that is clean well run. Bullying is not a big problem at this school because administrators shit it down right away.
The school is very nice. Some of the teachers are okay, but most of them are phenomenal and really care about you. Monticello has a great sports program and great music teachers and an amazing drama teacher. The school consists of about 98% white, African American, and Latino, but there is not a large Asian American population.
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I really love Monticello because of its diversity and many opportunities. It really is a place that wants to see you succeed and helps you towards that any way it can. Everyone is very welcoming and the teachers are great!
I have enjoyed my time at Monticello High School very much. I was part of the Health and Medical Sciences Academy, so I was to test out my interests through internships, which I really liked. I made many good friends during my time here. My teachers were very fun and nice, but not always the most organized. We have a good size of about 250 people per grade, so there's good selection for friends but class and halls aren't always full.
Monticello High School, hasn't been that good of an experience for me. I'm a minority at that school, and many time where I voiced my opinion or concerns about something, I felt as if I wasn't heard or listened to. At this school they "try" to embrace the "diversity" that we have. Yet they don't really listen to us minorities, or even embrace our cultures. If MOHS did a better job at embrace the minorities culture, then this place would be a lot better.
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