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It okay. It's a therapeutic boarding school, so it's as good as it can be I guess. The teacher are very good. They are very friendly and helpful in educating students.
This place sucks. The tuition is outrageous (8000+ a month) for facilities and staff that are sub par. The rules and administration at this place are like a dictatorship and students have no say in any decisions. it is no surprise that students end up either brainwashed into loving being stuck in a rural Montanan prison or hate the place and would give anything to leave. My stay at Montana Acadmeybwas the worst experience of my life and I urge you to please reconsider sending your kid here.
Program needs to be shortened. Management/administration needs a major overhaul - the school is still being run by it's original founders, which, on one hand, can be good in terms of preserving the original purpose, but there is literally no progressive attitude or ideology in terms of how the students live. CD's are still used, no iPods are allowed, which gets increasingly annoying, trying to find clean edited music still being sold on CDs (no one releases Cds anymore - it's all electronic, so music is severely limited) The computers are from 2007. The rules are incredibly strict and the staff don't trust the students, and vice versa. Despite how much actually living on the campus sucks, it's a great program, I learned a lot of stuff, and I made some great friends. The academics, for a therapeutic boarding school, are great, although some of the teachers are bad at teaching. Good therapeutic boarding school overall, but it still sucks to live there.
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The best part about MA is the communities you build. Being at MA taught me what true friendships are.
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