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Monsignor Edward Pace High School Reviews

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Monsignor Edward Pace is an institution that provides students with both good faith and amazing instructors. I had the pleasure of taking amazing classes and involving myself through extracurriculars such as FBLA. It was an unforgettable high school experience.
I have enjoyed attending Pace. At first it might seem a bit to trick, but they are simply preparing you for the outside world. Most teachers wont hesitate to help you if you are having a problem understanding the lesson, they are very fair. Pace also has the best staff of counselors out of any school that I have been to.
I love the safety the reason I love the safety is because we are saved the door's always lock the gate we have gate we have security at the gate to make sure that no one's coming in then that don't needs to be there and if a student is leaving they need a pass that the office gave the student or the parent of the student and the food the teachers that I had I play football for the school and the staff
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This is a great school. I have learned a lot and grown in my faith. I have made irreplaceable memories.
My experience as student in Monsignor Edward Pace was great. The professors and every staff helped me since the first day with my language barrier. My two years in this institution were awesome.
My experience has been very excellent, since I am a transfer they had been very welcoming to me giving me the attention that I need for me to graduate.
Monsignor Edward Pace is a Catholic highschool in Miami Florida. Although I knew this going in to the school I wasnt aware that they would try and force certain beliefs onto their students.
What I like about Monsignor Pace is the environment and the positive energy people give off to each other. I like the fact that I am able to learn in an environment that feels safe, and homey.
Pace is a wonderful school to attend, but as an African American student I do see the diversity and separation from the students and the faculty and staff.
My experience at this high school was actually pretty amazing. I made lifelong friends and some of my best memories are within those walls.
As a junior transfer, pace faculty, staff, and students were very welcoming. I easily transitioned to this new school and was able to pick up academically. The teachers are very resourceful and helpful with time and resources. I am very happy I ended my last two years of highschool here.
When coming to Pace, the people there will try to sell you on how the community there will be like family. As an alumni I can say that it is absolutely true. I have meant some of my bestfriends there and we still connect with each other even though I live in another state. Also the teachers are really helpful and they work hard to make sure you feel confident in the subject manner. Never hesitate to ask them for help because they will all gladly help you. The sports are pretty good as well. We have history of winning championships in almost all our sports. I personally wrestled while there and the Coach there is a hard man but he's fair and he'll help you be the best you can. Coach Peligri is a really good man.
My overall experience was average. What I liked most about the school is how it felt like home and like a second family but what I did not like was how strict they were about certain things that were unnecessary.
Anything you are looking for you can find here. Pace is known for its family environment. It is a school with God at the center but does not require the need to be Catholic or have a religion to attend. There Is student diversity. You have the opportunity to find the level of learning that is most appropriate. You have classes for students with learning difficulties, general and advance classes. Range of sports and clubs to participate in. And there is always someone to help you— both personally and school related.
I love this high school. They people here taught me the most important lessons in my life. I will always go through life knowing that I was taught very well to go through life well. Many teachers will hold a place in my heart and I can never repay me.
I would like the family atmosphere that I experienced my freshman year to continue. Some of the newer staff members were not the best towards my senior year.
I enjoyed how it was like a big family. The administration always encouraged parent involvement. The staff have enourmous school pride which is evident as a great number of the teachers and other staff are alumni.
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I loved the teachers, they related the curriculum to our everyday life. The environment itself was very positive, everyone knew each other. They allowed us to voice our opinions, I always felt safe at Pace.
I am still currently enrolled in Thsi very diverse and social environment of a school. I have had so far a very exciting and enjoyable experience so far. I would recommend another high school student to attend this school
This school is a family. You are definitely not just a number. Very diverse, teachers are friendly and helpful. Everyone knows you by your name. Amazing academics and sports. Very proud to be a spartan.
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