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Lots of extra curriculum activities if a student wants to get involved. Most of the teachers are very approchable and care about their students. A student can finish high school with college credits if you want to apply yourself in dual credit and/or AP classes. The high school level has a strong athletic program that starts at a very young age. This area is completely after football and this school has a state of the arts newer footbll stadium. But if you are looking into the Ag program, it could use some work.. The Ag barn needs to be updated and larger to accomidate more students and higher number of animals. They have a FFA program that has lots of students but the teachers could be more helpful with students and the animals. The school district just recently opened a second high school and several lower level school because the area is growing with new studends so fast
so the average high school class size per subject has gotten smaller. The lunch times are
For the time I was there it was a very good school. Most of the teachers where caring and helpful. They had very few clubs that actually did anything.
I loved the Fine Arts program. The educators involved where very helpful and made the years there wonderful
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All the administrators at the school work very well with the kids there. They make worthy relationships with the kids and offer help to them when they feel the kids might need it. Also, the school has a variety of classes to take that can fit to any student, and the teachers leading the class are well versed in that certain area. Montgomery also has good information for dual credit students. They have meetings for anyone interested and the student can work out a time that is good for them to attend so that the meeting does not clash with the necessary classes. Outside of the classes there are plenty of club activities and also very good sporting teams. If someone is in a club and also a team the coaches and club teachers work well together to figure out a way to let that student attend both the practice and club meeting. Overall the school is very student friendly with there outside and also inside activities and academics.
Montgomery High School was an average school while I attended it. The AP classes did a good job preparing me for college and competitive teams at the school typically did well or average in competitions. This school could do a better job in motivating students to become engaged in their own academics.
I moved to Texas my freshman year, and in my previous school I had 80 kids in my class and we were well connected with the students, teachers, and administrators. At Montgomery, there was 800 kids at the time and nothing ever felt connected. While there are teachers who make an effort and are good at their jobs, many teachers seem to only be there to get through the day, and one teacher in specific was horrible at his job, making us do power points to teach ourselves the lessons rather than help us when we needed it. The facility is new kept clean, and the food is as expected if a high school. All in all, it feels as though the school is just trying to push students through the system, rather than prepare us for the future.
Montgomery High School is known for their education system. They have an amazing program that helps students learn at a higher level. Montgomery is such a fun school to go to as well. We have spirit weeks, pep rally's, and so much more. Due to the corona virus we are now doing online school, but that doesn't stop our Montgomery staff from teaching us and having fun! They have developed a great distance learning program to help us succeed at home and they have also reached out to us to make sure we are all doing well. They are also giving out computers for students to borrow if they need one and are giving out food everyday to students that need it! In times like these it is great to have such a great staff and teachers that are so willing to reach out and help us. They even had an online spirit week for us and we tweeted on twitter our outfits for that day! Even though we are at home doing school work I still feel connected with my teachers and staff!
What I love about Montgomery is the feeling of being one big family. When something goes wrong, the whole community comes together to fix the problem and fill us with constant support. The Administration is very proactive and whatever they do is always with best intentions. The Football games are typically packed with parents, friends, and teachers. There is lots of support when it comes to fall sports, but i've noticed that Soccer and Tennis don't get as much attention. As for School culture and Diversity, there doesn't seem to be much. Our school only offers one language to learn and only one club involving culture. Multiple students on campus have expressed their beliefs through hanging confederate flags on their vehicles. There are two connotations that the flag represents, racism or heritage, and most of the time it is not a welcoming feeling.
Montgomery High School is a very friendly place where you'll find people from different backgrounds and interests. The teachers here not only shine at their job at teaching, but they also are extremely helpful; they are more honest with you than most high school teachers. However, the clubs in this high school aren't very active; they mostly just participate in some volunteer work or just hang out and eat food in a classroom. The school spirit, although very strongly shown by staff and sports team members, isn't very strong amongst students. I do love the students around here though; they are extremely friendly and you can get along with almost all of them. The teachers are also extremely trustworthy and I consider them as someone you can talk to when there is no one else to turn to.
School is alright, mostly clean. Most of the teachers are nice but not all good at teaching. Discipline here is terrible and administration don’t do their job and when they do it’s not properly. The other students are also nice, but don’t really care about their school. College readiness is awful.
Montgomery High School overall was a high school that did not properly prepare me for college, but it did not leave me unprepared. The school placed a larger emphasis on sports than other programs which hurt the education.
This has been the best experience for me, it’s a wonderful school, it has the best environment for ALL of its students, and they focus on how the kids are taught and everything else.
I have made the best relationships I could’ve asked for here. All of the staff show that they care about you and are willing to put the student first in order for them to succeed
Pretty good school, only issue is poor discipline and some teachers are not good. The other problem is the college preparation is horrible, there is little to no help finding, how, or where to apply. The administration does very little at this institution.
The school district is well organized and there is interest in attaining high standards from both, administrators and faculty.
Me and my sister attended MISD our whole lives to Graduation. We wouldn't have changed a thing! Our teaches and staff are all family and the curriculum definitely will get you ready for college. I was involved in sports which kept me very busy outside of the normal school day. As an athlete I was always encouraged by my coaches to be the best I could be. They only thing I regret is how I just did not study enough in high school. Now that I am in college I really see the importance. Life is about choices, strive for the best. Go Bears!!
All Montgomery Schools are great! I have attended a MISD School since I was 5 years old. Great schools and great teachers!!
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It's like a normal high school, nothing phenomenal but I couldn't complain about much- However, I do wish they allowed Senior quotes specifically for seniors, not the whole school, and had a few other things that made us seniors feel special. Other than that though, it was fine
People can have many different experiences here. As a student who is not naturally gifted in academics, I would still recommend taking the advanced classes. The atmosphere in these upper-level classes is very different from being in the lower one. Even though regular might be a better fit for you academically, if you can work hard and take the workload, I would try to have at least a few advanced and AP classes. I say this because I generally think, In ADV and AP classes, the teachers care more and are more helpful, especially when they see the student pushing their self in their studies. My experiences in regular courses have been not the best. The social environment has been very closed-minded, but I feel that it is opening up. Like any other high school, there are good and not so good teachers and staff. For the most part, the teachers and staff are lovely. I would say if you're looking for a conservative, bigger highschool with excellent academics, this is the place.
I've been in Montgomery Independent School District my entire life. I don't have much knowledge of what other schools are like. For the time I've been here, Ive gotten the best education with the best teachers. I've recieved a lot of guidance not only with my grades, but with my decisions outside of high school. I feel very prepared for the future because of the foundation Montgomery has given me.
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