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A school in a small village that is very student oriented and very big on sports. Small classes so a lot of room for 1 on 1 with teacher and student.
What I like about Monroeville High School is that how close that we are all. We support each other no matter what, and we're always there for each other. I am so proud of our school and how close we are. We also have great teachers that are here to help us as much as they can.
I love the small school atmosphere, everyone knows everyone., the teachers know your parents and your siblings. You play sports with the same kids throughout the years. We all are in the same building, preschool through senior year of high school. The village of Monroeville is small and supports our small school 100%.
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I like how close the students can get with teacher, and how it is more comfortable getting that one on one help you need. I wish the school would have more classes to offer.
The small town atmosphere as this lets students get to know each other and get to know families in our small comunity
At Monroeville High School, it is very small classes, and everyone knows everything about everyone else at the school. The academics seem slower than other high schools. It is nice because it is a more personable school and the teachers always help with school if needed.
Monroeville High School is a small school but the community atmosphere is great. There are only a few sports programs due to the lack of student participation.
Overall, my experience at Monroeville High School has been one of my favorites. I've enjoyed the people that I've become friends with there and the teachers are exceptionally superb. They are always willing to go out of the way to help a student. Plus with Monroeville being a smaller school, you get that one on one attention with each teacher, something missing in larger schools. The food in the cafeteria is pretty good, surprising for a high school. One major change that I would like to see for the school, especially for the upcoming grade levels, is updated classrooms, including the learning material and instruments used in the classrooms. While Monroeville High School is a great place, I feel like most of the recent improvements at the school have been more sport and extracurricular oriented rather then a focus on the academics. The classrooms need updated and improved and some of the materials in those classrooms as well.
I love Monroeville and everyone in it. Is it flawless? No, but what school is. It is a community within a community and I can't imagine having attended any different school within the area.
It has a cozy and relaxing feeling to it.
It is an okay safety policy within our school.
Sports are major at my school. Staff is always present.
The dress code is strict, it does not allow students to wear any athletic wear or any revealing clothing. There is a no bullying policy at our school, it is not tolerated. It may still happen, but if any teacher or administrator find out it is going on then students are punished. Attendance at my school is very good, most kids do not miss multiple days in a row unless for an excused absence.
This year, the food improved greatly. Every year since the 1970's, or possibly before that, up until last year, the lunch menu was so predictable, with at least three meals being repeated every other week. To make matters worse, every Wednesday was pizza day. Having a healthier, tastier, and much more diverse variety of foods to eat proves that our new "head of cafeteria" has improved the place tenfold! We now do not repeat a meal even once a month!
Personally, I wouldn't change Monroeville for any other school in the world. I love the small size, knowing everybody's names, and the way that you are given so much freedom on Friday's by almost any teacher. I love the close relationships that I have created with many of the staff members. I love feeling so close to everybody, and despite what anyone else may ever say, to me, Monroeville will always be the best school in my eyes, and I will always be grateful for getting to spend so much time there. Monroeville has preschool through high school all in one building, and I hope that everybody else will love Monroeville as much as I do.
If you choose to slack off then sure, you will have difficulties attaining all A's. However, if you choose a challenging course load, and work hard, it is quite possible. Some of the teachers are at or below average, but many teachers are so intelligent and very knowledgeable when it comes to their subjects.
The principal is an unpleasant man, he accuses people of lying, and is an all around jerk with a capital J. However, almost everyone else is kind, and our new superintendent is involved.
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The condition of the school building was very poor, until this year. Our floors were redone, along with the roof and an addition of an elevator on the way. Our technology is improving, Chromebooks were added this year. Our guidance counselor, though she is a nice lady, is lazy and, to put it bluntly, bad at her job. We can take college prep classes to prepare ourselves for the future. Also, the parents are pretty involved, and the buses seem alright, but I never rode them.
We really only have sports, no real clubs. However, many people are very committed to their sports, and most of the time they all have fun.
I know there is bullying, but it usually isn't very bad. I've seen a couple of fights in my four years, but those too aren't common. I feel safe at this school. We have security cameras in every hallway, and in the gym, auditorium, and cafeteria. Besides that, no security measures are taken, besides locked doors. The police are nearby, however, they are rarely if ever present in the building. We have no school nurse or health programs. Despite what we may be lacking, I still feel safe in my small school. We are all very close and trusting, perhaps too trusting for our own good.
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