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Monson is an alright school. A school were good memories can be made but they really don't push you enough to get the work done.
It's a very small and opinionated school which is why i cant wait to go to college so that i can meet new people and express myself without judgement. The size also is beneficial because i find it very easy to get the classes i want and usually a one on one education when i really need the help because there aren't many students.
An overall good school with staff that genuinely care about their students. It's very small, though, so it is lacking in the clubs/activities and diversity departments.
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A lot of fun clubs and fun teachers, however sometimes it’s hard to be heard. Students are bullied sometimes and it’s not really handled more just pushed to the side or gently punished. Lots of fun teachers who make you feel wanted though. Especially the biology teacher.
I enjoyed my time at Monson High School and felt as if I was prepared in the academic aspect of everything. It would be helpful to be able to take more classes that are pertaining to specific careers, like for me I would've liked to have access to engineering introduction classes. I know it is hard for a small school to do so, but it felt like I was at a disadvantage coming into college with no experience at all.
An underfunded but fairly resourceful school. It has very small class sizes, so if you like that, I'd recommend it. The school has many truly amazing teachers, and I made good friends here.
Monson is a close knit learning community, which helps with communication with teachers and fellow students.
Academically it's very good, but is very small and lacks diversity. It tries to have a lot of school spirit, which is only sometimes appreciated, but there's a lot of "extra" activities, especially seasonal. Experience depends a lot on teachers, and your own effort.
I've been attending Monson Schools for the past 12 years and it hasn't been a terrible experience. I've known the same people over these years and not much has changed. In middle school my grade had about 90 students, and when we transitioned into the high school, we lost almost 30 students to other schools in the surrounding area. Now we have about 60 students, so it's very small. Our diversity rate is also very low, so there isn't much culture. But overall, the education and classes are helpful and somewhat strong.
the classes are small so it is easy to interact, and the school is small so you know everyone. but some teachers are oblivious and some kids are mean
The academics at Monson High School are not the best. The classes are not very good, for they just expect us to regurgitate facts instead of actually learn and understand the information, especially during finals. Here at Monson High we have two semesters, and at the end of each semester, we have to take big finals for all of our classes. And so just to get the necessary information out of the way, I feel the classes are rushed, don't go into enough depth or detail, and the teacher's just expect us to really comprehend the information. That said, I also like how the teachers at my school support the students outside the classroom, like at my high school soccer games. I always see a teacher on the sidelines of our games supporting. I also really like the community of my school, for since we are so small, we all know each other and are extremely connected to one another.
Monson High school has an amazing support system in the faculty. All the people who work there are there to help and support you with whatever you may need. All the teachers and staff are super friendly and helpful and caring towards the students. They always try to brighten students days and act as a friend to them.
I like most of my classes. But I wish we went to more field trips. Also our classes are kinda long. They are 84 minutes long. The english teachers are not that great but over all most of the teachers are good.
I had a pretty good time here at Monson High school, I had all the good teachers 3 years of high school which made my experience a lot better. My classes I got to pick in business made it feel like I was actually going to learn for something I wanted which was very nice. As an athlete though it was kind of a bummer my school didn’t have much school spirit other than that the classes weren’t that bad honestly.
My experience at Monson High School is one that I don't think that other schools can experience. Monson is a small town where everyone knows everyone, and everyone's family has gone through these schools. Although the academics/sports aren't the best, its a warming environment that feels safe and like a second family.
I believe this school system needs to listen to the needs and wants of the student body. This next school year, we are absorbing our middle school and taking in two more grades when there isn’t enough space for them. The students didn’t want this change, but the town overlooked that and put it in place anyway. Some of the teachers are iconic to the town and are super nice and great at their jobs, while others can be a little too tough for the age group they deal with. The only sport the school supports (financially) is the soccer team, leaving the other teams with old uniforms and worse programs.
I am a student at Monson High School and I have really enjoyed going to school there. The teachers and staff are great. I feel like the quality of my education is very good and that the knowledge that I have acquired has set other students and I up for success in the future.
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My experiences at this school has been very good. Everyone is nice, and are super willing to help you with anything you have trouble on.
With such a small community, the school is an "everybody knows everybody" type of school, where you walk in the halls and know everyone you walk past, and are able to communicate with them with ease. The classroom sizes are rather small or medium sized, making it easy to learn and get a one on one with the teachers. All of the teachers are more than willing to work with the students to better them and create more enthusiastic learners, creating a better bond between the students and teachers. As much as I personally enjoy the school, there are some things that could use some work. For example, the fact that our school is so small in numbers, it is difficult to take many varieties of classes, because without enough students taking the class, it will not become an available class for anyone. This withholds some students from pushing themselves to take classes that are harder and more challenging for themselves.
Monson Innovation High School is a very successful and helpful school in what I deem a very successful school system. Monson Innovation High School helps to prepare students to live, work, and learn in the global community. The overall atmosphere at Monson Innovation High School is very safe and is very welcoming to all kinds of people. Monson Innovation High School truly does do a great job at preparing students for life after they graduate, however I believe that any school, including Monson Innovation High School, can do an even better job as it is the most important thing to learn while in secondary education.
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