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Monterey High School is a good school, safe environment, with really good teachers. There are also a lot of fun clubs and after school activities to do around here. For example, my cousin and I like to play chess, sometimes we play online. We came for chess club on a saturday morning and it was only us two, so we told more of out friends to come and try it out and we are now happy to say that now the club has over 20 members.
This school is very diverse. But all of my classes are very big and over whelming. There are also lots of sports and activities i can join so i feel part of the school.
Overall my experience at Monterey High School has been great. It is a very welcoming and safe environment. It is filled with many great helpful caring staff members. Not only is Monterey High excellent in education but also excellence in sports is achieved. They offer many different sports and electives that students can further explore and expand on their horizon. Something I would like to see change is the vending machines filled with unhealthy snacks I believe we should substitute those foods with healthy snacks.
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Very diverse body, students are pretty self-driven, especially those that do extra-cirricculars. There are select teachers that really don't care that much about their job, and there are other select teachers that make their classes (rightfully) challenging. We don't have the most competitive students, but we're alright.
The teachers are good at trying to connect with students as well as creating a safe learning environment.
Monterey High School is very good and my experience there has changed who I am. I have been heavily involved in the art programs which have grown since I've gotten there. My overall experience has been somewhat positive.
The Diversity is a beautiful thing that monterey High has a lot of. There is Amazing teachers who go out of their way to be as helpful as possible and teachers who care more about their students than anything.
There is no master schedule in any of my classes, which makes it difficult to plan more than a week ahead. To really learn a lot and be prepared for college, you have to take it upon yourself to do that, which personally makes school feel like a constant fight. Some of the things I do love about my school are the drama program, some of the school counselors, and a handful of my teachers. Even the academies within the school, such as MAOS, AMP, and SPARC have become old, broken, and simply unhelpful.
Monterey High School has taught me a lot about myself in the past 3 years. Between teacher, admin, and peer experiences, I can certainly say that each has helped me with personal, professional, and academic growth. As far as academics, your level of knowledge is determined by your determination. Most teachers aren't motivating because they have too many students to worry about. Since I was lucky enough to get accepted into an academy, I've had a good share of teachers. I can clearly see the difference between academy teachers and general teachers. In terms of socialization and school spirit, Monterey High is lacking. There is little to no involvement from our student body to get other students interested in school activities. Although there isn't much spirit, Monterey high does have a diverse population which I believe allows all students an equal opportunity to express themselves.
Overall I wasn't that much involved in the school so most of my rates came from observation. The sports are great but the biggest concern is the food, terrible by the way, and the lack of school culture.
Monterey High School has treated me well. The school spirit and administration is outstanding. As of getting me ready for college, the classes could improve and become more challenging in order for better academics and college readiness. Sports and parent involvement is always a plus at Monterey High. There are several amounts of classes and electives to choose from. Overall, Monterey High is a good high school.
Monterey high is a very beautiful and diverse school. It is one of the few that support the arts greatly and helps all sports along with clubs. It offers so many classes and support by counselors and teachers. Opportunities are abundant!
I loved the positive community and happy vibes. However, our pool is very small and as someone who plays waterpolo it hinders our practice and game schedules. I would like to see more interest in our pool and aquatic facilities because it is not receiving much attention from the board of education.
Monterey High is a very diverse and inclusive school to be at. It offers many opportunities for students to succeed. Teachers invest their time so that students can learn. Every staff member on campus wants every student to reach their dreams and goals.
I enjoyed the rigorous courses they have as well as helping teachers, staff, and students. the academics were my favorite as the teachers who taught AP courses really helped me to overcome the test and really learn the materials and skills needed for school in general. Also I felt welcomed at this school and it had a great environment. This school had great sports as well that I really enjoyed.
I have attended Monterey High School for 3 years now and from what I have experienced, it is not all great. I feel so unprepared for college because they don't have a class to teach you how to apply for scholarships or financial aid or how to simply be an adult. Adding those classes would be a great benefit and higher the chance of succeeding in the future.
Fantastic school with great diversity, support, and activities. All of the academies do a great job preparing students for college. Those who take their education seriously do very well, and the teachers do everything in their power to contribute to their success. Also, while Athletics are somewhat skewed to Football and Basketball financially, the overall participation and sportsmanship is great. I highly recommend going to your sending your child to Monterey High School.
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I personally think Monterey High School is okay... it may have a lot of diversity but at the same time it contains a lot of racism, and it's not funny and it's the main problem we have in this school. Well I moved here about a year ago and it's pretty easy but if you aren't in an academy it's a different experience for you, and overall it's a pretty okay school, could be better.
In Monterrey High School I like the drama department because they feel like a family. The thing that needs improvement is fundraise so the school can provide equipment and substances for the students.
I transferred from a school in another state that made me feel more challenged. Monterey High wasn’t really hard at all, and I feel like it didn’t prepare me at all for college or college applications. Basically, if you weren’t in one of the “academies” you were left in the dust. The teachers were however very helpful.
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