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Montgomery Middle School Reviews

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Great Atmosphere set up for your child to thrive. The staff are very respectful and they handle your needs in a timely manner.
The entire campus has affirmations everywhere. Children who have a desire to learn will most definitely benefit from receiving an education at Montgomery Middle.
The school is every unorganized and students have little to no say in new reals that the school introduces. Recently a hallway policy has been put in place to "decrease" traffic. Most of the time the hallways just get crowded with more people than usual.
There are many great teachers that work at this school. They utilize technology efficiently, are friendly and of ease to talk to, and available almost always.
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Ehh, I don't think extracurricular activities are this school's strong suit.
Mostly, it's an inside school, and especially in El Cajon, that's a blessing. There are no lockers, but I didn't really see a need for them, as I do now. They are remaking boys and girls locker rooms, I think, right now, but I'm not so sure. Library is dead center of the school, and that wasn't a big dead. It wasn't good, nor was it bad. It was just sorta there. The auditorium is rather small. The outside concrete is incredibly hot in the summer. But the school has a pool; however, it is very chlorine-ified.
Most people know a lot of other people that go there. I had a lot of friends in several groups.
They do their job. I think it has the lowest bullying rate in the district, or something, so that might be because of their rules. Sometimes they are too strict. But if you aren't a nuisance then you're fine.
nice teachers, easy work, but no choice electives
Hands on learning with technology and great teachers
The food progressively got worse through the years.
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