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Pretty good High School with a few good programs, and also, a big gap between the high acheivers and the not.
Blair is a really good school! All of my teachers seem to care very much about me and how I'm doing, even sacrificing their own personal time in some circumstances. Though it is over crowded, I don't really seem to notice unless it's during class transitions. I love how diverse it is, and I seem to be learning from my classmates on a daily basis.
Diverse school with great teachers. I was well prepared for college. I was pushed to do my best. At times, I was overwhelmed, but I felt that attending Blair helped me succeed in college. Certain classes were obviously more difficult at Blair compared to other Montgomery County Public High Schools. The standard for a Blair student is higher than most schools in the county.
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It’s a very diverse school and it’s accepting towards every group. There’s many activities that you could do and you could also meet a lot of people. Blair is a big school and I would say it’s easy to make friends.
Montgomery Blair High School is diverse day and have many resources that are given to students. I wish it wasn’t crowded.
Montgomery Blair High School is a very diverse & advanced school with many opportunities. Annual Black History Month productions that sell out every year. Opportunities of dual enrollment at a nearby community college & Technology school that offers a free course & certifications in the classes provided. You will never find anyone left out of a group or festivity, everyone is included in the fun. School spirit during basketball & football games are unmatched. The principal throws annual "student appreciation day," (after all required testing) full of festivities with music, free food & shortened classes. To honor all of the cultures present in the school, International night is always a blast. Academically, Blair is very supportive. A career center is always open for any questions one might have on anything related to college or finding a job. All in all, Blair includes everyone of all backgrounds to ensure that they all have an enjoyable high school experience.
Montgomery Blair High school was a very good school to me. I currently am a high school senior and this was definitely the best place for me to go. There are many academic programs such as Magnet(STEM), CAP(Communication Arts Program) and other things that will align with the student's interests. It is the biggest school in Maryland, with almost 4,000 students but the diversity is amazing and you will really feel like home here.
Great academics and school culture! The broad range of middle schools that feed into Blair make it extremely diverse.
I was a part of the Communication Arts Program at this high school, and I thoroughly enjoyed this experience. This program gave me a specialized experience in the humanities, improving my writing skills and public speaking capabilities. I also had a very tight knit community and was engaged in several social service clubs, including Girl Up. Although the school is diverse, I believe that the programs segregated schools by race and made it difficult for me to have a diverse group of friends, and I believe it would have been possible for the school to organize more school wide events to help increase intermingling between students of different races and socioeconomic status.
Montgomery Blair High School gives each student a unique experience where they can explore various fields and find what truly intrigues them.
Academics are great, though, I fear that the grading system doesn't prepare students for college. Different academic programs also tend to create divisions and tensions between students. Teachers are very hit or miss as there is no established teaching style. The diversity makes for a plethora of different clubs and programs, many of the student-led. Definitely one of the best, if not the best school in the county.
So far my experience at Montgomery Blair High School has definitely been unforgettable. As the largest and most diverse school in the county, it definitely boasts a big talk. This immense diversity results in a plethora of different clubs and programs to keep students busy and well-rounded.

The Academics are fairly challenging, but the grading system isn't anywhere near college standards. This definitely helps the students GPAs but may not be in their best interest in terms of college readiness. The different academic programs (Magnet, CAP, Academies) also tend to cause divisions and tension between students. Teachers are a hit or miss as there really isn't one established teaching style.

Is this probably one of the best, if not the best school in the county? Yes. Does it also have a lot of room for improvement? Most definitely.
Overall, my experience at Blair was OK in all aspects. Nothing more, nothing less. Blair is pretty diverse so that's one plus.
Montgomery Blair High School has a very diverse community and the staff are all wise and kind;) It's a great school and is the biggest in Maryland. This school is known for leading education, being progressive, and diverse.
Blair is a wonderfully diverse and supportive community, but there is still extreme divisions between the magnet programs and a culture of elitism.
Blair is an incredibly diverse school, pulling people from all over Montgomery County. The diversity is something you would be hard pressed to find at any other school in the country. It offers something for everyone from the Communication Arts Program, to the STEM program to general studies, academies, clubs, sports, and the arts.
Montgomery Blair high school is a very good school, that can help students strive in success and excellence. The teachers are amazing and the fact that the lectures are interesting wanting you to learn even more! The students are amazing and intelligent it will have you off your socks when you attend Montgomery Blair high school. We even offer to programs the CAP and the Magnet which is one of the best parts of this school. Many courses at Blair have field trips and hands on activities to get rid of boredom.
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Montgomery Blair high school was great school with very talented teachers and supportive administration. Love my school because I have learned a lot from it and improved my ability from it. The only thing I wanted to be changed is the restriction of age level to attend high school as much as needed, especially for foreigners.
My favorite part of Blair is getting to see my friends. One thing I would like to see happen is the integration of the different group divisions among students.
My experience has been great! Some of the teachers arent the best but overall i would say i have had a good experience.
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