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Montabella Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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It's a small school, so it's very easy to know people. It's also very easy to get ahold of teachers for help.
It was a great experience. I would change the wall paint thought because some of it doesn't match other walls.
very nice place there has not been any bullying for a while. lots of freinds and nice teacher to talk to.
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I like how close knitted we are as a community. That its a smaller school and that we all include each other in some way or another.
I was always accepted at Montabella. Even though it is a small school, it gives you more one on one time with the teachers there.
Monta bella is a great high school. They offered me many resources to help me further my education after graduation. Being a small, country school, the amount of compassion they have for their students is amazing.
Montabella supplies opportunities of all types, however, since they are a smaller school, they are limited on what they can offer. Being considered a small school allows them to focus for on growing relationships with their students.
My school has been better then the rest of the school I been to. I have three god reason because one there is not that much bullying because we stop it right at the start. Two are school has a lot of clubs that you can be in. Finally we are care about each other and we help each other at
Montabella Junior/Senior High has a wonderful, welcoming environment for new community members. They provide opportunities for every student, help encourage them, and build their confidence. Although they might not have the highest of test scores, they continue to motivate their students to work harder each and every day.
The faculty doesn't really care about the students or whether they are happy or satisfied. They mainly focus on kids who in sports, otherwise you are nothing in this school. The "popular" kids are rude, snotty, and will knock down anyone they don't deem fit. The academics are below average and are hardly challenging. We are so terrible in the testing department that it is embarrassing.
A small school in the middle of a corn field, mainly surrounded by lower income families . This school needs help with sporting equipment, learning tools.
At Montabella, you get to have personal connections with the teachers, which isn't always available at larger schools. At Montabella everyone knows everybody pretty much. Some things the school could improve on though is the food and the way how fights are handled.
I like the teachers that actually help each and every student through their learning experience. I would like to see ALL teachers act that way.
Montabella is a great school for students to attend if they like the “small school environment.” For being a small school that Montabella is, we have almost everything that any other school would have. The teachers and staff are very friendly and the resources that they have to improve their students learning is phenomenal! The sports could always use some work but that’s just because we don’t have a large variety of students to be able to pick and choose from like most high schools have.
There is absolutely tons of favoritism at this school especially depending on what your last name is or how much money you have. Depending on your last name, you get away with things and are popular and teachers favor you. Us normal kids who don't have certain last names do not get treated equally whatsoever and that is everyone's biggest complaint about this school. If you are apart of football or basketball or softball you get treated better then others. I have health problems and the principal puts a huge effort into helping me and trying to make me feel comfortable but no one else does. People will laugh and make fun of me and spread rumors and not try to help me when I have seizures. The bullying has decreased by some but it's still there so that needs work. Some teachers take time to actually help students but some don't.
Montabella is a good school for the average student, but it is not impressive when it comes to special needs.
There are very good things about this school: good teachers, it's clean, very small class sizes. The staff is friendly and the teachers, if asked, will help out in almost anyway they can. It's not like the teachers are perfect, some are way too lenient when it comes to putting up with student behavior.
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The academics offered at this school are basic. There is not a wide variety of classes offered. We usually do the bare minimum of classes, and the electives are usually dumb.
Due to being a small school, we do not have a lot of extra funding for extra curricular activities, but we try our hardest to do what we can. We have a variety of sports that students an participate in. Also, Band and NHS are a couple of clubs that students can participate in. We have a great Band programs and there is lots of support for the band program.
At Montabella, we are a very unique small community. Our whole high school is made up of about 350 students. My favorite experiences at this school are homecoming games and other sporting events. We have average turnouts, but students sections always pump up the teams that are playing and we bond as a community at these events. If I could do high school over again, I think that I would like to attend another school. It's not that my school is terrible, we just do not have as many opportunities as other schools because we are so small and lack funds to support clubs and organizations for students.
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