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Montezuma-Cortez High School Reviews

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Based on the years i have attended Montezuma Cortez High School i am very happy with what i have experienced so far. This school recognizes the students in need of help and provides assistance when in need of support. This school gets students involve with academics and sports. From what i perceive all students contribute to our everyday success. I like the student involvement in determining how the school will run and the support from the staff to succeed. I would like to change the communication between the school board and the staff.
I was usually alone most of the time but other wise, it was fun being involved when I could be. Especially with the few friends I had there attending there. And some of the other students were nice to me as well.
What I liked about Montezuma-Cortez High School was being able to get involved with clubs and activities.
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The teachers are so nice and care about there students. This school wants the best for you and has many activities to entertain many.
I enjoyed the atmosphere, teachers, and opportunities given to me at Montezuma-Cortez High School. I definitely felt like I was fully prepared for college there.
I liked all the college classes you could take. I didn't like how the admin would favor the athletes when other students and clubs were doing better than the athletes.
Some good classes some bad classes, most teachers are chill and teach well, most people are nice to one another, overall good janitors and clean school.
I enjoyed the teachers and administrators dedication towards helping the students. On the other hand, funding for any department is very poor, especially for the band.
Montezuma-Cortez High School was great. They offered a variety of classes for electives, AP classes, and college prep classes. All of my teachers were great as well. Even if I didn't like them personally, they still were great from a educational standpoint.
If you want a good education you can get it here. You just have to be willing to put in the work and take the hard classes. The teachers were great, open to helping students succeed in any way they could. The new building is a welcoming environment as well.
the Montezuma cortez highschool is a very good highschool i do not notice any bullying i like that they have alot of different classes
I liked the available college classes MCHS has to offer including their EMT program. I would like the requirement of not having to take history to come back at some point in the near future.
I love all my teachers, they try their hardest to make sure I am understanding the lessons and material. If I ever have any issues or cannot understand something, I always know I can go to them for help. My counselor has helped me a lot with applying to scholarships and colleges to make sure I am on the right track.
M-CHS isn't the most special place. It has quality teachers for high-level students, but the low pay means they don't stay long. Also, school "spirit" is very low, rarely any average student wants to get involved in anything. Administration almost never take suggestions, since parents never get involved. But, we got a new building in 2015, and it's not too bad. I like the fact that many of the teachers push their students toward a better future for themselves, especially for those in Cortez. And my counselor has made my future her priority. I wish that there was a way both students and parents could get more involved with the school, and that funding wouldn't be a problem. Overall, this school is an okay choice for students looking to better themselves.
Extracurricular opportunities are easy to come by. There are so many activities students can join, its just the desire to do them. We have many students that attend our school but most of our students do not go out for extracurricular activities. It is hard to make extracurricular activities fun when there is a very limited amount of money that is allowed to be used for those activities.
I believe the overall experience at this school so far is great because first of all we are in a new school which is amazing. Also it just seems with the knew school it has created a better atmosphere for everyone in the school.
This year I only have one teacher, and her teaching style is great! She tells us how its going to be throughout her class and she sticks with it! She is very knowledgeable of what she is teaching us and having a teacher that knows what they are talking about makes it easier for us to understand what we are learning as students. She loves to help her students when we ask for help or she even comes around the tables to help us! She is a great teacher.
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We just had a new building built, so the facility itself is safe. We have lock down drills and the emergency plans are posted everywhere. We have a health clinic in our school so when students need something they have easy access to it.
My school has a spectacular arts department. Band, choir, theater and a variety of art classes are all taught by very talented teachers and are often very full of participation. Our marching band has won state many times and has always made it to state. We offer the most popular sports and I have never heard someone complain about one that we don't have. Our sports teams do well, but are more encouraged for the experience rather than winning.
I am very involved, so I have had one of the better experiences my school has to offer. Being vice president, I get to be a big part of student administration relationships. I also got to participate in a state winning marching band and have the honors of briefly being on swim and cheer team. I was captain of the tennis team as well as number one singles. I enjoy my school and the education I get from it, so I would choose it again and recommend it to others.
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